Pringles Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate – Limited Edition Chips Review

Pringles Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate – Limited Edition Chips Review

Today on Food Snot we are going to be
reviewing the new Pringles Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel. It’s time
for Food Snot. Hi, I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot, so guys were here today and I’m here with my lovely wife Renae and today we’re going to be looking at these
Pringles. I gotta be honest I have been dreading trying these Pringles forever
because the thought of eating milk chocolate or a salted caramel pringle
makes me sick to my groin .. Yum .. Renae on the other hand is totally into that so
she’s gonna like these I have a feeling here we go can I open the salted caramel first? How come these are so much lighter? You ate them! They were so good. You’re not supposed to eat them until we do the review. I know but they were so good. I don’t know if you know this Renee but
Pringles the original Pringles that first came out were actually made by the Keebler Elves. Did you make that up? Yeah I make everything up. Alright so we’re going to bust into these. We’re gonna try the salted caramel ones or at least I’m going to try them you’ve already tried them. and see what they taste like so here we go. there’s only crumbs left. Here have some crumbs. thank you. Are you going to wait for me? No. Obviously not! These are your favorite Pringles ever? Let’s go in for a taste test here salted caramel Pringles I’ve never had a sweet Pringle, it’s gonna make me sick ok so obviously you’ve already said you
loved them so do you have anything else to say about them? I think that says it all. I hated them. Here you go. I
know that you like these sweet kind of things. but those were .. they just don’t do it for me. I’m biased right from the start. I’m gonna try the milk chocolate ones now and obviously Renae you didn’t like these as much cuz you only ate about an inch and a half or two inches of them. It tasted like they took a Pringle and just sprinkled cocoa powder on it. It wasn’t as good. Well you’re going to have to try it anyway. Fake it and pretend it’s the first time you’ve eaten it. Nope, those are worse than the salted caramel. Get them away from me. Those are disgusting. It’s like they took normal salty Pringles and
sprinkled a little bit of hershey’s baking powder on them and maybe a little bit of
sugar or Splenda they’re nasty! You doing duck lips. “quack quack” I wouldn’t even do duck lips with these. They are not even worth duck lips because then you have to like put them in your mouth. Disgusting. End of Pringle review. I’m done and I like Pringles. I love food that kills you
prematurely but these Pringles disgusting — these Pringles — even more
disgusting. Somebody’s in love with the Pringles. So obviously I don’t like these
enough to dance Renae. do you like them enough to dance? Do you like these enough to have a song for Pringles? Yes and disclaimer I only made a song maybe three times in my
life for food and I do love these enough to make a song. (singing) oh salted caramel pringles.. you’re my favorite pringles. CUT we get a thumbs down from me and a thumbs-up from Renae. Ummm Pringles just stick to the normal ones stop trying to mess with the sweet ones okay? Let me
know what you guys think of these crazy Pringles in the comments below. Do you like them .. do you hate them? Quack Quack Quack Quack — Thanks for joining us for Food Snot. We will be back again soon and Renae any closing thoughts or comments? thank you and if you guys want to get on our email
list because we are sending super secret videos just to people on our email list. Go to and submit your email address we won’t spam you will just send you uncut
secret super videos for you to enjoy Renae thanks for joining me. You’re welcome. And we will see you guys next time. So long.

83 thoughts on “Pringles Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate – Limited Edition Chips Review

  1. hahahahahahaha.. i reviewed the milk and white chocolate ones last year and did not like either.. ugh…… Renae chugging them! lol great job guy – and GIRL! ~

  2. I can only eat these with the curl down ~ kinda like I only put the toilet paper on the roll with the paper hanging over the top!

  3. I'm not gonna try them, I already know I won't gonna like them. I just love your reviews, they're really hilarious hahahaha

  4. You ate them all! How will I ever know?

    Review suggestion: How about Jake & Amos Pickled Beets?

  5. Saw these the other day!! they're not covered they are dusted so i wasn't sure if i wanted to review them or not…. i may still review these for ya lol i feel like i might like them lol

  6. I have not seen those two Pringles before I'd give em a try if someone paid me to do it. Yep – 5 bucks and I'd eat em. If I could find em. And for 10 dollars more I'd lie and say I love em!

