One Week Walmart Grocery Haul Using a Low Carb Meal Plan!

One Week Walmart Grocery Haul Using a Low Carb Meal Plan!

– Hey, it’s Sarah from and today I went to Walmart
and I went shopping for one of my one-week meal plans. We went and purchased for
the low-carb meal plan that’s going to be published this week and we also got some other things that we’re going to need
throughout the week, so I was just going to show
you a bit about what we got for our week and some of it
will be for longer than a week, but just to give you a general idea what our family of nine will
spend on a week on groceries. And for this trip, we
did spend about $230, but we were really low on some things, we’ve been using paper plates, and we’ve been using, we just, we’re almost out of food, so we decided to go ahead and stock up on some of the things that we haven’t had and just see, a lot of it will last quite a bit longer than week. And then on the meal plan part, I went ahead and bought
the side suggestions that I published on the
low-carb meal plan for this week as well and I don’t always do that. Sometimes I just use canned
vegetables or frozen vegetables and don’t worry about
the side suggestions. And so I did that and,
I’m trying to think. All right, well, anyway, I
will show you now what we got. All right, obviously we got
a few things of broccoli. One of these is for one
of the low-carb meal plans that I’ve got going and
then we like to have backup cereal for breakfast
for the kids sometimes. I don’t like to cook, so. We’ll buy a couple boxes of those so they can work through those on days that we don’t have anything else. And then, we noticed that at Walmart, this was all from Walmart this time. I prefer to go to Aldi, but
they are under construction in the town we go to and
so they’re actually closed for a little while longer
and Walmart is in our town, Aldi is not, but, anyway, we noticed that this spaghetti sauce at Walmart is now down to 88 cents which is
actually cheaper than Aldi. Of course, this kind has sugar, so if I was, since I’m
doing the low-carb plan, I got this one with no sugar also for one of my recipes and that recipe only calls for like four ounces, so I won’t be using that much. We always keep this On
the Border salsa on hand. Sometimes we’ll buy it in bulk at Sam’s. And this is, we’re gonna
be having steak fajitas, so we got Fajita seasoning. We’ve been eating a lot of
hamburgers, so it was time to stock back up on our pickles, ’cause we just ran out last night. And we typically aren’t a family
that drinks a lot of milk, so we went by just one
or two gallons a month. And, really, these eggs, I
have a lot in my fridge still from Easter and so we
just needed a few more for some of the recipes. Another thing we were
really happy to find was that all these chips
were way less expensive than they usually are. So we don’t live in a town that has very many competitors,
so our Walmart sometimes can be more expensive. But most of these were,
I think, 88 cents a bag, which Aldi recently has
been a $1.17, I think, so we’re saving quite a bit on that. Now, this orange juice is
for an orange chicken recipe I’m gonna be doing. And I was supposed to get flank steak and I ended up getting sirloin tip thin for a couple of recipes,
one’s for steak fajitas and the other is for flank steak, but, obviously, we aren’t gonna use that ’cause our Walmart did not have it. And that’s probably our
biggest expense this week, is the amount of meat we got, ’cause I paid extra for
the extra lean ground beef on this one because it’s for meatballs. It would be just cooking in grease longer, so I prefer to get the lean kind. Now, I did get a roll of ground beef and I’m gonna show you how to cook this in the instant pot
without having to brown it and we’ll be doing that really soon and we like to keep this
big thing of hamburgers. Got it upside down, but,
hamburgers in the freezer for if we need a quick lunch of something, we can quickly just grill burgers. Now, this big 10-pound bag
of skinless chicken breasts, I usually keep a bag of that on hand for those days where I
don’t have anything prepared for the freezer or I
want to make something really quick in the instant pot. If all else fails, I will actually make chicken tacos in the slow
cooker or the instant pot and put a can of RO-TEL
with taco seasoning in it and they make really good chicken tacos. But this time I was
thinking I was going to cook a whole bunch of them
up in the instant pot so I could have quick meals ’cause I’m starting to try to move to a more low-carb lifestyle for me and so that would help me. I could have it over a salad or something. Both of these chicken thigh recipes are for recipes from my low-carb meal plan that I shopped for and we’ve
been using paper plates to minimize dishes, if you
