Low Carb Saucy Meatloaf

Low Carb Saucy Meatloaf

All right, I’m Dot, from dot2trot.com, and
today, we’re making some meatloaf. Very easy Italian meatloaf, with wonderful
tomato sauce. We’re making it with parmesan cheese built-in,
and mozzarella on top. It is delicious and most importantly, it’s
healthy, and low carb. So, come on, and let’s take a look at how
we put this puppy together. I got my gloves on, so that means it’s time
to mix all the ingredients in the meatloaf. And the best way to do it is with your hands. And since I still have a little cut on my
thumb, I’m using gloves to protect me and also the food. But first, I’m gonna let you know what’s in
the meatloaf. So, I’m using extra-lean ground beaf. And I know that’s a little bit odd for someone
who’s low carb/high fat, but what I find is when I … if I bake an 80/20 (as opposed
to meat that is 95% lean vs. meat that’s 80% lean), it starts adding a lot of liquid and
I don’t really wanna do that because then you’re going to have to drain it off a couple
of times. It ain’t worth the hassle. So anyway, I’m using extra-lean ground beaf. I’m using cremini (or brown mushrooms). Just a few of them, about four of them, all
diced up. I have some mixed seasonings that I’m using
here like for an Italian seasoning, and I’ll put that information below the video. Two eggs. Some sea salt, a roasted garlic (oooh, this
is so yummy, and I can’t … I just loving doing this, and I’m gonna have a recipe that
I’ll link to showing you how to make roasted garlic). Also, I’ve got some diced onions, some of
my tomato sauce that I make. I’ve got an extra batch because part of it
is going to go on top. Got some mozzarella cheese, fresh mozzarella
cheese, which is going on top. But, inside the meatloaf, I’m gonna be mixing
… some grated parmesan cheese. So, with that, I’m gonna get going on this,
and I’m gonna go ahead and add all the mushrooms. This is just gonna be so yummy, when I do
that. All of my seasoning. Just add that in here. Add the salt, the sea salt … onions, add
them all. I’m gonna get my … tomato sauce. Two eggs. Now, what’s interesting, historically speaking
with the cheese, I’m using the cheese in place (the grated parmesan cheese) in place of bread
crumbs. Now, people think they HAVE to add bread crumbs
to meatloaf with eggs. You don’t. And the only reason why historically speaking
eggs have been used … it’s sort of like my grandmother in the Great Depression. She added breadcrumbs to meatloaf because
she didn’t have enough meat. She had eight kids, and a husband. She had to make the food stretch. And that was one of the ways to make it stretch,
and you just added eggs to help bind everything together with the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs helped keep everything moist. The thinking is it was about keeping everything
together. Didn’t do it. It was all about stretching. I’m adding cheese specifically for flavoring. So, and eggs cuz it’s protein. And also fat. Yummy fat. And it does make it taste good. And it does add some moisture. The eggs do add moisture. So what I’m doing right now is I’m squeezing
in the roasted garlic. That’s the wonderful thing, when you make
roasted garlic, you can just squeeze it all in without getting any of the paper in from
the garlic. So I’m gonna put that away. So now I’m gonna dig in with my hands! And I’m just gonna start mixing everything
together. Yum, right? *laughter* So I’m gonna go ahead … you wanna
make sure you mix it, but you don’t wanna over-mix it, but you still want to mix everything
really well. If anything, my marinara sauce is really gonna
add great flavor. Or my tomato sauce I should say … It adds
great flavor. And also helps keep the meat moist so it doesn’t
get too … harsh when you cook it. What I’m gonna do now is get my … I’m doing
a 5×9 baking … bread dish, bread pan, to put the meatloaf in. And all you’re gonna do is pack it in. I wanna make sure it’s flat, there’s no gaps. This will serve about eight people … I wanna
get all of that in. And so I’m just gonna … you want to flatten
it out with your hand. And spread it out as much as you can, but
you just wanna make sure it’s level. That’s basically what I’m doing here. Now, what it’s going to do, it’s going into
the oven. The oven is pre-heated to 350. It’s going to go in for about 45 minutes,
and when it comes out, at that point I’m gonna add my topping onto it, which is going to
be 1/2 cup of my tomato sauce. And about 1/4 cup of mozzarella. You can use shredded mozzarella, I’m using
fresh mozzarella. It’s going to go back into the once I do that,
to melt the cheese and just make more deliciousness. But right now, I’m gonna get this puppy in
the oven. All right, the meatloaf is out of the oven,
but it is not done yet. What you notice, if you look closely: the
meatloaf is starting to pull away from the sides. Which is what typically happens — ground
beaf will shrink up because you have fat coming out of it. It renders the fat out. And what I’ve already done is, when I took
it out, the sides had a lot of liquid. So, I went ahead and … I took out the liquid. I sort of tilted it as much as I could without
the meatloaf falling out, we don’t want that. So, just keep that in mind. You will … that’s why I don’t use 80/20
ground beef: because of that liquid. It would overflow this puppy. Anyway, what I’m gonna do now is go ahead
… I’m gonna take 1/2 cup of the marinara sauce … and I’m just gonna spread it on
top of the meatloaf … and you got some nice chunky tomatoes. I’m just gonna spread it around. You wanna cover the top, basically, of your
meatloaf. *phone ringing*. Someone is calling me! *laughter*. Anyway, done that, and now what I’m gonna
do is … I’m taking some of my fresh mozzarella and I’m just gonna put it on top. And it’s gonna melt … I got some extra pieces
so I’m just going to go ahead and put it on here … I’m going to break this one … it’s
also a disk, I’m going to break it in half. So you really are going to cook this. Now, for another 30 minutes. When this is done, you want the internal temperature
of the meat to roughly 165 degrees. But what will happen is the cheese will be
melted, it’ll be a nice brownish color, it’ll be wonderful and it’s ready to go ahead and
eat right out of the oven. You do want to let it rest for about ten minutes
before you start serving it. But what I’m gonna do now is get my oven mitts
on, this is hot, I don’t wanna touch it, and I’m gonna put it back in the oven for 30 minutes. All right, the meatloaf is done. It hit the internal temperature of 165. We are all set with this. I’m going to let it rest for about 10 minutes,
and as you can see there’s a little bit more liquid in there (again, coming off the meat). I’m gonna drain it one more time, gently,
I don’t want to disrupt and have anything like cheese sliding off, that’s just too valuable. I’m gonna drain it again. This thing slides around, so it’s really easy
to take out of this, just get yourself a spatula, you can sort of wedge underneath and you can
lift it out, but definitely let it cool first before you touch it, or you attempt it. You can also just slice it in the pan if you’d
like to. This is actually — I’m making this for my
mother. So, I am going to slide it out, and when it’s
all cool down, I’ll wrap it up for her. But otherwise, it is a tasty meal that is
low in carbs, great amount of fat in there, and also good proteins too. But it’s a nice, healthy meal, because it’s
made with real ingredients. That’s the most important thing. So if you like what you’ve seen, click thumbs-up,
go ahead and hit subscribe, and also share with your friends if you’d like … and I
will see you next time.

