Low Carb Cheesecake, Almond Flour Crust, Grain Free, Gluten Free

Low Carb Cheesecake, Almond Flour Crust, Grain Free, Gluten Free

Hello and welcome to another episode of HomeMade Healthy. My name is Rob and I’m your host. And i’m working with my lovely wife Lisa. Darling what are we making for friends today? Lisa – Today we are making low-carb, gluten free cheesecake. This is going to be so delicious. If you read the Wheat belly book by William Davis, he talks about having cheesecake for breakfast. This is the cheesecake you can have for breakfast. And it’s super helpful when you’re transitioning from a standard American diet. Something that’s creamy and sweet. It’s not paleo friendly because of the dairy. But it is delicious. If you tolerate dairy this is a wonderful wonderful treat. So first we’re going to make the crust. You need a springform pan. If you don’t have a springform pan, not the end of the world. You can use a baking dish. A 13 by 9 baking dish. Rob – This just makes it you do to get out? Lisa – Yeah and it’s nice presentation. Rob – Available on Amazon. Lisa – Yes. So we’re going to use coconut spray to make sure we don’t have it stick. I got this one at Aldi though you can get it at, you know, your local grocery store or Trader Joe’s. Be generous we don’t want it to stick. Okay next we’re going to mix up our crust. We have two and a quarter cups of almond flour. This is blanched almond flour which means the skins not on it. You can use the one with skin. It gives it another layer of flavor. It’s up to you. We add two packets of stevia-Truvia. And this is erythritol with stevia extract. You want to make sure that you are careful reading packages. If it has maltodextrose in it that’s actually a real sugar. You want to stay away from that. So erythritol and stevia extract is excellent. So two packets and then 3 tablespoons of melted butter. And this is just really easy. And we’re going to use this to make our crust. Now you want to preheat the oven to 400 for the crust. We’re actually gonna have the oven at a couple of different temperatures for this recipe. So you just mix it until it’s kind of crumbly. It’s going to take a few minutes. Don’t be shy. Mixing it together. And it’s got the sweetener in there and we just put it in the oven to brown up a little bit. Rob – And cheesecake is one of those classic desserts that’s so creamy and so rich that it really works well with low carb. Because cheesecake is all about the creaminess and less about the sweetness. Lisa – So we’re just going to pour into the pan and push it down flat and then we’re going to bake it. You want to do this? Rob – Yes. Let start pushing this down. Lisa – Alright we’ve got him pushing that down. So this is gonna go in the oven and then when it comes out, we’ll just wait until it browns a little bit. In the meantime we’re going to make the filling. Which is amazing delicious and easy. These recipes are you know pretty easy for people to make. So don’t feel intimidated. Rob – You can start mixing that up while I start this. Lisa – So three bricks of room temperature cream cheese. Full fat. Rob – Full fat. Lisa – I guess if you’re trying to worry about calories maybe low fat. We always use the full fat because it’s delicious creamy and wonderful. Maybe if i get this apart. And i’m going to use the mixer for this because doing it by hand is just too much. Definitely. Rob – Do I need to put this up on the sides any? Lisa – You’re fine. I guess I didn’t plan very well. I put that on the other side of you. Rob – Oh that’s alright. Lisa – So we’re going to mix three bricks of cream cheese and four eggs. Also if the eggs are at room temperature that also helps with mixing. To get it mixed faster. We’re going to use equivalent of three quarters of a cup of sugar and so with this sweetener that I’m using today that is 18 packets. Rob – How does that look? Should I do a little more? Lisa – Perfect. Rob – That’s what it’s gonna look like. We’re gonna put that in the oven. Lisa – Yep. And it’s set at 400. So he’s going to put that in the oven for us. Let me get my last cream cheese. Now