Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat: Which Diet Is Better?

Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat: Which Diet Is Better?

A new study says if you wanna lose weight,
low-carb is the way to go! You heard it here: you can eat all the fat you want now! Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and over the
past couple of decades, the low-carb diet has been front and center in almost every
single diet plan out there. The problem is, there haven’t been any long-term studies,
showing that it’s more effective for weight loss than a low-fat diet. UNTIL NOW. A new study published this week in the Annals
of Internal Medicine, followed 150 obese men and women for an entire year – who were randomly
assigned to either a low-carb or a low-fat diet. About half of the participants were
white, the other half were black – and none of them had any history of heart problems
or diabetes when the study began. People in the low-carb group were asked to
eat fewer than 40 grams of carbohydrates a day, while those in the low-fat group were
asked to keep their daily calorie intake at less than 30% calories from fat and 55% calories
from carbs. Neither group was explicitly asked to restrict
their total number of calories, but they did attend a series of nutritional and support
sessions over the course of the study. And after the year was over, the results pretty
much spoke for themselves. The participants were who on low-carb diets,
lost an average total of 12 pounds, versus only about 4 pounds for people on low-fat
diets. That’s a pretty significant difference – but what’s even better, is that their
heart health actually improved on a low-carb diet. They had less inflammation, as well
as better cholesterol and improved triglyceride levels – two key hallmarks of good cardiovascular
health. Also interesting, is the fact that people
on low-carb diets, lost weight – but also increased their lean muscle mass. On the flip
side, people in the low-fat group, actually lost more muscle, compared to fat.
Of course, this study only examined the effects of those diets for a year, so it’s unclear
how they’d fare over 3, 5, or even 10 years – but for the short term at least, it seems
low-carb is absolutely the way to go. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, the benefits
it has for your heart – are pretty undeniable. And while we’re on the topic of things that
are good for you, let me remind everyone that I host another show here on Discovery, called
Anyhoo. And a couple weeks ago, we did an episode on salt – and all of the myths surrounding
it. So if you wanna know more about that, feel
free to check us out at youtube.com/revision3. In the meantime, let us know in the comments
below if you’ve gone on a diet – and which one was most successful for you. That’s
all for me, but as always – thank you guys for watching.

100 thoughts on “Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat: Which Diet Is Better?

  1. The Documentary "Fat Head" basically showed the same thing. It was kind of amusing as well.  

    He went on a diet that reduced and also eliminated carbs and his Cholesterol levels were great after just a month of the diet. He even kinda explains why in a very layman's terms kinda way.

  2. I do a lot of exercise and eat quite a high carb diet…but I mostly have complex carbs…I stay at a 'healthy weight' for me…

  3. At 0:15, she says "Low-Carb diet" while the image on the screen is entirely food that are mostly composed of carbohydrates…

  4. WOW what a bunch of butthurt vegans and conservatives here! low fat NEVER worked for me I was able to get to a sustained 10% bodyfat until I began to use a cyclical ketogenic diet, I was never able to go bellow 14% BF when I was on high carb low fat diet…

  5. The diet I'm currently on is both low carb and low fat. Though there is more of an emphasis on the low carb part. I've lost about 70-75 pounds since January.

  6. Nobody has the same body and system of creating or ridding our bodies of fat. As this advice may help for some it wont help all. So dont get discouraged if this wont help you. Although most people benefit very well from a vegan diet and excersize. If you dont excersize.. dont expect a healthy body and heart.

  7. Jezz people are stupid making carbs go so low inself has no effect on the cardiovasuclar system, its because they lost more weight, and really if your classes as obese and only loose 12 pounds in a year then you really gotta take a step up. As obese you should be able to loose about 2 pounds per week that would make 6 weeks only, and that 30% of your calcs are now low fat in fact the recomanndations lies on 25-35% from fat so 30% is not low at all. And 40grams of carbs a day will in the longer run cause you to loose focus and make you sleepy as our body preferede energy comes from glucose which is carbs most basic form. And since they get carbs the body wont go into ketoses as they body will need 0 carbs in order to go into ketoses, so in the end by eating so little amount of carbs your only hurting yourself. Now i do know and realize everybody is different but in the longer run eating 40grams of carbs a day will net you nothing and let alone eating that little will also result that your insulin sensetivity will fall, and your body needs insulin as a nutrition transporter. Think of it this way if your car pumps less gas into the engine then the engine will perform worse same goes for our body when the body will fail to create enough insulin. The pumps in a car works like our insulin does and the fuel works like food works for us, it makes thing run and give energy.

