Quick & Easy Lentil Recipe | High Protein, Low Fat, & Vegan | Dr Mona Vand

Quick & Easy Lentil Recipe | High Protein, Low Fat, & Vegan | Dr Mona Vand

all right I’m literally making the
fastest video this would help explain instead of just writing a blog post
these are the lentils that I posted on Instagram so what I did was soak them in
the pot that I’m going to use overnight I measured out the exact amount of
lentils that I need now some of you were asking if I’m gonna change the water
sometimes I don’t I’m busy it is better to change the
water because you’re soaking them and you want to just get some nice fresh
water in there to boil them after so I’m not even gonna make a fuss out of this
and literally just gonna use this as my strainer and just kind of dump out the
water I lose a little lentils but not that big of a deal that’s what I love
about cooking lentils and quinoa is that it’s no crazy measurements it’s nothing
you have to stress over these are just big bulk ingredients that can go with
anything I’m really not that great at measuring specific things and really
exact recipes this is more my style of cooking as long as its whole clean foods
then that’s what I like so here are the lentils now this is a one cup and I’m
going to do two cups of water for one cup of lentils measuring cup lets measure out… one cup two cups and.. two cups so that’s just perfect
you can see it’s just covering it a little bit as my mom used to do in
Persian culture they say put it to your third knuckle that’s how far the water
should be that’s a little too general for me so one cup of lentils two cups of
water now I’m just gonna put this on the stove Alright now we’re at the stove boiling it as soon as it gets to a boil I’m going to reduce the heat to simmer and then cook about 30 or 40
minutes just until they get tender you can just feel the texture of the lentils
and that’s it I can go about whatever else I’m doing I can get a quick workout
in I can keep working which is probably what I’ll do is keep writing this blog
post and then just come back to it and that’s why I love cooking bulk
ingredients like this it’s so easy you’re getting whole real foods this
will last me three or four days if I want I want it cold or warm so that’s it! got about six minutes to go I’m just
chilling here watching TV easy peasy!! right so that’s it it actually only took
20 minutes and I think next time I’ll cook them for 15 minutes and then check
these are really really soft and if you can tell from the video but just to let
you guys know one of the reasons I love the cooking lentils is because they’re
just such a great source of vegan protein you know sometimes when you’re
vegan or plant-based it’s hard to find protein that’s not you know soy free and
non-gmo and not processed so lentils are amazing for that they’re also really
great fiber source they have a lot of iron another really great plus their
because sometimes it’s hard to make sure you’re getting enough iron when you’re
not eating meat you know just so really good protein fiber iron really good
beauty food has a good amount of vitamin K vitamin C and you can eat these cold
or hot I keep them in the fridge I honestly mix it up I love putting them
with cucumber and tomato and some like just crumbled cauliflower it’s lemon
juice that’s amazing sometimes I can cook a little stew and pour that over it
and eat them warm whatever you want to do this is something I’d recommend you
know so whatever you want to do this is something I’d recommend cooking like
once a week and just really incorporating it into your diet for an
amazing beauty food

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  1. Hello dr Mona , what kind of cookware do you use? I herd that cast iron, stainless steel and glass are the safest… what do you think about that?

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