Lower Carb Cornbread Substitute with Grain-Free Coconut Flour

Lower Carb Cornbread Substitute with Grain-Free Coconut Flour

Rob – Hello and welcome to another episode of Homemade Healthy. I’m your host Rob and I’m here with my wonderful wife, Lisa. And darling what are we cooking up for our friends today?today we are making Lisa – Today we are making cornbread. And I use that in quotations because there’s no corn cornmeal involved. This is a low-carb, gluten-free recipe. And this is actually good for people who have tree nut allergies. Because it’s made with coconut flour you don’t have cross-reactivity. So we’re going to start with our dry ingredients. This is only six ingredients. So you’re going to love how easy this is. But before we even get excited about the ingredients we need to get the cast-iron pan ready to go. So i actually have my grandmother’s cast iron. And we’re going to use coconut oil in the pan to get it ready so it doesn’t stick. Rob – And this is a Sam’s size coconut oil. Lisa- Yeah. And we go through it. Its cool in the house today so it’s actually solid. Coconut oil at 76 degrees is actually liquid. So don’t be shy. Its good fat Rob – Good fat people. Lisa – So we’re just going to put this in the oven so that as the oven is warming to 350 this is going to be melting. So we’ll actually be pouring the batter into a warm pan. Rob – Excellent! I know when I’ve made traditional corn bread that you definitely do the same step. And when you pour the batter is sizzles. Lisa – Yes. So we’re going to get maybe a little sizzle.l So we’re going to start with our dry ingredients. Three-quarter cup of coconut flour. If you’re not used to working with coconut flour it is not like traditional flower. It’s not like almond flour. It is like a giant sponge. So don’t get crazy and think “Oh three- quarters of a cup and one whole cup are the same.” It doesn’t work that way. So three quarters of a cup of coconut flour. And then half a teaspoon of baking powder. And a half a teaspoon of salt. And i use Himalayan sea salt. So we’re just going to mix those and then we’re going to mix the wet ingredients. And like I said it’s like a sponge so we’re actually going to use six eggs for this recipe. And there’s not going to be an alternative that I know of for eggs. And we’re going to use a half of butter. One tablespoon of honey. Rob – Honey?!? Lisa – I know. I know it’s… Rob – Wait. I thought you said low carb? Lias – It is low carb. It’s one tbsp for a big pan of.. Rob – Okay. So compared to a normal slice of cornbread this is amazingly low carb. Lisa – It is. It is and if you’re really concerned about 1 tbsp of honey just use a packet or two of Truvia or whatever stevia… Rob – Or quit eating. That’s an option too. Lisa – Right. So we try not to get too excited about a tbsp of honey. We just like to have the flavor. But you can make it however you like. It’s your recipe. Alright so we’re going to do our eggs. And we have got a lot of eggs. I’m going to need my towel. You want to grab my towel? Alright six eggs and we’re going to mix those up a little bit with the butter. Alright. And it’s melted butter. So it’s actually better if your eggs are at room temperature because the butter will try to harden. Oh yes, thank you. Okay, so. Oh and our honey. A little bit of honey. Tiny bit of honey. We use raw unfiltered delicious amazing honey. It has a lot of medicinal benefits. If you get a cough just do a shot raw honey and it will coat your cough receptors. You’ll be good as new. Rob – Yeah. Our is actually a local honey too which is great. Lisa – Yep. Rob – I definitely recommend running our to your farmers market and getting some local honey. Lisa – Alright. So we’re just going to mix this together. Make sure your yolks are all broken and you get incorporated. And then I like to make a well into the dry ingredients. And this is going to be a sponge. You’re going to be surprised if you’ve never worked with coconut flour how fast this gets absorbed. So put that in and get all the liquid we can for our sponge. Rob – So if you’ve never experimented with coconut flour and you will have some interesting results. You will make something that maybe looks great. And if you don’t get the proportions right it will suck all the moisture out of your body. You will end up like a mummy. [Lisa laughs] Just be careful it’s very… So absorbent. Lisa – It’s very absorbent. On the other hand if you’re making something with almond flour and you realize you put too much of something that liquid in. You can put a tablespoon of coconut flour and it will straighten it right out. So see, that’s an extra free tip. Look at that. Alright. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Alright. So we’re going to take our pan out of the oven. Oh. Look at that coconut oil. It’s already melted in there. We got a nice little umm, I don’t know. Pond almost? Rob – Yeah. It’s a nice glaze. Lisa – Yeah. It’s a nice glaze. That’s right. Okay. So we are going to just pour it in. And you’re gonna have to flatten it. Like i said the coconut flour so absorbent. It’s going to kind of get all congealed together. And we’re going to flatten it out. And then put in heaven. And you’re going to bake this at 350 for about 20 minutes. Until it starts to get brown around the edges. Rob – Want a bigger one to flatten? I’ll flatten. Lisa- You flatten and don’t touch the pan handle like I almost did after you pull it out of the oven. So we’re going to wrap that up and just flatten it around the edges. We like this with chili. It’s delicious. After it comes out of the oven to you put more butter on it. And if you aren’t all the way low carb then you can do some honey on it. Or a little bit low sugar jelly. Anyway, amazingly delicious. Rob – how those edges look? Am I pushing it enough? Lisa – You’re fine. Yeah and don’t worry because coconut flour so absorbent… There’s a spot. Kind of spread that over. Yeah. Because it’s so absorbent there won’t be any oil and it won’t feel oily at all when it comes out of the oven. Rob – This is a good experiment to trick your friends who don’t try stuff like this. See what they say. You never know. Lisa – Excellent. So we’re going to let that cook about 20 minutes. Like I said keep an eye on it. When the edges start to get brown it’s ready to come out and eat. It’s delicious. Rob – Okay. So we’ll be right back when this is ready and you gotta check it out. It’s going to be great. Lisa – Okay now we pulled it out of the oven and cut into 8 pieces. You can do six. You can do four I guess if you’re really hungry. And we put it on a plate. It’s delicious. We really like it with a big slather of butter on it. So… Delicious. Rob – So remember you guys you can follow us @homemadehealthy official on Instagram or on snapchat. You can get some behind-the-scenes stuff @homemadehealthy on snapchat. And we’re going to be posting more as we make more episodes. So that’d be a great chance for for you guys to see what’s going on and see what’s coming up next. Lisa – Are you ready? Ooo, it’s nice. Look at that consistency. Rob – It’s good. Lisa – It’s a great grain free alternative to cornbread. Rob – Alright. Thank you for watching HomeMade Healthy with us today. I’ve been your host Rob and this is my wife Lisa. And stick around. Check out more videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment. Alright bye. Lisa – Bye.