  8. I lost 20kg on a low-carb diet in 8 months. Granted I was going to the gym 5-6 times per week but still 'dat progress'.

  9. Lost over 30 lbs on a keto (low carb) diet + lots of black coffee (4-7 cups a day). Ate leafy green salad with tons of shredded cheese and low carb (italian vinegrette and caesar) dressing. As a food lover the cheese and dressing really made the diet feel like not a diet. The amount of coffee intake seems scary to most people but Ive always been resistant to coffee so it wasnt too big of a deal to me.

  10. 30% fat is not a low-fat. 801010 and RawTil4 are low fat. Traditional Okinawans who followed a 85% carb diet were among the healthiest and long living. Dr Esselstyn and Ornish have published studies showing that low-fat, plant-based diets reverse heart disease. The study of Seven Day Adventist at Loma Linda also continues to show that vegans & vegetarians live longer and healthier than non-vegetarians.

  11. Hmmmm high carb low fat must not be as good for you, that must explain the obesity epidemic in Asia from all the rice, fruit, grains, and veggies they eat! I guess I have to eat more steak, milk, cheese, bacon, chicken wings, and all that other good stuff for my heart health! Americans have so much knowledge and science behind foods, thats why they are so slim!!

  12. I have been eating low carb since early June. I eat between 20g and 60g of carbs per day. Its a lot lower than before I started.

    I don't count calories, I just eat all the fat I want. I love butter and put tons of it on EVERYTHING. I put heavy whipping cream in my tea and coffee, eat fatty meats etc.
    I went from 178 at the start of June and today I weight 154lbs with absolutely no exercise.

    Its difficult to keep this up because I have a sugar addiction (Look it up) and I often crave French fries, ice cream and cookies. Other than that, this way of eating is amazingly delicious and healthy. I now make my own low carb bread!

  13. Wow I actually expected DNews to support "big food" and industry by spouting biased untruth/lies/propaganda(or just bad, subjectively researched) as they do much too often. Kudos for telling the OBJECTIVE truth on this very important issue.

  14. "less than 30% of calories from fat". thats not low fat. carbs + fat is even worse that cabrs or fat only, thats why people on high carb got fat.

  15. The balance diet is the best keeping all food groups in proportion without restricting unhealthy food, still eat them regularly. If you want to gain eat a lot more with the same proportion, lose would be just eating less. Simple try it out. But for gaining or losing do the same amount of exercise yeah.

  16. I've been low-carb for 2 months and I've already lost 10 pounds. I've lost 3 inches on my waist and hips, an even an inch on my arms. It's definitely working and I'm loving all the bacon I can eat.

  17. 40 carbs a day is too much to go into ketosis that's probably why they only lost 12 pounds they weren't burning their fat stores for energy so the amount of calories they ate actually mattered but if you're in ketosis the calories won't matter & you can eat all the meat & fat you want

  18. I have tried both diets….the low carb worked for me but everybody body responds in a different way. In my opinion I recommend low carb for obese people and people with 30% body fat.

  19. you need your carbs for energy to work out not the shitty simple carbs but the complex high fibber carbs, high protein and of course low in fat wtf is that shit eating tons of fat, i dont know you but i prefer losing weight eating good healthy carbs 35% of my diet good enogh amount, for my w.o. than going into kytos for energy the fast way but also feeling like shit

  20. This is pure bullshit. First of all these lazy idiots only did go to the driveway or walk in the supermarket as exercise. The reason they lost more fat was the fact that high fat high protein foods keep you fuller and higher protein on a low carb diet made them retain more muscle. Try weight training on a low carb and see your lifts plummet down. If you eat enough protein track your caloric intake the low fat is a better choice for active people, even keto fanatics cannot deny it. Plus low carb is extremely inconvenient i mean it extremely hard to eat that low carb outside.