can imagine nine of us, we go through dishes like crazy, so when we can use paper plates, we do. All these veggies are for, this zucchini is for
zoodles for the low-carb, it’s zucchini noodles that we will eat some of the meals over that. And we’re going to try
our hand at making some I think cauliflower rice
out of the cauliflower and we got some just asparagus to steam and, of course, green peppers, which I kind of prefer to
buy green peppers and onions at Aldi because they are quite
a bit cheaper, typically, but we’ll see if our
Walmart keeps trying to keep up or not. Now, at first I had three of
these ice creams in my basket ’cause they had a big
clearance sign by it saying $3. Then we found it was only $4.50. So we just got one. And, of course, bread for
the hotdogs and hamburgers. We do have hotdogs in
the freezer right now that we’ve had for a long time, so we’re trying to eat those up. And I guess that’s it for this week. It was about $230. Now, in this portion of the video, I’d like to just talk to
you just a little bit about our shopping trip. On my meal plan subscription
that I publish each week, which is what I was using
for my grocery list, it is separated into
sections of the store, so it’ll have meat
together, dairy together, refrigerator and freezer items together, and then all the spices are together, and all the canned goods and boxed goods are also together, so, basically, I start with the heavy stuff first and so I started with the meat and then I move on to the canned stuff. If I’m feeling on my game, I’ll wait and do the
refrigerator stuff last followed by all the
produce and anything soft, but it kinda depends on the
way the store is that day, how busy it is, and how sidetracked I am, because I tend to be pretty sidetracked. As you can see there, that
just past we always get that really big pack of paper plates because when we don’t, our
dishes are just so outta control. It’s ridiculous, so, and there my family showed back up to help me unload everything onto the belt,
so that was awesome. But for $227, with all that meat, that really wasn’t bad and we will eat on all of this a little
bit longer than a week, but we do have our six
meals that I prepared. All right, well this concludes
our Walmart grocery shopping for our large family of nine. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. In order to clarify just a little bit, I mentioned that we spent $227
on all the groceries today, a lot of that was meat. I had 20 pounds of hamburgers, I had 10 pounds of chicken breasts that I was not planning to use
for our meal plans this week, so that was $40 extra in meat, plus I had $10 in just paper plates, so those were kind of some
splurges that we made this week just to make our lives
a little bit easier, but those aren’t like have-to-do things, so I could have easily deducted
that off of our weekly bill as well as other things. And we are, for our lunches, we are eating from the pantry quite a bit, still because I like to buy,
kinda like I did today, a little bit ahead so we can eat from it. So we still have some
hotdogs and mac and cheese and ham and things like that that we can turn into sandwiches
and quick and easy meals. We also really like to do
quesadillas and things like that. So, anyway, I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. If you’d like to join us in the slow-cooker meal plan subscription, I’ll leave you a link in the
description of this video. And if you would like
to see me put together the six meals that I was buying for today, then it will be on the next video and I’ll put a link in for that as well. Also, as soon as it’s ready, that is, ’cause this one’s going
to publish first, but the other one will publish as soon as it’s edited and everything. Now, also, I wanted to mention that just the part of the meal plan groceries was about $117 and that was partly because I spent so much on that flank steak that wasn’t flank steak, I
was spending over $6 a pound ’cause that’s all they had. If I was being careful, I would either change part of it for chicken or I would eliminate those recipes. There’s been many times
whenever I’ve used a meal plan where I just didn’t have the money for the meat that was on there. And so I just took off that part of it or I changed it to a different cut of meat and that’s perfectly acceptable. So, anyway, I hope that you
guys enjoyed this meal plan shopping journey from Walmart our large family grocery haul, and if you have any
questions, leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you
and I will see you next time. Bye.

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  2. I love grocery haul videos! Enjoyed this. I would love it if you checked out some of my videos:) Keep up the good work!

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