31 thoughts on “Lower Carb Cornbread Substitute with Grain-Free Coconut Flour

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share you knowledge about low carb cooking.
    Your recipes are much appreciated and EXCELLENT!!!! I look forward to each
    video you produce.

  2. YEAH~Celebrate good times?:)
    I can actually eat "Cornbread" again and about to get out of bed to start baking right this second!!!
    Feel starving all the time as have severe food allergies so NO wheat, corn, soy, dairy, beans/legumes, you name it, it bothers me?:(
    Love your channel, and you two cooking together is adorable:)
    THX for another great coconut recipe as I adore it and can eat actually eat this wondrous food.

  3. Low carb people absolutely freak out over 1 Tablespoon of honey. People, it's called LOW carb, not NO carb. Your body needs a few carbs.

  4. Hey guys, I really appreciate your recipes and videos. And thank you for that. I donát want to offend you, but please, please stop with this nonsense of "Himalayan SEE salt". The Himalayas are MOUNTAINS, not a sea. Himalayan salt is from mines, not evaporated sea water. Just use your common sense.

  5. Himalayan Salt is cultivated from the actual Himalayan Mountains. They did not move to the Sea, nor did they fall into the Sea.

  6. Lisa and Rob, please do not stop with videos. I am a 46 year old diabetic that has lost over 20 pounds in the last few months because if your inspiration of sharing. the negitive response you get is only ignorance and lack of commen scene. I for one share your recipes with all my friends and family that are diabetics. your low A1C, loosing wieght, feeling great, fan.

  7. Just made this today was not sure how it would turn out but, OMG ! I really like this, has a texture similar to cornbread, browns nicely and does not have a strong coconut taste, will definitely make this again, really missed not having cornbread. Thanks so much

  8. It seems like the two of you have a really intimate relationship,so beautiful. I have the bread in the oven now and hopefully it comes out as nice yours! thanks

  9. All the recipies that have coconut flour and eggs as the main ingredients produce the same thing-grainy, eggy omelettes. I keep hoping that I'll come across one that miraculous, but, alas, nope. If you fool yourself into believing this is awesome and tastes like cornbread-more power too you. I'm living a keto lifestyle, but you can't put perfume on a pig and call it a princess.

  10. also can i use pecan flour? also, i saw on a video that if yu add a packet of yeast to the mixture it wont taste so eggy. i think ill add the yeast packet. i tell ya, im just not feelin eating cornbread that really taste like a big omlet…i hope im not the only one. im going to sprinkle some crushed pepper in top make it some what southern. ..lol

  11. im not sure when yu will get this comment, but i wanted to let yu know that i tried this recipe today, Wednesday Oct 18. i sprinkled some cayenne pepper on top before i put it on the oven. also at the same time (i made two items at the same time ) using this same recipe, i added 2 cups of Pecan meal, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a 1/4 cup of organic coconut palm sugar.
    on the cornbread i sprinkled cayenne pepper for that extra kick and for the other bread i sprinkled a nice amount to my taste organic coconut palm sugar on the top generously.

    both where in the oven at 350 degrees and where done in about 40 minutes.
    i am so proud of myself. they came out sooooooo delish. .omg!!! i sat down with some Java herbal coffee and 2 slices of the cornbread and 2 slices of the Pecan bread. very nice indeed. i hope yu will try this with the Pecan meal…i mean like WOW! !!

  12. I noticed that the finished product was on the thin side. Can you please state what size cast iron skillet you used? It looked like maybe a 10" size.

  13. So happy to see Coconut flour recipes…..YAY…..Prefer that over nutty Almond Flour which is alway a bit grainy. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Tried this today. Was pretty good. Not eggy tasting at all. The texture was great. Still miss the corn taste though. Another channel had a recipe that used corn flavoring. Will have try adding that and I bet it will be perfect. Plus I wanted to share about the corn flavoring with you.

  15. Oh that kerrygold butter. Yum.
    I'll try this. My recipe calos for both almond flour and coconut flour. I didn't know about this one.?

  16. Sighs not even close it’s basically a cake to replace cornbread it not even imitation cornbread. At the very least you could have used chopped up baby corn with corn/cornbread extract

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