Low Carb Almond Flour Dessert Blondie Brownies with Peanut Butter, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Low Carb Almond Flour Dessert Blondie Brownies with Peanut Butter, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

ROB: Hello and welcome to this episode of Homemade Healthy I am your host Rob and i’m here with my lovely wife Lisa. Darling tell our friends what we’re making for them today. LISA: Today we’re making blondie brownies. These are fantastic to take to barbecues, to have after a family dinner, they’re really easy to make. Their great for a beginner. So without further ado I’m going to get started. You’re going to want to mix your dry ingredients separate from your wet ingredients. ROB: And do we preheat the oven? LISA: Ah, I always forget that! Yes preheat to 350. ROB: Done. LISA: Alright. So we’ll start with our dry ingredients. And I love having my husband here because he can help me. So we’ve got a cup of almond flour. A quarter teaspoon salt. Half a teaspoon of baking powder. And then sweeteners. So we’ve got Sweet Editions from Aldi. And it’s nice because the conversion is right here on the package. And basically 12 packets is of half a cup. If you want to use any kind of sweetener you just do the conversion. So we’re going to mix all of our dry ingredients. And just quick about almond flour. This is an unblanched almond flour which means it has the shells on and that’s fine to use them. Actually, I used a combination of the unblanched and blanche. So one I got at Sam’s club the other one at Trader Joe’s. ROB: So when you say the shells you mean like the skin on the almond. LISA: Right the skin. ROB: So one, it’s more expensive because they take the skin off. LISA: Right. ROB: The one cost less but the skin is ok. LISA: Yeah. And actually now that they have it at Sam’s club, the one without skin is pretty affordable. I think it’s maybe four dollars a pound or something. Which is great! Okay, next we’re going to do our wet ingredients and that’s going to be two eggs. You know i like to use the farm fresh ones. And a quarter cup of butter. So we’re just going to mix those two together. Oh and on salt, I love the Himalayan sea salt. So it’s got a lot of minerals in it. So if you’re going to buy sea salt just get this Himalayan. It’s good for you. So we’re going to mix the eggs and the butter together. Just real quick. Then we’re going to add in our peanut butter and it’s… Get something that’s just basically peanuts ground up. That’s what i get from Trader Joe’s. You can get organic. Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for organic. But if you can that’s the best way to do. And we’re just going to put in our peanut butter and mix. You want to do mixing. ROB: Oh, I’ll get this. it’s a challenge, mixing peanut butter. LISA: Okay well he’s mixing that, oh speaking of butter. Kerrygold is a great butter because it’s got… It’s actually from grass-fed cows. And it’s a little bit more of a yellow color, you’ll notice. The nice thing about that is its got more k2. It’s a vitamin you’re not going to get necessarily in the butters that are from grass-fed cows. ROB: So these are cows that spend time outside. LISA: In the sun. ROB: And they’re healthier. LISA: Yes. ROB: And their butter’s healthier. LISA: That’s right. Next up we are going to just use this, a coconut oil spray. You can use coconut oil on a paper towel to wipe but this is just fast and easy. So I’m just gonna spray this so that we don’t have it stuck. And they have this at Aldi now too. So that’s great. Usually get it at Trader Joe’s. But either one fine. Alright. ROB: Is that well enough? LISA: That’s fine. ROB: It’s pretty tough mixing peanut butter and eggs. LISA: I know. I know. Okay so we’re going to use a spatula. We’ll get it all mixed up here. We’ll be fine. Alright so we’re just going to put our wet ingredients into our dry ingredients and mix well. And really if you’re new to cooking, this really is an easy recipe. So… ROB: And you got the vanilla right? LISA: I forgot to be vanilla! Rob: Oh, we have got to put in the vanilla. LISA: See I really, i really need him with me. So we’re going to do a teaspoon of vanilla. So you can either use the cap