  7. Tom: "Sick to my groin"
    Renae: "Yum"

    Lord have mercy….
    On a lighter note, how much weight have you lost? You look fabulous!!

  8. I might try the caramel ones..maybe. Here in the MidWest..sweetened things are quite popular..Kettle Corn(popcorn swirled around in a huge kettle of sugar and corn syrup to glaze it) is a big deal at local events. I like unadulterated chips..but ..we'll see.

  9. Renae is so pretty! And pretty women are good at selling things. I think I might at least try the salted caramel pringles. 🙂

  10. When I was a kid, I loved regular and barbecued chips. When Salt and vinegar became the fad, I was all into it and then finally Dill Pickle and I was addicted …… Next after that it was ketchup and it all went downhill from there for me.

  11. I have never heard of them until now.  I would probably not buy them.  Do they still just make potato chips any more?

  12. These surely don't exist… Like your male pattern baldness. You made up a label, cut it out and stuff it on! Yes?

  13. I saw these and thought….. I'll wait to see what Tom thinks. "NASTY!" lol I just am not into the sweet taters…. not my thing, but much like yours… the Mrs. does. She loves it. So…. this will be a stocking stuffer for my wife… because A) I am cheap and B) I won't have to review it.

  14. I noticed holiday Pringles. I might try the chocolate holiday in a shake. The chocolate caramel might also be good in a shake.

  15. I love Pringles Tom, and you know what, i actually ate two whole tubs of them straight once, and washed them down with two liters of coke lol, oh such healthy food i eat (smile) cheers mate, a great share ★★★★★… Carl

  16. Good review though I was kinda hoping you'd try layering the two flavors. a caramel one sandwiched between 2 chocolate ones must be exactly like a milky way, right? RIGHT?

  17. I can't tell you how hard it is to resist boxes of things waiting to review LOL Looks like Renee was digging those Pringles. Coco powder Pringles…no thanks. Those are some strange flavoured Pringles. I predict that that song won't go gold.

  18. awesome review. we have been looking everywhere for these. they have some other holiday flavors too. we started a food taste testing on Fridays now. the kids had a lot of fun with the first one so we are going to keep it going for a while and see how kids that watch us like it but we love opening the

  19. Oh I'm to straight in my chip taste I guess 🙂   :(((((( Chocolate chip Yes ! But no chocolate and chip ! LOL…   Renae has weird taste… talking about food of course LOL…  Salt Caramel crisp  and Chocolate milk chip = NO DANCE for me either… :))) Awesome review ! ♥

  20. Great vid guys. Not my sort of snack either. I either want something sweet or something savoury. Don't try to combine the 2

  21. LOL, you two are so funny. I like some of the other Pringles, but those sound strange. May have to try the Salted Carrmel.

  22. I like salted caramel stuff ,you know like real….. the original pringles were designed on a computer for the best shaped chip back in the olden days

  23. You two are the best team! Great sense of humor! Love that she ate them all and the song….. so fun! PLUS I love the hat! Too cute!

  24. aha you ate them ! (they were so good) the blondes are more clever than we thought …
    thumbs UP for both of you naturally , this was hilarious

  25. DUCK LIPS ???!!!!! LOLOL!!! that was awesome !! but I have to say ….. chips should be salty….mmmmmm….salty chips….. !!!!

  26. I don't think Renae really cares what you think of the Salted Caramel Pringles Tom lol! I usually will go for anything that is chocolate or salted caramel. Happy Weekend to you both.

  27. I read somewhere that the Pringle-making process was invented by a science fiction writer (Gene Wolfe, author of The Book of the New Sun) but those flavors sound pretty science-fictiony to me! Awesome review, Tom — I've loved you guys ever since I discovered Funny Stuff and Cheese on my Roku. Keep up the good work!

  28. Really glad to see that you get a regular fan base watching your videos, I really enjoy your reviews as well. Renae is a great addition to the show!

  29. I like pringles, but these ones sound a bit disgusting, lol. Even though, i guess as they say, don't knock it before you try it…

  30. I tried these a few week ago. I thought they were weird and pointless. I wouldn't say they were disgusting but they weren't special and seemed like a waste of calories.

  31. How dafuq did you get her? your relationship (if real pfsshhhh!) looks like the one between penny and leonard. Well, well done.

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