Oats Diet For Weight Loss – 1000 Calorie Diet Plan | How To Lose Weight Fast 7kgs In 7 Days

Oats Diet For Weight Loss – 1000 Calorie Diet Plan | How To Lose Weight Fast 7kgs In 7 Days

[Title Music] Hello Friends, Welcome back to Vibrant Varsha Channel! I am Varsha Anthony, today’s video is on – Oatmeal Diet Plan for Weight Loss. After festivals, the easiest way to lose weight fast is – Oatmeal Diet Plan for Weight Loss The diet plan is very easy to follow. Oatmeal diet plan is a 1000 Calorie Diet Plan. Oats are whole grain and are highly nutritious. Great source of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Oats have high fiber and protein content, and low in Fats. That is why Oats is beneficial in Weight Loss. Eating Oats daily does not make you feel hungry for long. Oats helps reduce Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Level. Improves the digestion system. Oats help reduce constipation problems. In Morning, at wake-up, empty stomach, drink detox water. Drink any detox water from my detox water videos. Have Morning Breakfast between 8:30 – 9:30 am Now we are going to make oatmeal breakfast. This recipe is also called as Oats Porridge. Here we have used plain oats, 20 gms, Hot Milk almost 150 ml, Almonds – 5 nos And use whatever fruits you like, like strawberries, berries, here I have used Apple and Banana. Put hot milk in a bowl, I used about 20 grams of oats here, then you add half chopped apple, then add half banana, then put almonds, If you want to cook the oats separately in milk, then you can do so. No need to add extra sugar, but if you like sweet, then you add a spoon of honey. So here is our Oatmeal Breakfast Ready which is less than 250 calories. Mid-Morning, you have to take any of these fruits, like Orange or Apple or Kiwi. Either you take one glass of buttermilk. Lunch – In Lunch – have Masala Oats or Oats Dosa. with this you can take Mixed Veg. Raita I have given all these recipes links in the description box below. In Evening, between 4-5pm, you can have Tea plus Popcorn – 20 grams or Roasted Chana Dinner should be – between 6:30 – 7:30pm In Dinner, have Oatmeal with milk, or Oats Porridge. Throughout the day if you ever feel hungry, then have cucumber or apple. Consume at least 2 liters of Detox Water throughout the day. Do this diet seven days in a row. Limit your Tea or Coffee intake to max 2 cups in a day. Avoid sugar and junk food. Along with this diet, perform a minimum 45 minutes of any physical activity, like Gym or Yoga or Walk or Swimming. If you want to give any Suggestion or Comments, then then please write in the comments box, below. If you love this video, then Like it, Share it, and Subscribe Vibrant Varsha YouTube Channel. Thank You!

29 thoughts on “Oats Diet For Weight Loss – 1000 Calorie Diet Plan | How To Lose Weight Fast 7kgs In 7 Days

  1. Hello madam i too want to follow your diet plan.As you said we can follow different diet in different day like monday be egg diet followed by tuesday paneer diet wednesday oats diet etc etc …..i dont know how to make idle so what to take in idle diet plan day please suggest ……..can you tell me one by one please.thank you in advance

  2. Mam mai ek breastfeeding mother hu. Mera cesarean se baby hua h jo ki abhi sirf 4 month ka h. Kya mai ye diet plan use kr sakti hu. Isase koi kamjori to nhi aayegi.

  3. Can not understand anything you said!! By looking at pictures it seem like the only thing that will happen is " you will just go to bathroom!" My question is have u done this diet and if so where are your before/after pics??

  4. Hello ma'am mai yeh diet krna chati hoon but I don't have galbladder ye diet mery ley suitable hai my weight is 89 plz rply as soon as possible rply

  5. You cant lose 7 kilos of fat a week. To do that you would have to be in a 7000 calorie deficit a day. Do the math and look at the science !
    A healthy rate would be 1 to 2 pound a week, so anything over a kilo a week would prob be too much. 7 kilo would be impossible unless you didn't eat anything for a week, but then you would die of starvation. The only way to drop that much weight is if you are packing loads of water retention and you drop a load of water with maybe a kilo of fat. If you starve yourself you are gonna burn up muscle which will add to weight loss, but you are burning and losing the wrong weight. Even burning muscle and losing water which does not even count you would still find it difficult to drop a kilo a day. This video is talking complete shit. the average woman will burn about 1500 – 2000 calories a day. If she burns 2000 calories a day and she puts herself in a 1000 calorie deficit, then she will lose 1 kilo a week. There are around 7000 calories to 1 kilo of fat. 1000 calorie deficit = 1 kg per week 500 calorie deficit = 1 pound of fat a week, so how can you drop 1 kilo a day? how can you burn that many calories??????

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