Parippu Muringayila Curry || നാടൻ ഒഴിച്ചു കറി || പരിപ്പ് മുരിങ്ങയില ഒഴിച്ചു കറി ||Ep: 730

Parippu Muringayila Curry || നാടൻ ഒഴിച്ചു കറി || പരിപ്പ് മുരിങ്ങയില ഒഴിച്ചു കറി ||Ep: 730

Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. Today I am here with a traditional curry that our mothers make for us. Its made of dal and drumstick leaves. I had shown dal with spinach before. Many had asked to show with drumstick leaves too. I got them recently, so thought I shall show you now. Its a very nostalgic feel. I used to not like it long back. But now I feel I wish I could get those dishes. The leaves you get here comes from Srilanka. But since we get this for now, we make it. All of you do try it out and do let me know your feedback. You do it with the drumstick leaves you get. You can even do the same using Palak. I have not added tamarind to it. I have mentioned the details in the video. So lets see how to make our tasty and traditional dal with drumstick leaves. Now lets begin to make our mothers special dish dal with drumstick leaves. Take a cooker for that. I have taken 3/4th cup of dal and soaked it in water for 30mts. The benefit of soaking is that it gets cooked fast. I always soak and then cook it. Its ok even if you dont. So lets add the washed toor dal to the cooker. Add less than 1/4tsp of turmeric powder to it. Add 1/2tsp chilli powder and salt as needed. Add 1.5 glasses of water to it. Water for the dal to soak in well. Now lets cook it for 1 whistle on medium flame. After it gets cooked we shall add coconut and drumstick leaves I dont cook the leaves along with this. Some add it along with the dal and cook. Do as you like. Now lets cook this on medium flame. Once the whistle has come, off it and wait till all the pressure has gone. There will be cooking time difference in each dal. I always soak my dal for 30mts. I opened it and it is well cooked. We will need little more water. Only if it has gravy, the curry will taste good. You should not add plain water to this again. I am adding 1 glass hot water to this now. It depends on how thick you want the curry. It will thicken as it stays too. I have cleaned and kept a handful of drumstick leaves here. No need for lots of leaves. I have removed maximum stem as possible. We get Srilankan drumstick leaves here. In India you get lots of them. We say you shouldnt use them during rainy season. Chances for stomach upset So have them well at this time. Soak the leaves in turmeri and salt water for a while. After that wash it well and use. Now add the drumstick leaves to this. This is exactly how I did the spinach recipe long back Switch on the flame to medium again and cook it for 5mts. After that we shall grind the coconut and add. I have grinded 4tbsp coconut here. If you want you can add cumin seeds and shallots too. My mother used to not add cumin seeds or shallots to this curry. So even I am not adding. Some add garlic too Add as per your taste. We might find it difficult to change the taste we are used to . I dont like adding cumin seeds or shallots to this. Make sure to grind this well. In many places people add tamarind juice or pulp to the curry. If you want you can add it now. But we dont add tamarind to this. The combination with this is some sour dish. I am making tomato stir fry. It can be made fast and is an excellent combination with this. So I am not adding tamarind to this. If you want it sour, just soak some tamarind and take its pulp and add. Let this boil well now. It has boiled well. Now lets add the grinded coconut to this. You can add 2 pinches of cumin seeds if needed. No need to add more to it. Lets cook it for another 2mts after adding the grinded coconut mix. After that we shall garnish our dish with mustard. Now the dish has boiled well. Its for the raw taste to go. Now lets season it. When I checked the salt and all are perfect. Lets keep this aside now. Heat a small pan to season. I have added 2tbsp of coconut oil to this. When it becomes hot add some mustard seeds and red chillies. I am adding 1/2tsp mustard seeds. Once it splutters, add few red chillies. I have added 4 of them. Add whichever red chillies you have. Now add a strand of curry leaf to it. Make sure the fire alarm doesnt ring. Pour this to the curry. Mix it well and keep it closed. Its for the flavours to fuse with the curry. Now I have opened it. Let me taste it finally. Its a very healthy curry. Its awesome. It reminds me of home. All of you do try it out and let me know your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe, thank you. All are complaining that I am not posting behind the scenes now. Sometimes I post and sometimes I dont. What are you having? Pumpkin without coconut oil. Egg with tomato curry. People will think its the rest of what I had. Its the plate Veena ate. I just added some extra to it and having it. This is our drumstick and dal curry and raw plantain. Frying fish here.

