Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day I High Fat Diet

Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day I High Fat Diet

Hello my wonderful YouTube family so
today we are doing a Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day video so sit back and relax
and grab a snack maybe and enjoy the video you can try try try but you bet off iron
respects a from the audience why you hate him from the bleachers chair leave
his luck let’s grab a pompom baby last year we was last place this year we’re
first we was hungry for the title now we quench them that dose he was on your
best behavior yeah we are not worth killing killing the competition rolling first meal of the day you also have my
keto pancakes with my natural creamy peanut butter on top and then sugar-free
syrup three bacon strips one whole avocado with pink Himalayan sea salt
sprinkled on top and have two songs patties and one egg and to drink I’m
having my sugar free mixed berry Powerade zero it’s so good y’all this is
my favorite flavor so far hi guys so I’m on my way to the post office um I got a
message basically saying I received an item and I’m really excited because I
ordered it from one of the youtubers I’ll follow and I really do like him so
I was like dang it you know what I’m a supporter so the first thing I ordered
y’all is the Charged Genuine Amethyst and it has like a little star charm right here as
well so cute I’ll put it right here on the side what it supposed to like before
as well you guys I’m so excited so the person I got my stuff from is from Eat Read Love oh my gosh I just love him so much he’s so cute I’m so happy my keto fat bomb is ready
for me to eat this is just plain peanut butter with almond in it so yeah I made
like about what twelve other ones so yeah about to enjoy this one I may have
another one too don’t judge me hashtag what are carbs I don’t know
I bet to have a few of these though y’all to drink y’all I’ll order it some
coca zero okay also I have the chicken steak shrimp and I think that’s it
quesadilla I did not get any cheese I have rice lettuce and some avocados I
would say have more but that’s all I got Carlos casino to drink I’m having something keto
friendly hit his diet coke and vodka hey YouTube am so editing version of myself
coming on here so I just got done eating and it’s taking all of me not to just be
in the bed and just talking to y’all from the air but I tried my best to be
something look presentable it’s really not happening but thank you
for accepting me so you guys just saw that I ate like a whole lot of carbs yes
and our mix kitten restaurant here and go let me tell you I enjoyed myself 100%
but when I eat a lot of carbs like that y’all I pay for it like don’t think just
cuz I’m over here like all happy about eating the carbs that I don’t suffer
afterwards but there is something that I try to do and I guess I’ll share this
with y’all I don’t know about you told y’all this before but if so I’ll tell
y’all again if I am going to be eating like a lot of carbs I typically try my
best to plan around that so what I’ll do is either just let that be my one meal
and just have all the carbs with that one meal and drink a lot of water like
I’m talking about a lot of water and the next day I will fast as long as possible
and so yeah that’s really just a procedure that I do some people may do
it a little bit differently but you know we just doing whatever works for us over
here and another thing y’all before I have my cheat day or a treat day
whatever you want to consider it to be I try my best to eat as keto friendly as
possible the days like days leading up to it so I’m not like stressing about it
you know just like since as you can see I was with like a bunch of people and I
don’t want to be like stressing over it or anything to nature you know being
like a little debbie downer like I’m gonna be having fun like everybody else
like I told y’all before sometimes when I go to a restaurant either I’ll stay
Kito friendly or I’ll just get some carbs whatever like don’t stress about
it just live your best life yes we are living the keto lifestyle but keto is
not our life like allowed keto to just be a part of
your life like don’t just stress about it
don’t might be that one person this is like oh my gosh what’s this what’s in
this what’s in that one you know and everybody’s looking like oh my gosh like
chill out you know like just make it a part of your life if you are new to the
channel welcome to the fam I am documenting my keto weight loss
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any future uploads here as it right now I am uploading three videos a week so
you can expect a video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays to my
returning YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video which will be Monday all right you guys

12 thoughts on “Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day I High Fat Diet

  1. Paused video. I'm a mom of 4 so you think I'd be more sit. Those push ups though….& Amethyst YES! No coincidence there w/recent connection with your daddy my dearest

  2. Girl you so damn pretty! & you have a very nice figure girl. Don't eva let anybody tell you don't got booty sissss??‍♀️?? great video! ALWAYS love watching your videos.

  3. Daaaang girl! That striped shirt! You can tell you are feeling yourself. That’s awesome. You deserve it.

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