Poor Dog Had To Give Up Walking & Eating Due To A Huge Tumor Growing Bigger | Animal in Crisis EP118

Poor Dog Had To Give Up Walking & Eating Due To A Huge Tumor Growing Bigger | Animal in Crisis EP118

A lump grew on the bottom of a Mini Pin dog ‘Miroo’ Before having the lump Miroo used to be outgoing But now… She’s even hard to move because of this big lump Owner : Maybe it was from 3,4 years ago. A small lump started to grow on Miroo’s bottom Before it becomes bigger like this, I used to go to a local hospital tried to let her take medicine and get treated as much as I can But they didn’t find out the cause of this lump In spite of financial difficulty The owner made efforts to treat Miroo However, the lump became bigger and worse Even in recent, she licks the lump and suffers from it Grandma : Miroo, what should I do for you? Yes, okay, alright alright Ah.. you get heat, it’s hot, oh.. I got it.. You have a fever(from the lump).. Miroo, you hurt and have a fever.. When the lump is touched by the owner’s hands Miroo finally feels comfortable Whenever Miroo’s lump gets the heat The owner can just put an ice-bag over the lump for her and that’s it Hope it won’t get bigger any more But it keeps inflating like a balloon How pathetic she is… After Miroo’s temperature is down the owner holds her in he arms and goes out Owner : She hurts and suffers by the lump, so it’s hard to go out for a stroll It’s been a month to go out for a walk But she can’t move even one step ahead It’s even hard for Miroo to take a walk she likes Owner : She used to walk and run away confidently before but now she feels bad and painful, so doesn’t really try to walk Miroo’s physical condition has weakened that she can’t even walk That afternoon It’s time to have a meal but Miroo just sits still Come here, Miroo. Come. Come here, Miroo. Miroo, get some food, hurry What a kind darling you are. My Miroo. Let’s feed some food please Why don’t you eat food. why.. Miroo, huh? Miroo~ Please.. The bigger her lump gets, The less her appetite is When Miroo denies the meal, she has to feed her one by one The worse Miroo hurts, the more she acts like a baby Grandma : Due to the lump, Miroo is exhausted when she eats with a standing position and suddenly drops down, so can’t eat a lot With grannie’s help, she could barely have a meal She has to endure the pain on her own The worse thing that makes Miroo feel pain is… …? Oh my… The lump gets worse and worse… A sore waters from the lump It just looks like being in serious condition Grandma : The lump is cracked like this and all messed up you know severely cracked and split The lump on Miroo’s bottom weighs on the grandma’s mind Grandma : I couldn’t bring her to a large hospital, so feel sorry for poor Miroo and it hurts me whenever I think of her.. With feeling sorry and thankful for each other the grandma and Miroo have relied on together We can’t just watch this suffering no longer The vet visited her house in person How would be Miroo’s condition? Vet : I thought she has only one lump, but after checking there is the unclear part seen. It’s good to treat if the boundary btw the lump and skin is clear, but Since it’s vague, we need a detailed examination Now the additional examination is needed After transferring her to a hospital, a complete medical examination began Vet : This has grown from about 3 years ago and was just left alone so the lump became bigger. So we’re concerned about how to try to remove it If the lump is removed, the skin where the lump was becomes empty too much so quite worried about how we can cover the blank skin spot The lump is able to be removed but the problem is skin! After removing Miroo’s lump need to pull the surrounding tissues and have to get stitches for it The surgery is not that easier than expected Hopefully, she can endure well The surgery began And Grandma also began to wait for her Praying for Miroo to recover her health.. At the end of the long surgery Finally, the lump is removed Miroo went through well while having the tough surgery… Grandma keeps crying because of feeling sorry As if she looks for the grannie, Mirro raises her head Vet : Grandmother, Miroo’s surgery went well Grandma : Thank you thank you thanks a lot for saving her Appreciate all the things sincerely Sore memories passing like a flash Vet : Surgery went well and the spot where she had surgery is also normally seen now so don’t worry too much. It’s all good Due to thankfulness tears are endlessly flowing Grandma : Miroo, you went through a lot :'(( Grandma : Since you saved Miroo, from now on I will take care of her well so that Miroo doesn’t get sick and is healthy. Thank you so much with all my heart Now to Miroo and grannie, There will be only lovely and happy days left from now…♥

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  1. Trés touchant ca brise mon coeur vraímment, que Dieu vous bénis.
    Meme il n'ya pas d'introduction pour bien conprendre ce qui ce passe, mai ca ce voie que ce pauvre chien soufre d'un tumeur.
    Grasse a Dieux et avec le grand amour de cet formidable dame et meme a l'aide de veterinaire le chien va recupérer sa santé.
    Grand merci a tous.

  2. Get well soon Baby Miroo.. stay strong and Thank You Grannie for loving and taking good care of them.. to the veterinarian thank you for helping miroo for the successful operation..🐾💕🙏

  3. Granie loves miroo so much same both are having true love thanq for helpers and doctors who save miroo.Jesus will help u all in every aspect praise the lord

  4. Я очень рада что есть добрые люли как вы, которые спасают четвероногих. Я хочу что бы сегодня стало намного больше добрых людей на всём белом свете.

