Oh What else you been eating bay. Since you be sneaking snakcs amazing of dishwashing skills the most famous classic when you see boy
the Rjwatts know the vibes know revoir man yeah we got to go
you haven’t won the cooking stream from us G so I’m gonna go in there cook but
she gonna cook she got me on this keto diet but she started early that’s right we are on keto so we are
making keto friendly burrito so teach this aye we all want to do a
channel on keto we both knew ketp but she cook so it’s all about the recipes
y’all want to do a channel on keto to make a channel she can do a series on
keto recipes I think that’s a good idea to low key cuz I can cook too but she go
with the keto no so so we’re making you making these burritos so with
so what is you doing don’t late so going to you holy I mean it still has like 19
grams of carbs however the majority of the cars is fiber and that’s okay if
majority of your cars on fire this is processed to eat out though got
my steak piece of flamboyance stapler Jackson will smile so we’re gonna start
with this look at all this I know about that there are you gonna be happy I
can’t because I I bought I don’t measure but feel free to measure
I’m gonna work on my measurements but I just try to eyeball good I like the
spice so of course I’m gonna have some chilli powder and some cayenne a dash of
pink Himalayan garlic pink Himalayan salt starter and then I like to use my I
don’t even know how to pronounce it Karen lady their focus a beautiful
diamond right to use this ha now I always season both sides of my
meat co very much Oh made in the nomina this Kido thing is
something different I’m gonna talk to you guys about the first two days of
Kido explain to y’all first day we had in and out burger no we had a burger but
we had a 3×3 protein style what that means is that straight lettuce as your
bun but you get free for the three patties of two veggies three patties
with tomato onion cheese all that good stuff your bond is just a let’s it was
banging don’t know captain okay only thing was are just messy messy
as shit melodia is just that I feel like I needed another one but I was not
fooled at all now it’s cool but I was one nothing looks good second day she hasn’t report late but I
went to go get some ah Jimmy John’s I had Jimmy John’s on which in order on
which is I go to Jimmy John’s say you want to own your bun which lettuce
as you breathe that is as you wish pretty and pretty much me you know you
get a regular sandwich with lettuce as your breath
it’s been cool you know I’ve been enjoying it can’t complain I felt like
my stomach bit tight either but you know I still had chips he is only doing keto
dinner technically I did not I’ve been doing keto snacks no right yeah I did
had that today didn’t idea I went to go buy McDonald’s bricks today made that
Aikido type of meal so only thing I don’t recommend doing keto every Donald
I’ve been doing non keto snacks hey yeah don’t come for my rep or my wardrobe no
I am NOT one of those girls that apologizes for not man dressed up this
is no general Bob’s oh yeah I’m gonna show y’all this bag I won’t I seen want
this bag right yeah let me know on that shit I gotta stop saying shit when I’m
like record and I keep saying shit yeah I’ll let me know in the comment section
is a cop because I know when I seen no no
but you see I need to find their bags min bags for that bag was drippy and I
was about to copy copy at that time oh just a selling in like a whole eight
years yeah this whole he just said that was all right I mean it shit is not
alright when yo girl tell you to sit I Demi is fucking ugly well because I’m a
good person I’m gonna wash these dishes Thanks
I’ve been washing the dishes the last past fucking weeks don’t see me now hold
me on the dishes oh well that’s out of that right now yeah this is to the right job do dishes that to our career I need
you to put in the comment what you consider cleaning the kitchen is it just
dishes or is the dishes wiping the stove wiping the table wiping the counter
sweeping and mopping the floor that is all do you know me watching this maybe
watch me clean it if you’re not watching your dishes with
hot-ass water not a cheap hot water helps me get grip on the basketball nice
fortune huh oh yeah
lightning here’s like Shay room so she finished up two tacos and this is the
final touch it a sheet on little sauce on before y’all show y’all the final
touch and you get a drumroll please yeah wasn’t big enough to be able to go look up more on sleep jeans which on the
plasma he that’s a scrap button dude you wanna lace up crew get the thumbs up
button really I’m apology y’all appreciate my
game stay straight matchy you didn’t get he ate

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