this one takes a while to cook. So this isn’t going to be a good last-minute desert. You’re going to have to plan for this one. So we’ve got to get that part browned and… Rob – I’ll open that. Oh you’ve got it. Lisa – You going to put that in for me. Okay, so we’re going to do four eggs. And like I said room temperature is better. If they’re in the fridge it’s fine but the cream cheese, it will be very hard to mix if you don’t do it with it with at room temperature. And if you’re like me and you forget to be stuff ahead of time, if you have a toaster oven you can have it in the metal just in the toaster oven to soften them which is my little cheat that like. Rob – It goes in there. Lisa – Oh I dropped my towel. Rob – Perfect. So that’s going to go on the mixture right? Lisa – Yep. That’s going to go in the mixer along with a tablespoon of vanilla. The package with the stevia sweeter. The juice of a Lemon. And 1/4 cup of sour cream. This is going to be so good. Your gonna love it. So transitioning is a lot easier when you have amazing treats like this. Rob – Yep. Lisa – So we’re going to put it on the mixer. Rob – Alright we’re gonna let this mix to be right back. Okay. We’re back. The mixing is done so what’s next darling. Lisa – Okay so it’s been about ten minutes so we need to take the crust out of the oven and turn the oven down. iIm having challenges with gravity today. I’m telling ya. Just leave that on the stove cool and we will turn this down to 300. Alright and that will be cooling down. While that’s cooling down a little bit. Ok so we mix this until it’s nice and incorporated and smooth and yummy and we’re just going to pour that right into the crust. And bring that over to me. Rob – Yeah. Let’s bring that over. Lisa – And if you want to make it extra festive you can actually put sliced strawberries on the top. If you’re doing this for a date night or a treat for just to add a little bit more color and flavor strawberries, actually all the berries, are pretty low carb. And it can make it pretty if you added the sliced strawberries before you put it in the oven. Rob -Right the strawberries without all the sugar sauce that they try to drown them in? Lisa – Or you could also mix some strawberries in a pan with a couple of packets of stevia and make a sauce reduction. A little reduction. Ya cook that down a little bit. That’d be fun. Just smooth it out and it’s going to go in the oven. 300 degrees. It’s going to cook for about an hour. So check it at about 45 minutes. Don’t touch this again after it comes out. Remember you don’t want to burn your hand. Alright it’s going to go in the oven 300 degrees. Rob – That already smells delicious. we’ll be right back and i’ll show you what it looks like after it’s done. Okay we’re back. Lisa – Okay so we let the cheesecake bake in the oven at 300 degrees for a total of about 60 minutes. It actually looks fantastic. Rob’s gonna get the sides pulled apart so that it doesn’t stick. And it looks pretty. Like I said this is great for dinner parties, barbecues. Super fun and easy. So you just take a knife around the perimeter open it up and voilà! Wow it’s so beautiful. Alright. So let’s cut a piece. And oh it’s going to be so yummy. I can’t wait to have a bite. Rob – Alright! Lisa – Alright you do the first bite babe. Rob – First bite. Alright first bite. Lisa – It’s all you. Rob – This is a classic at our house. It’s so perfect. So perfect because with cheesecake you want creaminess and a little bit of sweetness. And it comes together amazingly. It’s a greatly carb transition food. Moving off of the sugars. Moving off of the standard American diet. This is great. Just great share with your friends. Share with everybody. With your family. Lisa – That’s right. So we want to say thank you so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed. Keep.. Stay tuned for more videos. Rob – Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us on Instagram homemade healthy… Lisa – official Rob – official and on snapchat homemade healthy. So I’ve been your host Rob and this is my amazing wife Lisa and we’re saying goodbye.