  5. Besides her financial difficulties she is doing much more than some people do with all the money they have. Thank you kilter family for providing medical assistance for the dog and financial support. Also thank you to all the doctors who took care of this dog.♥️

  6. Is this why they have so many diseases over there you notice this doctor did not have gloves on plastic gloves you know the germs has got to get under their fingernails this is disgusting and Despicable should know better

  7. Get well, and recover from the operation.🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕.English subtitles , would be better on you tube.Grandma crying for her bubba puppy.

  8. اللهم ارزق كل عقيم زريه صالحه يارب العالمين وارزقني يارحم راحمين اللهم أمين يارب العالمين

  9. I can understand that this do is much loved but why wait so long, this poor dog should of been seen at the vets way before it got this bad. (It's still animal cruelty), Miroo needs to see vet and get this lumped looked at , looks like some kind of tumour and the poor dog is obviously suffering with fever and even things like walking and going to toilet. Thank God lady finally seeks help for her beloved dog.

  10. Muy satisfecho,desafortunadamente me es imposible poderles brindar una ayuda pues no cuento con un trabajo y mi situación económica no es la mejor. De todas maneras felicitaciones por hacer una obra tan linda como es la de velar por estos hermosos animales GRACIAS

  11. So did the dog recover and get back to good health? He obviously had the surgery but we don’t know the outcome. Can you give us a follow up please.

  12. ต่อจากนี้..ลูกจะไม่เจ็บแล้วน่ะ..คุณยายรักลูกมากจริงๆน่ะ

  13. So ein liebevoller und guter Arzt und so eine liebe Oma die sich so gut um den armen Hund gekümmert haben. Das finde ich so toll! Ich musste ganz schön weinen, wie ich das gesehen habe! 😓
    Gott sei Dank gibt es auch noch gute Menschen, die voller Liebe und Mitgefühl sind! Gott segne sie! 🌹

  14. im crying it's very sad to see all the pets harms
    reminder: please take good care of your pets please u will never know what harmful things might
    happen to them so please take care of them please


  16. Poor beby pobrecito adorable 😭😭😭😭😭😭🐕🐕💖💖💖😛🥰🥰💝😍💛💘💘💘💋🤗🤗😹😹😻😻😱😱😱😱😱😊😊🙏🙏🧡😘😘🥰🥰🥰

  17. Operación vendrá bien poor bebys pobrecito adorable lovely veterinario ayude esta mujer woman perrito Dog operación porfavor ayuda su aplicamos veterinario ayude 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😻😻😱😱😊🙏🙏🙏🧡😘😘😘🥰🥰😹🤗🤗💋💘💛😍😍💝💝🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  18. Qui AMOR 💞🐶 chorei qui lindo d ver este cuidado muito amor envolvido🐶🧝🏼‍♀️ qui ele si recupere logo. 😍🐶

  19. Мне очень нравится эта передача как ветеринары делают все возможное чтобы спасти и вылечить животное. Если бы врачи так же бы относились к людям то смертности было меньше. Ведь для этого есть всё, но человеческая жизнь для них ничто.

  20. Poor little mini pin looks so sad. Please take it to the vets for treatment. Ah bless her she did, poor baby ,hope she recovers well. The lady loves her dogs so much. The vets were amazing.

  21. This was a caring doctor he gave her charitable work here in the United States no insurance no money they will put your dog down for free but they will not operate or do anything free they are money hungry American veterinarians here in the United States it's so disgusting I went everywhere and they would not help me with my little dog being a senior citizen and poor they would not help me no money no surgery he had a bladder stone and the son of a b**** we're giving a medical Hand by God and they refused to help me free to remove that from my puppy and saving instead they put him to sleep forever free God's hands going to come down on these veterinarians in the United States he knows who they are they're greedy bastards here they're not like they are overseas just like this doctor that helped grandma God will bless him and here we are in the richest country in the world the son of a b**** won't give you one lick of charity when you're in need for your animal animal insurance is too expensive for the elderly and the poor.

  22. … Бедные животиночки !!!..На их долю тоже выпадают страдания , и только человек может помочь им преодолеть всё , благодаря своей любви и хорошему отношению к братьям нашим меньшим ..Огромное человеческое спасибо профессионалам – врачам , помогающим избавится от недуга и дарящим вторую жизнь Божьему созданию …

  23. Que este Médico Veterinário seja muito abençoado e protegido em sua caminhada. Que a Vovó e Miro sejam muito felizes támbem! ♥️🐾🐕🐈

  24. Добрейшей души женщина. Страдает вместе со своей больной собачкой. Пусть она поправиться и принесет много радости своей сердечной хозяйке!

  25. At first I was like oh what calm mini pins then I saw her house. Yep. Mini pins. My pin chewed the house once. She's chewed couch cushions and my futon cushions but all the other furniture she didnt touch. She mainly chews fabrics.
    Hopefully the pins booty is ok. My pins best feature is her brown whorls on her butt.

  26. Собачка страдала из за этого комка. Хорошо, что ей удалили его. Теперь у неё все хорошо, хозяйка позаботится о ней.

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