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  1. @HamalSharatan whoah whoah whoah! Where are you getting this information that coconut milk is "more nutritious" than soy milk? Coconuts in themselves are one of the highest sources of saturated fats in whole plant foods. Not only that, they offer a rather poor nutrient profile. Coconut milk's arterial damage is as bad as a mcdonald's egg mcmuffin! Soy milk is by far MUCH MUCH healthier.

  2. We <3 you, Dr. Mike!
    Every time I see you live it reinforces my decision to go vegan, plus helps me learn how to stay a healthier vegan.
    Were you buying the bourbon peaches from Toiga Farms at that farmers' market? There's a jar of them in the video @ 1:44. =;-)

  3. @Alaouinouh it is a tea ball. A little spring loaded egg shaped shell with holes in it. You load it with loose tea leaves and submerge it in water to make tea. Some tea balls like Dr. Greger's have scissor like handles that you squeeze to open the ball. Others open manually and have a little chain on them to lower them into the water, like the string on a tea bag.

  4. As says Hippocrates "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Yet who reads him and understands medicine is first, and even considers things like he did: dog, pup, horse, woman's milk, …

  5. A man in health, … vigorous and his own master, should force on himself no regimen, and has no need of a doctor… – Celsus

  6. And what's so ironic about this whole thing is that on a base level if you remove the nutrients from out of the food, and all you ate was nutritionless food items you would begin to show signs of nutrient deficiency, and would ultimately develop various ailments as a result, so it would stand to reason that these food items should have health claim associated with them because in their absence you develop sickness, it's common sense, but that doesn't profit big pharma.

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  8. What a great guy! He's like the "Paul Revere" of nutrition, shouting "plants, plants!" — I'm always trying to get people to listen and to watch his videos, ESPECIALLY if they are complaining about a health issue! Thanks, Dr. Greger!

  9. You're my hero too! I cry and laugh when I watch your videos! Because o fthem I'll a vegan for my whole life and you give me the scientific evidence that our lifestyle is working!!! 🙂 And I can't turn back anymore even if other people are trying to stop me or laugh at me. In this dark age of medicine which consists of lies, you are the light and the REAL doctor 🙂 Love you so much!!!

  10. I Electrically charge my fruits and veggies daily, through my wall outlets, for deep blasting buzzing cellular transformation and exploding function!

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  12. Thank you for the great work you do for the public health education! (I learn from my mom most of it…) TV

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  14. Dr Gregor, thanks very much for your excellent videos. It's because of you, that I decided to go vegan. (I'm also grain free, which has helped my health just as much, if not more so.)

  15. Ah've had enough of this pseudo-scientific bull!!!!

    Who the hell needs research, when you've got steak!!!! Miles and miles of steak as far as the eye can see.

    Ah have eaten steak for 55 years, and ah have only had THREE heart attacks. THREE!! So all you damn fools saying meat is bad for your heart – AH AM STILL STANDING!!!!!

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  17. This 'nonsense' nutrition can be the difference between life and death for many people. If you weren't so dickfaced you would actually go and google 'how to block someone on youtube' instead of making a ignorant comment.

  18. If I wanted nutritional facts, I'd google for that, I don't want a thousand messages linking me to them.
    And I know how to block people on Youtube, but I had more trouble finding the button this time, I think Youtube may have updated itself right under our noses, because last time I checked it was much easier to do it.

  19. I have not had any heart attacks even though I ate meat for well over 50 years, but my father died of brain cancer, had heart disease because of the lack of quality of our food. And now, it's worse than it ever has been in the history of agriculture.

    However if you want to eat meat, I won't stand in your way. Your demise will leave some open space for people who care about their health and what they eat. Just don't expect me to pay for your health care costs.

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  21. Dr. Greger, I just discovered you! You are an amazing speaker. I could listen to you all day. I learned so much by listening to just one of your full lectures. Especially because your speaking style keeps your listeners so engaged. I will be looking for more of your videos and books, for now on.

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  23. EAT.THE.DAMNED.BROCCOLI. folks!!! so good for us and Dr. Michael Greger proves it!!!! It's all about the sulforaphane!!!! Ditch the meat and processed foods, you WILL prosper! Thank you, thank you Dr. Greger!

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  25. I agree, Dr. Greger. The more we focus on dietary and lifestyle changes, the less chronic disease we will have to suffer with. 

  26. youre videos are saving lifes and informing people keep up the good work and thank you for making me see how badly i was treating my body 

  27. You have changed my life and still do everyday! I admire your passion and effort you put in your work. Such an amazing person 😀 Thank you for being who you are…

  28. I appreciate your efforts, but they assume everyone wants to live. I for one do not. And also they discourage the eating of BACON, and ICE CREAM, not to mention BUTTER.