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  1. Same aട my pre pration❤ പക്ഷെ ഞാൻ നാളികേരം കൂടെ വറത്തിടും,,✋ ചമ്മന്തി പുളിയുള്ളത് ഏതായാലും ഇതിന്റെ കൂടെ സൂപ്പറാണ്

  2. Ee Curry vekarundu chechii…but ithu kanumbol nalla bhangi indee…ini ingane undaki nokatte taa😘😘😘…thank you chechii

  3. Njan ennale ee cury vakkumbol manassil vicharichathe ullu,veena ethuvare ee cury post cheythillallo,ennu,sathyam,ennu ee vedio kandappol athbutham thonni😍

  4. Hai chechy sugannno adhiyam thanne thanku so much chechy enik oru vava und 1 vayasu ayyyathe ulllu ennum molku choru kodukan curry undakunna tension annu enik karannam ennu undakunna curry nale koduthal kazhikillla ennum variety currykal vennnam molku urappppayum undakum thanku chechy

  5. Thats my fav..😊 . Veenechi eppozhengilum wheat ada (vaazha ilayail) recipe idane pls… Sending lots of love and happiness your way..❤️❤️❤️

  6. My favourite curry veena…nice to see .jan.enthanu.ela

    Waiting for your vlog

  7. Chechi UmmAl quwain ilk pogarille? Njanghal avide 10varsham undyirunnu avide oruvida villagaliloke und . avidthe mannil murigha nalla pole undavum

  8. നാടൻ കറി 😋😋ഇന്നും സുന്ദരികുട്ടിയായിട്ണ്ടാലോ veenachechi 😍😍 aa black മാല അടിപൊളിയാണേ 😜😜😜black മാലേ.. 😀

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  10. We also prepare like this. We don't add so much parippu but add more muringa ila. Varuthidumbol Randi moonnu ulli arinju mooppichu idum

  11. Our favourite curry … ithupole alla tto undakkaru … ini ith try cheyyanam . veetil orupadund …. ippol niraye muringakka Anu … any way thanks dear …. 😍😍

  12. Hi chechi..njagal pachamanga cherkum puliku vendi..chechide neighbour anuto..edamuttom..keep rocking chechi..👍🏽😎

  13. Hi Veena… ഞാൻ 2 ദിവസം മുമ്പ് ഉണ്ടാക്കിയതേയുള്ളു.. എനിക്ക് നല്ല ഇഷ്ടമുള്ള നടൻ കറി anithu. ഇപ്പൊ ഞാൻ നാട്ടിലാണ് athu കൊണ്ട് ഇതിലൊക്കെ നമുക്കു ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ pattulo.. Bye

  14. utensils and kitchen agane ithrayum clean aayi maintain cheyyan kazhiyunnu..kandal use cheyithathanu parayukaye illa.. enthelum tips indo

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  16. Hii Veena njanum ee curry vekkarundu.. But thengayil jeerakam Cherkkum.. Pinne thalichidumbol cheriya ulliyum Cherkum.. Pinne Veena undakkunna curry njangal vekkunna ade reediyilanu.. Cheriya vyathyasame ulloo.. But ennalum ella episodum mudangade kanum.. Pravasiyaya njangalkku idalle ulloo oru sandosham…

  17. Did you know when your moringa oleifera leaves comes from ,there was rainy season or not?.You migrated in to modern (I think) country, till now you believed in such fairytales.Moringa oleifera leaf is a super food at anytime, no poisonous substance in it at any season,but some wild moringa trees has some bitter alkaloids.We only believe in myths,not scientific reasonings.;

  18. chechi eppom parippum sambarum ittal aarum kanillla. ellarkkum vereity dishes aakkana intrest.chechik views kureyunnathum ath konda . iniyenkilum newgen aaku chechi😘😘

  19. Thanks Veena. I like this Curry and Spanish dal curry with curd it so tasty.God bless you and your family.thanks once again.

  20. Hi വീണ ചേച്ചി…… പഴയ പരിപ്പ് മുരിങ്ങയില കറി. എന്റെ അമ്മ ഉണ്ടാക്കുമായിരുന്നു പണ്ടൊക്കെ. നല്ല taste ആണ്. എന്തായാലും try ചെയ്യാം ട്ടോ. സൂപ്പർ…… വീണ ചേച്ചിയുടെ എല്ലാ വിഡിയോസും ഞാൻ കാണാറുണ്ട്. പക്ഷെ കമന്റ്‌ ഇടുന്നത് ആദ്യായിട്ടാ ട്ടോ. ഒരുവിധം എല്ലാം പരീക്ഷിക്കാറുമുണ്ട്. Any way thank u soo much.

  21. Haii ചേച്ചി സുന്ദരി ആയിട്ടുണ്ട് ഈ സാരി yil. easy റെസിപ്പി എല്ലാർക്കും eppozhum ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ പറ്റുന്നത് thank u chechi

  22. Ma'am my malayali friend and his wife made this recipe with a change that instead of leaves they used drumsticks….., it is so delicious.👍👍👍👍

  23. Njan try cheythu Chechi….Valare nannayitund…..njan vitil try cheyuna ella recipe veena chechiyudeya….ellam 💯 perfect ah… thank you venna chechi…..

  24. Hai ചേച്ചി സുഖമാണോ എനിക്ക് ഇഷ്ടമുള്ള കറിയാണ് സൂപ്പർ 👌👌

  25. Thanks Veena .looking so cute.Mr.Jan natural ayittu kazhichu kanichu kothipikkukayanu😃.I think Mr. Jan put on weight also.

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