San Francisco Cheap Eats: Local Guide For Foods Under $10

hey guys welcome back to the fearless
potato if you didn’t know San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to
live in in the US but today we’ll share five of our favorite local cheap eats follow
us as we show you a sampling of the city’s diverse food culture with some
local tips tricks and bonus spots along the way let’s go our first spot is dim
sum or what’s let me describe as Chinese tapas a good Mong Kok bakery where
everything on the menu is pretty much under $3 its cash only so don’t forget
to head up the ATM on the way to the park is located in Russian Hill at the
end of Vallejo Street there are several benches where you can sit and enjoy the
beautiful greenery or cityscape now back to the food so apparently we got the last one of the
day yeah definitely go early because they always sell out well I got that
last one I was so lucky sticky rice or glutinous rice is one of our childhood
favorites it’s steamed in a lotus leaf keeping the rice soft and moist while
adding a fragrant tea like flavor Chinese sausage our next pick is Golden Boy Pizza which
has been located in North Beach since 1978 they seem to always have a line no
matter day or night and our popular spot for a late night snack as they’re open
until 12 a.m. and sometimes even later we’ve got the famous clam and garlic
pizza to go choosing to eat it at Washington Square one of the city’s
first ever parks and is located in front of saints peter and paul’s church the
pizza is a twist on the Sicilian style by using a focaccia crust
it was super crispy on the bottom with fluffy Center although I don’t normally
enjoy pizza crust this has definitely been the exception looking for a classic
hole in the wall complete with sassy grandma’s serving up Burmese staples look
no further than Yamo tea leaf salad as the SF favorite and as a spicy mix of
fermented tea leaves nuts seeds and mixed greens
their garlic noodles are another classic must with super thick egg noodles topped
with tender braised beef although you could get chicken or tofu while the dish
was prepared in a simplistic manner it was super flavorful I said chili oil like makes the whole
world our next stop is hai ky located in the
Tenderloin go during lunch or take an uber lift if you’re not familiar with
the area a tenderloin is one of the less glamorous neighborhoods in the city it’s already has our song the only thing
I’m really adding is despite this because I just love these and indeed
it’s already marinated – it’s fine if you would as it is a blogger from Hai Ky is saigon
sandwich which is also our top favorite value pick they each have carrots jalapenos onions fancy ham some roast pork here and and on each side they have pate and
it all wrapped up in a freshly baked baguette oh fancy ham is a pork meatloaf Yeah right huge so It literally bigger than my face the place is small so the time you
just grab and go so you can walk down the street to the
Civic Center we’re at the place called The Market
its basically like a wholefoods you can groceries and food
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