Mario Lopez Dishes On ‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast Hookups

Mario Lopez Dishes On ‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast Hookups

– Hey Tori, what do you wanna ask him? – So Mario, did you ever hook up with your Saved By the Bell cast members? (audience cheering) Let’s be honest, come on! – Well I don’t know if
you can actually say that. You’re married with kids now. – Well, yeah but just as a gentleman, I’m not one to kiss and tell, ever. – [Kelly] There ya go. – However, it wasn’t a hook up, but I’ve talked about it before, she was my girlfriend for awhile. Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly. – Oh wow, I didn’t know that! – Yeah, it was funny ’cause
I went to regular high school so she used to wear my lettermans jacket from my real high school and stuff. But now like she’s my
dear friend and it’s funny ’cause our kids actually play together. So we get together, our kids
play together and stuff. So it’s– – Dang, she’s hot too! Wow, all right.
(audience laughing) – They’re all hot, they’re all hot. – Gah, I know, okay all right. Well the one thing I
really do love about you that I wanted to get to
and make sure I got to is y’all, not everybody is who
they are on camera, you know? You seem ’em outside of
work and you’re like, “Oh, you’re not lovable at all.” (audience laughing) He is the nicest dude. And so while I was
totally reading up on you, ’cause I like to do my
homework for people coming on, it made sense to me that you, even though you were
filming Saved By the Bell, you went to like regular, ’cause that was a Saturday morning thing. – Right. – So you went to like regular school and you’re like the only one
– I did. – that went to public school, right? – Yeah, I was the only one from my cast. And for the most part, all the other child actors that I knew, everybody either was tutored
or homeschooled or something. But no, I went to public
high school, 3500 kids, Chula Vista High School. Shout out Spartans. (audience laughing)
(clapping) – I mean, I think that’s what
makes you such a great human. – Oh, thank you. But I mean I feel very
lucky ’cause I went to prom, I did homecoming, I played sports. I had like a real high school experience, I just happened to have like
a cool summer job, right? – Gah, I really cool summer job, yeah. – Yeah, yeah. – No, I just thought,
whenever I read that on you, I was just captivated by that. ‘Cause I was like, well that makes sense. – [Mario] Oh thanks. – That’s why he’s so
cool and down to earth. Like I don’t know, you’re super handsome and you were A.C. Slater. You could be a real–
– You’re so sweet. (laughing) – You could be a real turd
if you wanted to be, I guess. But you’re like so awesome.

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  1. Home schoolers can be "cool and down to earth" too, and not all kids who go to public schools are "cool and down to earth." Where he went to school has nothing to do with it.

  2. How did this texan get her own talk show 😵😱🤯🤮 what happened to Steve Harvey. I don't know if I can take any more of this y'all shit anymore

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