Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

100 thoughts on “Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

  1. People dont realise the feeling you get from harvesting a live animal. As a hunter myself i can say that anyone who eats meat on a regular basis should do this at least once. It's a very eye opening experience that's almost a transcendent one. I garuntee these lamb lived a better life life than 99% of any wild game out there and died in a much more friendly and painless way than 99% of wild game.

  2. Not to call ya out because i love you and you’re a fellow Nb’er but Fredericton is actually the capital of New Brunswick.

  3. This is what I love about him. He has such immense respect for what it means to eat meat. He understands that something has to die for people to
    Eat. Pretty awesome to see.

  4. its one of those things i have seen a lot of people struggle with, If you cant kill an animal then how can you eat meat ????

  5. If you want to make kill an animal easier don't eat for a day or 2, and you need to kill the animal to eat. When your starving, you care a lot less about killing the animal.

  6. They're both married fuck off. Lol you and your family have the most living relationship. Even your mom and aunt laugh at your jokes. Wonderfull

  7. Im Cajun. My ancestors are from Acadia but they got kicked out by the brits and it just so happens that they ended up in southern Louisiana

  8. You can really tell this Sturgeon PHD loves his job he’s practically blowing his load talking about his caviar !

  9. As a french chef I definitely wanna meet a guy like you man ! You're just a fucking awesome dude ! Shoutout to New Brunswick !

  10. : "its no fucking joke" MM , proud of you doing it and me staying through the lamb work. treat our food well and dont waste it world

  11. I know you guys love canada but stop trying to push it with matty.. new brunswick has the worst food i've ever eaten in my life… It's a wasteland hours away driving from anything normal in canada.. new brunswick is the staton island of canada…

  12. Another excellent video from you guys, love Matty's enthusiasm and passion. I do kinda wish the video was exported at a higher bit-rate though, quite a lot of tearing and fragmenting on the close ups

  13. I know im late to this episode but that look on your face when you bled the lamb got in my feels bro. My father in law passed several years ago and they slaughtered a pig on his ranch in Mexico. The farmer that killed the pig had the same look on his face. Respect bro. love your videos.

  14. Matty did not like the caviar!!
    When someone asks how does it taste and someone doesnt immediately say "good" its bad.
    Matty was like oh…more?
    I can see how much love you put into this..must have tasted like shit to him

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