  21. Moral of the story: If you need a quick temporary fix, go low carb/calorie. If you want to stay healthy and lean for the rest of your life, go high carb low fat and don't restrict your calories. Oh yeah, and moderate exercise is important too.

  22. What was the rate of adherence? Also, were patients controlled for metabolic activity? A lot of questions to be raised in this study.

  23. I can sustain on a paleo diet as a runner since I dont do well eating grains and high carb diet makes me bloat like a balloon this is all different with people some can go paleo while others vegan, vegetarian, raw etc… The concept is there is no 1 diet fits all you just have to experiment with things.

  24. i went from 149  to 120 in 5 months on raw high carb low fat diet. i also kept it off easily with a normal diet until i  added daily fast food restaurant meals in an effort to gain weight. quality of carbs matters.

  25. so according to this, you can eat all the junk food and fast food you want? after all those foods are loaded with fats and low in carbs

  26. The only reason why people think low carb is better because you're restricting most or all bad carbs. If you go on a high carb low fat when eating good carbs as you would do on a low carb diet such as vegetables, oatmeal no refined or processed shit then you'll see what's better. I went on a low carb diet for 6 months and loss 75 pounds but that's because I ate very lean meat very healthy meaning carbs came from veggies but now I increased my carb intake up to 175g a day instead of 30g and I feel better look better, i dont feel sluggish I feel energized. Don't fall for the bull shit low carb diets. Yes it works but understand why….. It's because you're restricting all the processed refined sugars. And the only thing that matters when it comes to weight loss is daily calories burned vs daily calories intake. All these diets are just different methods of ways to restrict calories. But anyways don't fall for all these stupid as diets. Just eat until you feel satisfied and eat right/ smart take in your good fats such as flax seeds, nuts, chia seeds etc and consume lots of veggies because they actually make feel full and your consuming lots of your vitamins when eating healthier. Your welcome…..

  27. I don't understand this. Fats are very calorie dense and are not very filling, it doesn't provide you with the same kick of energy as carbohydrates do. Why not just eat a bunch of carbs and low fat as an ideal fuel source? I mean yeah if your goal is to just keep losing weight… then I guess go for that low carb high fat thing but I don't think it will be sustainable and it'll be harder to maintain. If your idea is to stay healthy and energetic rather than just to lose weight then I think hi carb low fat would be better. Then again, I'm doubting myself again. Damn this video.

  28. Low carb or Low fat will simply make you suffer various problems like lack of nutrient, maintain a BALANCE, take all ESSENTIAL nutrients like amino acids and vitamins, UTILIZE your calories completely. carbs and fats are NUTRIENTS, they are required in right amount to KEEP body healthy. DO NOT CUT OFF ANY NUTRIENT. Way to go High protein + slight both carbs and fats and lot of workout

  29. this is the most unscientific study ever. They were ASKED to control the percentage of carbs. They were told to eat as much as they want. oh… and they attended a workshop, lololol.
    How the fuck is this a controlled study? How do we even know what these people ate?

  30. 30% of calories from fat is NOT exactly "low fat". A diet deriving only 10% of it's calories from fat (10% protein, 90% carbs) has been shown to arrest and reverse coronary artery disease. See "Resolving the Coronary Heart Disease Endemic Through Plant-Based Nutrition." Preventative cardiology 4.4 (2001): 171-177.

  31. This is very misleading, this is a very small population study, done only over the course of one year. Also 30% is not low fat. If those people had been eating a diet of 5-15% fat, I bet their results would have been better overall. Also it doesn't specify the carb source, soda and fruit are both made of carbohydrates but are radically different. A small study like this doesn't prove much.

