Lazy Keto I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

Lazy Keto I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

good morning YouTube family so we are
about to start meditating it was like thundering lightning and all this stuff
early this morning I was like okay what’s going on like it hadn’t been like
that in a long time but I mean I guess um God just cleaned
everything out like he wanted to and now it’s like very pretty out here now so
yeah I don’t know who this old man is and stared at me sorry but yeah this
little stressed bum of mine is slowly going away what do you all use for like
when you get a pimple whatever because I really don’t break out so when I do
break out y’all I’ll use like maybe deodorant or I know that so so crazy
I’ll use the odorant or toothpaste that works great for my skin because a lot of
other like actual products y’all they break my skin out so that’s what I use
and just to like wash my face I’m not gonna tell y’all that cuz y’all gonna be
like girl what’s wrong with you so we’re not gonna talk about that but
anywho my love so about to start this meditation and then we’ll talk again in
the car wow you know what so nobody’s been to me only had on one
earring you know what you also think that today is actually my upper body day
well I did not work out yesterday like it oh I didn’t even go to Zumba so I
don’t know well you know what I’m pretty happy with my lower body so I’m just
gonna go with regular programming and just do my upper body today
yeah just made it to the gym I have my water of course I could use a little um
what is it slow drink mix stuff but no you know what I’m gonna say that for uh
when I go to Zumba yeah that’d be a nice little treat to have well I’m working
out a Zumba so right now I’m just gonna be drinking my water while I’m working
out are you also today I did not film that
much because I really just wanted to be fully present basically it might work
out but I’m not to go to Walmart cuz I need to get some coconut flour and I
don’t know what else maybe some almond milk yeah I think that’s all I need
maybe some eggs too I don’t know every time I’m thinking
about something something else pops up so no I’m not trying to get like
groceries groceries though y’all let me tell y’all how God works so I was just
passing by the ice cream um Wow and I was like let me just look and go Walmart
has finally got back see so delicious dairy-free butter pecan chocolate milk
no sugar at an ice cream and so yeah therefore that means basically God wants
me to get it so that’s what I’m gonna do okay so first meal of the day we have to
keto pancakes with natural creamy peanut butter and my Walden Farms pancakes
sugar-free syrup then we just have some smoked sausage two chicken wings and
some avocado and I’m going to be using my no sugar add it ketchup for my wings
Oh or I could use hot sauce nothing about of hot sauce oh yeah no sugar
addict ketchup is what I’m using okay you see the family so my mom and I are
about scooters in the class I’m waiting on her to get into the car
eventually you know um so as you can see right now I have the Everly drink mix
simple packet I got this in my August 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway y’all and so like I told y’all I was gonna try one of these for a while I’m working out because I’m
gonna need the energy I already know so right now we can choose the energy drink
mix the choices are the fruit tea and the peach mango hmmm alright y’all so
out of those two I think I’m gonna try the peach mango energy drink mix yeah
and yeah hopefully it’s good because I would hate for this to be disgusting
while I’m over here working out it’s Zumba so you two family I don’t
know if you can see this but I got all this dust on me because I caught myself
opening the packet with my mouth mm-hmm and it just built all over me because
hashtag clumsy al you know that’s me so I’m yeah I tasted a little bit of it
pretty sure I got something in my eye yeah it’s on my hands you don’t see it
like it’s crazy I taste a little bit of it it’s taste good
I’ll say that the powder does taste good anywho y’all so let’s shake it out I got
that foam wash out of keto y’all she’s so funny to me every time when she’s
like shaking something cracks me up y’all
you know I kind of already tasted it let’s see what it’s face like with water
like wow okay okay I like it okay so right now I’ll say the
fruit punches first place this peach mango second place and what is that the
the BlackBerry I guess that’s the one I have think that’s the third place
alright YouTube family so our moms have made it into the car mama you want to
say anything to our YouTube family I’m going to do bug them back boom box
inside Zumba yay and I’m gonna have okay girl alright y’all so let’s go ahead and
go to Zumba bouncing y’all YouTube family so let’s go home I
really don’t feel like cooking anything today honestly I just don’t feel like it
so I don’t know what I’m gonna have tonight I feel like tonight y’all I am
finally finally finally having my so delicious dairy-free butter pecan no sugar coconut milk added ice cream thank you God while more been playing
games but finally they got it back at the store and that makes me happy y’all due to the fact that I’m so smart
I only made five coconut Kido fat bombs I got this from keto connect y’all
since I’m out of roasted pecans because now because my mom animal I tell her to try
some she was like yeah so I try some and I ate the whole thing
y’all if you ask somebody to try something that’ll mean for them to eat
the whole thing right exactly

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  1. What's the net carbs on that ice cream? I've been seeing it at my local stores and didn't think it was keto for some reason lol

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