Satellite dish solar cooker – cooking a hamburger.

Satellite dish solar cooker – cooking a hamburger.

Hi everybody and thanks for stopping by for
another episode of Bernardo’s Tech Blog. A few months ago I made a video showing
how to convert a satellite dish into a parabolic solar cooker and in that video I promised that I’d make another video
to demonstrate the use of this and so that’s what I’m
gonna do today. Now, the first thing I want to show you is this little
contraption I made here that allows me to hang a cooking
vessel in the focal point of the parabolic solar oven. That’s something I hadn’t
finished up at the time I made the other video so I’m going to go into detail of what I did
there. The first thing I did was find a
stick that fits perfectly in this little aluminum channel here that
was part of the dish and then I drilled a bunch of
holes in it that allowed me to adjust it up and down as much as I want. There happen to be a hole already drilled in this
aluminum channel here so I was able to put a .. just drop a nail in that hole and put it through one the holes in the
stick to adjust it up or down. Now on the top you can see here I have a hook that I put on the end and I have a chain that goes down to the cooking vessel. Now this is just an ordinary one-quart
pan that I got at Wal-mart. I selected it for a couple of reasons: first, because it’s a one-quart pan
that means it is pretty small I knew going into this project that this
is a pretty small dish for a parabolic solar cooker so I know that I won’t be able to
do a lot of food at one time and so for that reason I want a small pan. The other thing is I don’t wanna block a
lot of the sun because, since I have a small dish obviously I don’t wanna… I want as much surface area
reflecting back to the pan as possible. So for this kind of dish a one-quart pan
seems like the obvious choice. The other thing is, I wanted
something that was pretty lightweight this pan is pretty lightweight and that
makes so it can heat up rather quickly. The other thing that led me to buy this one
is that it is stainless steel. I’ve never been a fan of that teflon coating.
It seems like after you use it for a while it starts to flake and you wonder what exactly is ending up in your food.
So I got a stainless steel one. There was only one problem with it –
actually two problems: one problem was it was silver and so I used some flat black paint to paint it the same type of paint you would use to paint a
charcoal grill and I just sanded it lightly before I painted
it in hopes that it would help the paint stick a little better and the reason I painted it of course is that
black absorbs heat and so I’m hopeful that that will help the efficiency of the oven a little bit. The other problem this little
pan had is that it had no handle that I could use to hang it from the chain I have here so I was able to improvise with a coat hanger to
allow me to hang this on the chain. I also made the chain long enough
that I can adjust it up and down just by changing it to another link and I have plenty left over there so
I can adjust it as far up or down as I need to get it
exactly in the focal point Alright, I think I’m going to go ahead
and give this a try. i have it oriented so it’s in the focal
point As you notice, I’m not even using the
chain Here on the fourth of July with the
sun almost directly overhead it turns out that I cannot use the chain to get it
over the focal point so I’m gonna have to do it this way and see if i can make it
work. I have a hamburger here that I’m gonna try to
cook for you today so let’s see what happens. A little cooking spray to make sure it doesn’t.. nothing sticks and I’m gonna go ahead and put this in. It sounds like something is happening. go ahead and cover it up and see what happens. Alright, it’s been about twenty minutes and there’s
been a few passing clouds but I think this is pretty much done. Alright, I think I’ve learned a few things today first of all I think I’m satisfied with the
performance of the oven and I realize that I was only cooking something for one person but I think, based on the size of the
dish this is probably what I can expect. What I didn’t like is the way I had arranged to
mount the pan. I don’t think that’s going to work too well. I don’t
like the pan being at an angle like that so I’m going to rig up some sort of a tripod and just hang the pan from that and hopefully have a full range of movement so I can put it
exactly where I want it and have it level as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a video of whatever
solution I come up with. Thanks for watching today’s video, and I’ll
see you next time!

25 thoughts on “Satellite dish solar cooker – cooking a hamburger.

  1. That is actually a great idea – it would solve the problem. Today I tried using a tripod solution and I really like that as well. I have a video coming later today or tomorrow that shows what I did today.

  2. Does anybody knows anything about the disadvantages of the solar cooking?
    I heard something like, placing the food on a such high level of sun rays, makes the food potential cancerogenous material, because of the high UV level?

    Anybody can tell me more?

  3. I haven't heard of anything like that, but that's not saying it isn't possible. Does anybody out there know anything about this?

  4. lol.. you had me going there for a minute. Yeah, I know what you mean about the paranoia about food. For every kind of food, you can find a website that claims it is bad for you. Except something raw and organic, of course. That's why I eat my steak completely raw – if I were to cook it, I would be cooking out all the nutrients. 😉

  5. Hello, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Riboflavin are all light sensitive. They all break down in the suns rays. For this reason some have recommended that solar cooking be done with an opaque lid to keep the nutrition in the food. It depends on how long it will be in the sunlight though. For instance, a gallon of milk can loose 80% of its riboflavin when exposed to bright light for 2 hours. If the cooking is quick you shouldn't loose that much.

  6. your worried about teflon toxicity in your food than you spray a toxic coating of synthetic man made chemicals to make sure it doesn't stick lol

  7. After many years of off and on solar experimentation, I believe that in some cases, it's pointless to paint your cooking utensils black. The concentrated focus of the sun onto the pan heats the pan immediately and keeps on heating. Sure, a shiny surface can reflect some of the sun's rays but I don't think it's enough to worry about. And the energy is free anyway.

  8. I think you should be more worried about your illiteracy. And cooking sprays aren't necessarily "man-made", they're a combination of vegetable or other oils and other naturally occurring (but processed) ingredients.

  9. Most canola, corn and soy is genetically modified therefore synthetic and yes it's toxic plus the fda allows certain chemicals to not be listed, also canola oil becomes even more oxidized while sprayed rendering it more toxic and any canola oil or polyunsaturated oil used for cooking burns easy also rendering it more of a threat to our health, if you want healthy and high smoke point go for beef tallow.

  10. How big is the focal point on your pan I have been testing mine out at different sizes but I can't boil water yet

  11. if u use a oval satellite dish the focal point is much father apart from the center(u could hang the pot away form the center with out disturbing the direct sun rays because the focal point is to a side)

  12. I see that one fellow used a swivel chair (with seat removed) to set  his satellite dish on, than the dish as be adjusted easily to follow the sun. He used a tripod to hold the cooking vessel

  13. You are awesome… it….thanks so much….can't wait to see what you are going to cook next …wow impressive.

  14. OMG use the Clark Belt for nighttime cooking Microwaves bombard us from the Satellites you can use it for cooking. Think of what that is doing to Us!!

  15. Used this in my science class for solar energy and got a A- because he really liked the video so thank you from saving me from failing

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