  29. Love this video content & what you stand for!!

    Refered here through @Freelee the Banana Girl's video "5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs TODAY [Warning Graphic]" 

  30. Dear Dr Greger, I searched your channel for mono-/diglycerides are these Trans fats with a different name. Please us know. And are they bad for you they appear in a lot of ingredients.  Thanks Steve

  31. I love your voice more than any of favorite singer's voice! I appreciate your hard work as much as I appreciate my parent's. I love you Dr. Greger wish you all the best in the infinity

  32.     Thank You Dr. Greger. I have a mission to watch all of your videos and preach healthy living whenever possible to those i cross paths with in my life. Throughout my days i have probably passed the link to your videos to like 50 people, so far.. I wouldn't mind if you had your own prime time tv show but, in a way you better than that here and can do so much more in this arena. Your videos are most interesting to me and your focus on nutrition is the perfect subject matter at an ideal time when most people are unaware of the poisons they ingest. im starting ramble I guess so i want to say thank you and to those who have watched the videos and have read this comment please donate for there are not many more important things than your soul, your family, your neighbor and their health. Im very passionate about health for some saddening reasons so, I am really looking forward to your next videos as Im playing catchup…I have a laundry list of questions for you later. thanks again Sir.

  33. Dr. Greger – you have changed and bettered so many lives. Thank you for being such an incredible resource. I use your channel and videos all the time, and I am so grateful for them!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

  34. Dr. Greger, thank you for all what you do!   Trying to figure out what's safe to eat these days is quite a task. 

  35. Why are these "basic principles" always such a moving target? I don't understand why the common facts are always trying to be uprooted year round.

  36. They will ban you from their website forums if you don't share a drone mentality and allegiance to their ideas.

    They will attack you, block posts, remove posts you make if they demonstrate you have opposing information or ideas.

    I shared my success with LCHF to reverse symptoms of severe diabetes and how I eliminated over 400 shots to my gut in 11+weeks. I got hammered and harassed by their users, told fat was killing me etc. It was like mevwondering n if I was on that show "SCARE TACTICS?"

    First time they blocked me I worked to resolve the matter. They said I used t h e word "worm" to describe a person I was reply to. It didn't matter though that this person had sent NE repeated post telling me I was essentially making myself more sick, causing heart disease and cancer by e a ting a high fat diet etc. It didn't matter that I had finally broken the pattern of insulin dependency to him or other Rabid fans of these censoring halfwits.

    Today I discovered I was banned again and all I was doing was replying to a person "Michael Grain" on one post after another reiterating one biased report after another whilst ignoring my personal experience and countless other studies not b in agreement with his claims.

    So if you want an honest forum to discuss nutrition from users font go here. If they can't fully indoctrinate you they will censor you heavily on their website forums.

    They obviously fear any studies that refute their ideas regarding eggs, fat. Protein from animals etc…

    If you're looking for a community of like minded drones this nay indeed be your party. I for one want honest dialog and debate from all forms of whole foods which include Fats and proteins from animals. These too are indeed whole food and they are indeed healthy.

    So if you're into Nazi mania censorship go there and have fun….

  37. I actually called Dr. Greger on the phone a few years ago in the most defeated mood in my 3rd year in pharmacy school—he had written a little treatise that is kind of my spiritual bible for wading through the terrible cultures of health care work. His work is so important, and coming from a doctor, even more so. Its so devastating that what he espouses, many doctors don't even know themselves, and and even worse, are unwilling to promote to the public because it flies in the face of the food AND drug industry relying on a set number of sick people to have as customers. I wonder if that fury is still in Dr. Greger's heart like it is in mine. Reading his treatise taught me to never give up on what you believe in despite how hard the establishment will work to own your thoughts such that you can never experience an original one again, either at home or at work. Never stop fighting.

  38. This Dr. has made my mother FINALLY change her mind and she want to completely stop eating meat, dairy and egg products. She wants to go full vegan now. I´ve been a Vegan for a mere 4 weeks now but hey, you´ve got to start some day.
    Now that I´ve gotten my mum on the boat, my dad won´t escape!

  39. I love Dr. Greger, what he advocates, and the work that he's done to bring awareness to us all. Another great doctor who's good to learn about human diet from is Dr.Robert Morse. Morse can really explain why we acquire all these health issues and why we feel the detox symptoms we feel when we step towards healthier diets, such as raw vegan, or fruitarian diet. Many would argue that vegans are healthier than raw vegans or fruitarians, and I believe I watched a video of Dr. Greger claiming this. The thing is, every animal in nature eats raw, uncooked foods, so even the vegan diet is defying the laws of nature, though, it is a great step toward the regeneration of the human species from all the meat eating, milk drinking, and junk food binging that we've done.

  40. My husband and I have been following Nutrition Facts for a few years now. We really appreciate your work, Dr. Greger. We are Vegan and your videos help us navigate through all the information out there about how to do it. But these videos are great for anyone who is trying to eat in a healthy way. Very interesting to see your motivations for what you do.

  41. People, listen to this doctor, watch his vids, read his books. He is the BEST of all the current nutritional gurus, always fact-based, evidence-based, and well cited. No BS, just mainstream scientific knowledge, which is unfortunately not mainstream clinical practice yet. You can find the answers to your health issues with Dr. Greger. Good man.

  42. I hope Dr. Greger reads this. Dr. Greger, you are an amazing person, doing an amazing thing. I really hope your message reaches as many people as possible, and I hope you know the positive impact you've had on everyone. You're doing great work, and I think I speak for everyone when I say – thank you.

  43. Never in my life have I've seen such a noble, wise, intelligent, ethical, wonderful, happy, healthy man like Michael Greger :')

  44. Thank you Dr. Greger. You and your ilk have given me my life back. I am forever grateful.

  45. Thank you Dr Greger for all the work you do analyzing all the nutrition research. You videos are always thought provoking and extremely helpfull. Thank you for increasing my knowledge and understanding.

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