  32. It's never easy to lose weight, but this Weight loss green store tea makes it so! I wish I had heard about this years ago and I probably would have saved a ton of money on those other useless fads that did nothing. This was the only one that worked for me. Lost 14 pounds so far and I'm still counting!

  33. I lost 20kg in 16 months by sticking to the low carb diet. Don't take in any sugar, refined flour or starch. Then you're good to go !!

  34. Low carb diets might be one of the most effective ways to lose weight but the problem is that everyone on them will crave carbs and eventually binge out and put the pounds back on, only a few manage to truly stay low carb for life. Also 30% fat isn't really what I would call a low fat diet, 10% would be more like it.

  35. +Dnews even though okinawans are the society of people with the longest life expectantly and about 80% of their diet carbs I bet this video was funded by the meat and dairy industry encouraging you to eat more fat.

  36. Thanks to this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product, I've lost 5lbs of fat since July!!! I took hydroxycut and that helped for a little while, but didn't give me what I needed. I've lost more belly fat and inches using this product then anything else.

  37. Thats fucking bullshit, high fat diets will fuck up your heart. You're eating saturated fats on a daily..

  38. 30 percent fat is not low fat, as you would read on the low carb fraud all these shitty studies compare the low carb to what they call low fat which is not, 30% is the avg for americans… Both ends will make you lose weight, the too much fat and too much carbs. But it is unfair to chose a really extreme plan for low carb but the average american diet for 'low fat' dieters.

  39. I started low carb diet, and I lost 2 Kg in two weeks! I think it is working. I do not eat bread, pasta, potato, rice and corn.

  40. One of my nearest friends had advised me to apply "fizy unique plan". I googled it quickly. Certainly, this has been the best-ever diet which helped me getting rid of my extra 7.5 pounds so quickly.

  41. Interesting study. I wish to know which of those diets are maintainable; maybe both are, or maybe neither. I also wish to know what foods where they consuming, since some of them may have eaten refined carbohydrates or fats. Also, I don't think 30% is a low amount for fats. Although, I understand that 30% fats may be a low amount compared to the common western diet.

  42. 30% calories from fat is not a low fat diet. You would need to compare a real low fat diet being less than 10% calories from fat. Studies show this is where results come in for this type of diet.

  43. Till now I was on a low fat diet and lost weight rapidly, later on switching to a low carbohydrate diet had me increased weight and lost muscle mass.
    So I don't even check High or Low Carbohydrate or Lipid, I have just started taking "High Protein, Moderate Antioxidants" diet, may be that is low in both Carbs and Fats or may be moderate in both, but definitely not high in either.

  44. Yet, there's no mention of the study that compared low carb diets and high carb, low fat diets, because in that study, the HCLF group lost more weight, people cured their heart disease and their type 2 diabetes. Low carb dieters lost more weight initially, but the weight lost stopped and they plateau'd, while the HCLF group lost weight gradually for a longer period of time, which is healthier for your endocrine system and therefore, your metabolism. The low carb diet also caused the subjects' basal metabolic rate to lower drastically, which the HCLF group experienced an increased basal metabolic rate, making their bodies more efficient at burning fat. 30% is not considered low carb, 10-15% is.

  45. The answer is so simple. Everyone is different. So many varations have to be taken into consideration before putting people on a diet such as Gender, age, muscle and fat composition, physical activities. I have seen some people lose weight and get healthy on high carb low fat and vise versa.
    But the most important thing that gets overlooked is total calories. 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fat have 4 calories where as 1 gram of fat has 9 calories. If you go on a low carb high fat diet but your calorie intake is high you will not lose weight and you comsume way too much saturated fat that will not be good for your health.

    Me personally I am a fan of carb loading and how I see many people lose weight is to consume the bulk of their carbs before and after their workout and then taper down the carbs. But hey each to their own. 🙂

  46. If you really want to know how to be healthy just look at what the healthiest nations on earth eat. Avoid the foods that countries with the highest obesity related illness consume. Take into account their lifestyle, are they sedentary or do they move around on their feet a lot. You'll work it out.