29 thoughts on “Low Carb Saucy Meatloaf

  1. I'm having so much fun watching your yummy videos! We have lean ground beef because of dairy farming, so this is a new meat loaf I'll be making. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Dot
    Did you have trouble with portion control.
    sometimes yo can eat good food unless it's veggies
    you can over eat. thanks Jennifer

  3. I love how your adorable dog peeked around the corner ? and LOVE you're recipes, thanks for taking the time to post them.

  4. Ahhh…comfort food at its best! Your mom is so blessed to have such a sweet daughter cooking special meals for her! Does she low carb, too?

  5. You don't have to use lean ground beef. I used to save the ends of a loaf of bread and line the bottom of the loaf pan and then place the meat mixture on top. The bread absorbs the fat and then you just discard. Now I use a special loaf pan that has an insert with holes on the bottom.

  6. Hi, Dot! Would it be too much to ask if you could please incorporate some kinda side/salads with such main entree'? Thank you much!

  7. I’ve looked through your videos for a getting started but unable to find one I need a starting point I think this is the diet for life choice for myself is there someplace you can point me too. Do I need to start in ketosis? Thank you your videos are an inspiration for a new way of eating. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. I'm going to try some of your recipes and get my diet back on track. I like your videos and hope to learn a lot from you thanks.

  9. hi there , just found your site … have you used any other flours in your recipes other then almond flour , have a nut allergy …

  10. Great recipe  but I would top it with Alfredo sauce and not marinara  .or just the motzza  cheese lower carb … but this looks yummy

  11. Dot I made this dairy free ( allergy household) and it was soooo delish, a definate winner to my tribes tummy we are going back for more and making it again tonight. Thankyou for sharing it. xx

  12. There's a couple other channels I like too. But your channel I love. I love comfort food, it's just me and the dogs, so I can make extra so I can have it through out the week.
    The dogs of course like a bite too.
    Convection oven take time to learn…I love the receipts,. So true on the meat loaf liquid.

  13. Hi, love your recipes, I'm going to try this , as there are only 2 of us I wondered if I could freeze it? also thinking of putting broccoli or cauliflower with it as a side dish.

  14. Looks delicious, especially with the mozzarella cheese on top, I also find there's a 50/50 mix of people who make meatloaf with tomato sauce and the other half that like brown gravy, I like both, but I grew up with tomato sauce so it's my fave and this is a definite new twist. I shall enjoy! Thanks!

  15. Hello Dot. When I make meat loaf I use disposable pans and pierce the bottom to drain the liquid then double the pan. Works great. I also use crushed pork skins instead of bread crumbs as a binder. Works great and adds flavor. Firm enough to slice without falling apart. Love your channel.

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