8 thoughts on “Recipe of the Day: Tyler’s 5-Star Chicken Marsala | Food Network

  1. Notice you dont give amount of seasoning, temperatures for heat and especially the Marsala wine Dry of Sweet and it must be quality. This cost a fortune to try so give us the important information.

  2. 5-7 minutes each side???? It’s already been cut in half and pounded it .. it’s thin enough to where 2- 2-1/2 minutes each side will cook it plenty . 5 -7 minutes will dry out your chicken big time

  3. So I tried this tonight. I would never fault a chef's recipe because I made it and it wasn't superb. However, when trying to think about what exactly I didn't like, I think it was the prosciutto. I felt like that gave the sauce a strange flavor that didn't meld well with the marsala wine. I think I will try this again and skip the prosciutto and maybe increase ratio of wine to chicken stock (in other words, more wine, less chicken stock).

  4. Weak recipe. No garlic, no parsley, or sage, and the most important no heavy cream ??? My marsala recipe has been bought off of me before !

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