to measure or, I love these cute little measuring devices. I’m going to use one of these. Alright thank you. ROB: Ah, you’re welcome. LISA: We make a great team. Alright so just going to mix those two together and then we’re going to put it into our pan and bake it. So some people like their.. Some people like their brownies more cakey. We call them cakies at our house. We like them more fudgie. So if you want’em more fudgie you cook them more time. If you want’em more cakey you cook them longer. So the last ingredient is gonna be chocolate chips. These are just dark chocolate chips. The recommendation is sugar-free chocolate chips. This is going to give you a little bit more carbs. Buy the sugar free ones that’s what you like. This is just what we happened to have today on site. Oh, yup. Don’t miss any of those chocolate chips. ROB: I know. I’ll eat those. LISA: Hmm, hmm. Alright then kind of pour it into our pan and you want to smooth it out. oh you’re going to smooth it for me? ROB: If you want I can use a big spatula. LISA: Sure. ROB: Okay. Probably be smoother. LISA: it doesn’t matter. And get all that deliciousness right into there. So it’s… it’s delicious. It’s definitely peanut buttery. Buttery. Yummy. And we have taken this to people’s houses and they have no idea that it’s low carb. ROB: Oh, and what about the people that are afraid of raw eggs. Ah look. Mmm. Raw eggs! LISA: (laughing) Well when you get… when you buy… when you have good eggs, access to good eggs, it’s fine. People have been eating raw eggs for a long long time. So… Alright. So like I said make sure you don’t overcook them unless you want cakies. So you’re going to put it in the oven for about 10 minutes and it’s going to look kind of raw in the middle. That’s okay. It will. It’s kind of like having those chewy chocolate chip cookies. It’s fine. It’ll be… it’ll be delicious. ROB: And this kind of dessert is what i recommend to my friends who are moving from a standard American diet of, kind of a lot of sugar and stuff, to a low-carb diet. This is a great transition food. LISA: Yes. ROB: To kind of get you off the sugar. So go ahead and load that up. LISA: Alright. ROB: It’s going to be awesome. Alright and then… LISA: We’re gonna let it cook about 10 to 12 minutes. If you want it like a cake, as opposed to having it be a brownie, just leave it in there for 15 16 minutes and i’ll get… it’ll rise a little bit taller and will be more cakey. ROB: All right back. LISA: Now they’re out of the oven and they are amazing. What happens is when you first bring them out they’ll fall apart. So what I like to do is let it cool and then put it in the fridge for a few minutes. And it’s so amazing. Okay first bite’s your’s? ROB: No you get the first bite. Here. LISA: Oh I love it. ROB: Oh my gosh I’m like our wedding again. No, I’m just kidding. LISA: Mmm. Amazing. Peanut buttery. Chewy. ROB: That was an amazing recipe i’m so glad you guys watched I can’t wait to see what we’re going to come up with next. Remember you can follow us on Instagram @homemadehealthyofficial or on snapchat to get some behind-the-scenes stuff @homehealthy on snapchat. I’ve been your host Rob and this is my wealth love your wife Lisa and we’re both saying goodbye.

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  1. Sweet video with the hubby…. Nice to see you back, Lisa. I can't wait to try this recipe out. ✨👩‍🍳✨

  2. love the recipe, I see you have baking powder on the video but baking soda in the written ingredients under the video. Which did you use?

  3. I made these and they were very nice, but then I made them again adding a few drops of sucralose to make them a tad sweeter and three tablespoons of (raw) cocao powder and they were AMAZING!! Soooo addicting!!

  4. We made this recipe tonight and let me tell you, they were gone ten minutes after I took them out of the oven! My kids called them: Awesome brownies recipe! Thank you! 😊

  5. The cows eat green grass just like chickens also eat grass that's why the butter is yellow & the eggs are orange !!!!!! They don't eat Crap " cows are not meant to eat grains !!!!!!!!!!! It make the poor cows very sick !!!

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