People Taste Test Protein Shakes

People Taste Test Protein Shakes

– Protein! (imitates chugging) – Is that what you think of me? (upbeat rock music) – So today is the ultimate
protein shake taste test. – That’s right. We’re gonna try different protein shakes and we’re gonna see which
ones we like the best. – I use protein powder and
you use protein powder. – Totally, look at me. – I throw the shit in a cup,
I drink it, and I get to work. Leggo. (high-energy rock music) – Smells like Nesquick. – Alright.
– Let’s try it. – Cheers.
(speaks in foreign language) If you didn’t tell me
this was a protein shake, I would just legitimately
think this was chocolate milk. – In my opinion, Optimum Nutrition is one of the few brands I have found that is both good quality and good flavor. – Let’s check out what’s
happening already. – We’re getting huge. Whoa, Ricky! – [Ricky] You are buffin’ up man! (laughs) – Gains.
– Ah, yeah, yeah. – Right here, gains. – It’s all about them gains man. (upbeat rock music) – This is vegan protein. – [Bearded Man] Gluten-free. – Gluten Free.
– No sugar added. – That bums you out so
much doesn’t it? (laughs) – It’s so disappointing. – But it smells good. Smells like a berry forest. (table thumps) – Dude, what is happening? – It’s definitely like a meal. It’s pretty heavy. – It’s sticking to my teeth. – This one’s Non-GMO verified. – But I appreciate that there’s a plant-based protein available for people who need something like that. (heavy rock music) – This doesn’t have weed in it, does it? – Please let it have weed in it. – Are we gonna get stoned? – It looks and smells like
crushed up dead leaves. – Can also be stirred
into yogurt or hot cereal and is great for baking. I think this is more for like food mixture than it is a drink concoction.
– Yeah. – Tastes like the earth. – This tastes like there’s
no processing in it. No chemicals. (chuckling)
– Those little grains get kinda stuck in your throat. – [Man] Yeah, it’s all over. – Do you know what I’m talking ’bout? It doesn’t dissolve. – This is like a Bernie Sanders
supporter’s dream come true. (laughing) – A buff Bernie Sanders supporter.
– Yeah. (chuckles) (upbeat ska music) – It is egg-based. – No sugar, that’s good. – I need this one in my life. – I don’t like that it’s made out of egg. That just makes me uncomfortable.
– I like it. It’s like eggnog-ish. – Alright. – A little too eggy. – Yeah, this is fantastic. And this one’s gluten-free, hormone-free, which is great. – This is the recovery drink. Who walk around the gym and
spend 90% of the time looking at themselves in the mirror,
this is what they drink. (heavy metal music) – Ultimate high school bro right here. – This is not a powder. This is a pre-made drink.
– Oh. – Also, Muscle Milk contains no milk. Oh, but it includes milk proteins. – What does that mean? I have no idea. – It’s like chocolate milk, but then like a burst of chemicals. – Did you taste that weird minty after, like a toothpaste? – To me it taste like chocolate chalk and Flinstone Vitamins. – Yeah, it’s like going to McDonald’s. You know what you’re gonna get. – Do you want McDonald’s? – True. (upbeat ska music) – We both like this one the most. – Like I said, it’s one of the ones that I found are good quality and taste not bad.
– Yeah. – I’m glad that they’re
making a big variety of protein shakes out there. I think everybody’s bodies
are different and stuff. – And they’re taste buds are different. Everybody has different
needs in what they like. – Also, you don’t think
everybody should drink protein? – No. – You workout, you should
drink protein, but that’s it. – Yeah, if you have a high activity level and you wanna drink it
as a recovery drink, I think it’s good to supplement with. – So, as far as it comes down to the ultimate protein
powder shake taste test, the winner! – [Bearded Man] Hydro Whey. – Drinking protein makes
me wanna do this now. Ah ha! No! – [Woman] You’re holding it really well. – Ah!

33 thoughts on “People Taste Test Protein Shakes

  1. Optimumnutrition hydro whey :

  2. Im just surprised no ones talking about how link sneaked on the show. Also ppl raging over crossfit on a taste test video.

  3. Wish they did one that was plant based. My new protein powder is such and it’s awful, I had to toss in 5-6 spoonfuls of nesquick in the blender to try to mask the taste. It kinda worked but I was still gritting my teeth as I drank it. There has to be an easier way to get the recommended protein

  4. Dymatize protein powder in my opinion is the best high quality protein. Way better than optimum nutrition. Optimum nutrition protein is 30 bucks and it’s for a reason since it’s so low quality. As for dymatize it’s 70 because it’s high quality.

  5. I use Optimum Nutrtion Hydrowhey. I was pleasantly surprised it was in this video.

    Unlike their regular whey, it is 100% isolate and has 3gs more BCAA per serving. And more protein per serving. Tastes way better.

    Tbh anyone saying they don’t like it hasn’t tried it. It is “platinum” graded for a reason.

  6. I don’t give a f*ck What my protein shakes taste like. As long as it’s less then 200 calories and above 18 grams of protein I’m fine.

  7. I buy muscle milk regularly and drink it like water. Tastes good to me. Banana is mu favorite flavor. ?

  8. In my opinion most protein shakes really do taste awful since they all have that same medicinal chemical taste and I do try my best to go for other alternatives like whole foods, greek yoghurt or cold unfiltered milk instead.

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