Low Carb Waffles with Carbquik! | Breakfast | GoPro Cooking | Caveman Keto

Low Carb Waffles with Carbquik! | Breakfast | GoPro Cooking | Caveman Keto

today for Valentine’s Day I’m going to show
you how to make waffles we’re going to use something called Carbquik, we’re also going to use a waffle maker it’s going to be really
simple I wanna do something special today so check it out! start by cutting up some strawberries you can set these aside start by cracking in one egg beat it together Add in 1/2 cup cream 1 tsp of Vanilla couple drops of EZ-Sweetz 2 tablespoons vegetable oil Mix Again Now add in 1 and 1/4 cup Carbquik this is a little too thick so I’m going to add some water you want to reach approximately this
consistency where it is easily spreadable start by setting it to three three-and-a-half kinda medium on the device and you want to have a ready light then open it up and spray it with some Pam on both the top and the bottom You want to do this all kind of quickly, put in the batter spread it around I make sure it gets to all
the crevices then quickly take our strawberries that
we’ve gotten cut earlier and you close it you flip it and then you wait for it to beep if you added a little bit too much it’ll start to come out the sides, that’s what the drip shield is for when it beeps its done you can flip it back over, pull the top then this part is kind of hard, you want to get a plate fork and try to get out whole And there you go, now that you’ve got it out figure out which one you did better and
give that one to your wife especially since its Valentines Day
today apply some whipped cream if you want and your all set and here’s how to make Carbquik waffles Delicious! the

22 thoughts on “Low Carb Waffles with Carbquik! | Breakfast | GoPro Cooking | Caveman Keto

  1. I've made tons of Carbquik waffles in the past. The recipe on the box is good except, like you did, sweetener should be added. If you want crisp Belgian style waffles, you need to do the following: Separate the egg. Beat the white into stiff peaks and set aside. Make the rest using the yolk. Fold the stiff egg whites into the resulting dough until it's completely integrated. The resulting mixture is stiff, but don't worry, it cooks up fine. You'll get crisp waffles instead of rubbery ones. Also, you can add a 1/4-1/2 tsp of xanthan gum to help keep the waffles from crumbling.

  2. Awesome my man. Love the fact i can have waffles now. I was under the impression though that you cannot have fruit on keto or is that wrong?

  3. If you beat the egg fro 3 minutes on high, to a pale yellow and soft custard texture, you won't have to add more water.  It makes the waffles fluffy and crispy.  I use coconut oil melted, or butter, instead of vegetable or Crisco oil.   Frozen berries warmed in the microwave and some whipped cream.  I also use cinnamon and generally don't even bother with the sweetener since the berries and whipped cream are sweet.

  4. Thank you for sharing your gift of cooking and your videos! One Q – ever use half and half instead of heavy cream in the recipe? More carbs yes, but less calories.

  5. This video is a little old, but the waffle should stay in a little longer so it comes out whole without having to manhandle it the way that's shown in the video. Also, the "add some water" ain't a recipe. Liked it otherwise as a starting point. Thanks for posting.

  6. Lovely ideas and thanks! But next time you do a special waffle for your wife, try doing the whipped cream with purpose and beauty as well for a beautiful presentation. Women appreciate that, especially when it’s done by their husbands, for them. It is a sign that you tried really hard and that speaks love to her…over the top! Maybe just put little, controlled dollops (squirts) around in a circular fashion, moving inward to the center. Then an even more special touch would be to decorate edges with some strawberry slices (like flower petals) and/or dust with a bit of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top.

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