70 thoughts on “Low Carb Cheesecake, Almond Flour Crust, Grain Free, Gluten Free

  1. I was sick few years ago, wanted to make a cheese cake so I put all the ingridiants including the crust into the food processor, and pore it to the baking tin. it was great. thank you for the video!!!

  2. you know what would be great? sugar free, low carb, bariatric friendly cinnamon rolls! I'm having a hard time finding a good recipe, and maybe you guys can come up with a good one (most use a lot of sugar, or dates or coconut sugar or honey) keep up the good work!

  3. It's in the oven now! However I did use Xylitol as the sweetener. I'm just waiting another few hours to see how it is 🙂

  4. I made this cheesecake w/50% less sweetener but added more to the sauce. That way, when my "non-low-carber" friends have a piece, they won't complain about the lack of sweetness, & I can forego the sauce, as I don't care for this much sweetener. GREAT recipe & thanks for sharing. What is the calorie & carb count?

  5. Hi Lisa! Thank you for making these videos.. You are clearly made for this.. I don't want to sound mean or anything but your husband Rob (who looks like a really nice guy) doesn't seem comfortable in front of the camera at all.. and probably his presence is not even necessary at all.. Yours is enough for us 🙂 keep making them great vids! ??

  6. Thanks so much for the video.

    I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't change things up a bit. I'm putting down what I added, notes to myself, so please don't mind me.

    I added 1/4 cup unsweetened finely shredded unsweetened coconut, 1/4 tsp. Nutmeg and and 1/8 tsp. Cardamom to the almond flower crust. To the cheese mixture, I went by taste and added a little more sweetener and lemon. ?

  7. really, no one should eat gluten free unless they are actually diagnosed with Celiac's. Modern food science has shown that eating gluten free is harmful to your health.*

    *google is your friend, but don't read the claptrap.

  8. Hi. Is it possible to do just stevia, and not truvia? Or even liquid stevia. Erythritol is a bit hard to find in my place. Thanks.

  9. You guys are great on camera, love the interaction between you. Rob makes a terrific sous chef, lol! "Cheesecake for breakfast", dontcha just love keto lifestyle???

  10. Thank you for your videos; just found you today. I like that your hubby is helping in this one. I started altering regular recipes for keto-friendly dishes, in order to assist my daughter, as well as get my hubby and myself onto keto diet too. I made a chocolate cheesecake deducting 1/2 the almond flour, replacing that portion with the same amount of superfine ground pecans. The pecans and almonds made a super delicious crust.5

  11. Tried this recipe and it turned out too eggy. Next time I’m going to add more cream cheese and reduce eggs to just two. I also made the mistake of not getting ingredients fully to room temperature. Next time I will give them at least 2 hours out of the fridge. The amount of sweetener needed is tricky. I didn’t use enough. I also doubled the amount of melted butter for the crust and it worked better. Also I did take your advice for a great blueberry topping. I’m very eager to keep tweaking this until I get it right.

  12. Where I live thats $15 for cream cheese and $20 for almond flour…….sheeesh. What a shame that I adore cheesecake.?

  13. You know what i like the most about your video? It was how loving you are together. And share the same ?

  14. This looks divine!! Can I ask if I were to use Splenda naturals (a mix of erithrytol & stevia) should I still use 34 packets in the cheesecake mixture? (I bought a box of packets b/c that’s all my store had at the time)

  15. Love the recipe and you make it simple. The only thing I didn't like is the dynamic between you and your husband. You're doing most of the work so he just seems like an extra body. It would be nice if you didn't ignore him. You seem so absorbed with the camera that you forget that your husband is there or even making a comment.

    I get that you're probably the mastermind behind this channel so you dominate, but for me, as a viewer, the dynamic is uncomfortable and it makes you look controlling. Perhaps it's not necessary to have your husband there at all or if you want him there, involve him alot more and make us feel like he is part of the show.

    Just my 2 cents…

  16. when people make recipe videos, I don't like it when they show themselves more than the food they are making. It would be better if you guys could film the food more while making it.

  17. When he was pressing the crust into pan, he asked his wife if he should press the crust mixture up along the sides. She said no. But when the cheesecake was plated, it looked like had a side crust?

  18. I make this all the time…if you mix up the filling except the eggs, and then add them 1 at a time…it makes for a much smoother filling.

  19. I have had the cheesecake 'split'…I have found that if you turn your oven off, and open the door of the oven slightly…by letting the cheesecake cool down slowly, this eliminates a cracking cheesecake. I also add lemon extract..oh my…so good! I also freeze once it has cooled down, and before serving, thaw slightly. Wowsie Wow wow, so good!

  20. Thx so mc for sharing this recipe.thx for all of your low carb recipes…I hv been looking for a low carb cheesecake.. yours looks great..I will try it..

  21. Great recipe and I would just reduce some blueberries and swirl thru the batter before baking !
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Excited to try it this weekend. Thank you so much. Very clear instructions. I look forward to exploring more of this channel.

  23. That cheesecake looks so yummy! Got to try it! I was looking for an almond flour crust for a pumpkin pie recipe and I think this one will do!

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