  47. 40 grams or less of carbs a day?!?! How could you even get outta bed the next day? I heard that 100 even 150 grams of carbohydrates is still considered (Low Carb) Is this true?

  48. While low-carb diet advocates are correct about avoiding simple carbohydrates like table sugar, low-fat diet advocates are correct about avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol as well. Saturated fat, cholesterol, and simple carbs are bad for our health, for various reasons.

    Instead of going for an “extreme” diet, whether it be low-carb or low-fat, why not eat a diet that is based on the right kinds of fats and the right kinds of carbs? What matters more to our overall health is the sources of fats and carbs we are eating, not avoiding carbs and fats entirely.

    At the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie:

    "We conclude that a calorie is a calorie. From a purely thermodynamic point of view, this is clear because the human body or, indeed, any living organism cannot create or destroy energy but can only convert energy from one form to another. In comparing energy balance between dietary treatments, however, it must be remembered that the units of dietary energy are metabolizable energy and not gross energy. This is perhaps unfortunate because metabolizable energy is much more difficult to determine than is gross energy, because the Atwater factors used in calculating metabolizable energy are not exact. As such, our food tables are not perfect, and small errors are associated with their use.

    In addition, we concede that the substitution of one macronutrient for another has been shown in some studies to have a statistically significant effect on the expenditure half of the energy balance equation. This has been observed most often for high-protein diets. Evidence indicates, however, that the difference in energy expenditure is small and can potentially account for less than one-third of the differences in weight loss that have been reported between high-protein or low-carbohydrate diets and high-carbohydrate or low-fat diets. As such, a calorie is a calorie."

  49. I used to say "You have too choose , Low fat or Low carb.; Because the only other alternative was Starvation." But that's not true. You can choose to eat More food ; lots and lots and lots of greens. (The most nutritious food there is.)

  50. I have been on low carb high fat for 3 years now, and have actually reversed ageing to such an extent that I look younger than I did 5 years ago, and feel younger than I have felt in the last 20 years.

  51. GODDAMIT!! Why are all the things I search for about losing weight? I'm 1.87 and I weigh 62kg. I don't WANT to lose weight. Just tell me what diet makes me have more energy, gives me better sleep, or better skin, idk

  52. This is one of the great non-debates if you do lots of exercises you need to have carbs so you can power yourself through certain exercises, however if you do not do any exercise then keto is likely the option for you because you can't get rid of the excess blood sugar.

  53. To anyone reading this this is why low carb is better for you? It all comes down to the sugar you consume. Low carbs just basically means low carbohydrates which is a form of sugar. There are many ways people do this wrong and it comes down to your vegetables. Many people believe that you have to restrict every carb that you consume but that is complete false. You need to cut down on carbs that can be in your ice cream or anything that isn't made in nature but your vegetable intake needs to increase as well. You should be consuming 10 servings of vegetables a day on this diet. To put that in perspective that is 20 cups of salad greens. Also our obesity rate has to do with the amount of sugar that people consume. If you think about it before we cultivated we either hunted or we forged. This diet basically puts you back to how we ate before what is in the average diet now. We didn't consume sugar what so ever.

  54. Low carb diet is best not just for wieght loss …it helps with energy …@your brain function is sharper ..inflammation is greatly reduced ..because when you cut out carbs your body sheds water so you become less inflammed.. the low carb diet will trash your hunger …i eat 2 small meals aday ..some times only one @ im never hungry..

  55. If only I`d known about the "fetching tuti space" (Google it) sooner! I would`ve shed this weight years back. This is the sole program I tried that really works. I dropped 5lbs in 2 weeks! For optimum outcomes, utilize this merchandise along with a good eating plan..

  56. Since when is 30% of calories from fat considered low fat?
    30% is more like regular eating. No wonder they didn't lose much.
    It's also worth noting that about 2KG of weight loss from low carb diets is simply water weight that you lose in the first few days.

    Anyways, ultimately the best diet is the one you can stick to for the long term, I never knew how much I loved carbs until I tried a low carb diet.

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