Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad

Hi, I’m Janae Devika and welcome to Café Janae. Have you ever wondered what you can do with seaweed? Well, most people haven’t wondered that, but there’s a fabulous salad you can make. It’s not your typical iceberg, cucumber and ranch dressing salad and it’s full of vital nutrients, an it’s an organic source of iodine, it’s really, really great for you. I went to a Japanese Restaurant and I ordered this once and it was so beautiful and it was so delicious that I had to go home and try to recreate it, so I hope you enjoy my recreation of seaweed salad. So what, were going to start out with is dried seaweed. It comes in a package you can find it in any Asian store and it’s just kind a like dried crunchy green stuff, ask the people in your store and they will show you the way. And if they don’t have seaweed salad mix, just get with Wakame and that works just as well. So, you put it on a bowl, the bag I had was a 3.5 ounce bag. I used half of that, I put it on the bowl then covered it with water for 10 minutes and soaked it. You can use room temperature water or cold water and just let it soak. Now this has been soaking for 10 minutes, so its ready to use, but in the mean time, we will make the dressing for the seaweed salad. Right here we have toasted sesame oil. Now there are 2 kinds of sesame oil, one kind is just regular pressed sesame seeds that the oil comes out of. It has a very mild flavor. It doesn’t taste like anything or you can get the toasted sesame seeds that have a really have a pungent flavor that is really distinct for Chinese and Japanese food. So, make sure you use the toasted sesame oil. That’s what will give it the signature flavor. Then we have 1 tbsp. of Agave or honey, whatever your sweetener of choice is for natural sweeteners, so that the sesame oil can give it the savory flavor and the honey will give the sweet flavor. Then we have a natural soy sauce, which is called Tamari, if you get regular soy sauce, it’s been highly processed and hasn’t been naturally fermented. Tamari has been fermented naturally, it’s wheat free so its good for you, also you can get low sodium variety and it doesn’t have MSG or any of the other chemical or preservatives that a normal soy sauce has – so that’s better for you, that gives you a salty flavor and then we have vinegar. If you are a hardcore Japanese food person you will want to use rice vinegar but I used raw apple cider vinegar because for me it has much more health benefits and the taste difference is minimal in this recipe, so either rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar, 3 tablespoons to a quarter cup of that. And then were going to use a tsp of fresh ginger, grated and that’s it. And let’s blend it and make some sauce for this… smells awesome. Alright, now in order to make the seaweed salad we’ve got to drain it, so I just drain it by hand, see its been soaked for 10 minutes, you just squeeze the water out of it, make sure you did it as dry as possible. One of my pet peeves is when you have some delicious salad or dish that has sauce on it and then at the bottom theirs like a puddle of water, so make sure to get out the water, squeeze it really dry and then you will be able to taste the sauce, it wont be diluted, and lets drain it out that way as well. I really like to get on my hands in my food, its fun to play with my food, put your hand in there and you know specially with seaweeds, its kind the soft and squishy and its just a fun texture to play with so if you have kids, then you’ll like cooking with your kids this is really great way to get them involve in cooking and they really like to get their hands in it and be part of the cooking adventure. Alright that’s going to be good for now. Now, presentation is a big deal, like I said, I got this idea at the Japanese Restaurant I went to and they presented it like this and I love it, just looking at it made me glad that I bought it, even if it hadn’t tasted good, it was so pretty that I was glad that I bought it. So the dressing, just goes on the seaweed, like so, if you like simple it there to, the flavor is so really marinating and the seaweeds soaked up the flavor of the sauce so… have you missed the day after you make it, its going to be very delicious as well, so incorporate that into the seaweed and then were going to, for the base of the salad were going to use Dikon. Dikon is a member of a radish family and it looks like a really long fat, white carrot. You might have to ask your grocery store produced guy where to get it, most regular grocery store have it, then you can shred it on a grater or you can spiral slice it , if you have spiral slicer, that will makes look a little more pretty. Now on top of the dikon, were going to scoop some of seaweed salad mixture, then make sure you get some of the extra sauce in there because It will soaked down into dikon and flavor the dikon as well. Doesn’t this looks like parfait? You’ve got a white layer on the bottom of the parfait and then a green layer on the top and the good about this particular seaweed salad mix is its got a lot of color, its got white and red and dark green, light green and so its really colorful and beautiful this way and on the top we’ll garnish it with sesame seeds. Were going to use the brown sesame seeds first – now most people just get the regular white sesame seeds, which is great, they’re high in calcium and lots of other vitamins and minerals. However if you use the brown sesame seeds they are like fifteen times higher in calcium and so you got lot of bung at your back with brown sesame seeds and the taste is a little bit of a strong taste but the nutrition content is a lot higher and its cool to use a product that’s more natural and less refined, will also have black sesame seeds were going to put on top for that, and I just think black sesame seeds are cool because most people have never seen this before and we’ve got some green onion and scallion to put on top of your little parfait, how great is that? And now finish it up with lemon garnish, there you go… seaweed salad, its beautiful, its delicious, its totally great for you. Natural source of iodine and I hope you try it and I hope you love it. Thanks for joining me for another episode of Café Janae, I hope you enjoy this recipe and I have lots more that you can try out, all of these recipes are easy, they are inexpensive and you can make it in 10 minutes or less, so theirs no really excuse for not eating healthy. Follow me on Facebook or check out my website on, you can sign up for my news letter, get more free recipes or you can just follow me on this channel Café Janae. I will be posting lots more recipes for you to enjoy. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

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  1. I am pregnant and seriously dieing inside because I could eat sushi morning, noon and night. But it's not good for me to have raw fish right now. Sigh. One of my very favorite things is Seaweed salad. So thank you for this very informative video. I'm craving this so bad, I'm actually drooling thinking about the sesame dressing. I'm going to make this ASAP.

  2. If you've ever seen the way sushi is prepared, you wouldn't eat it so often. They use too much sugar and salt in it. vinegar often boosts your tastes excessively, but you must refrain from eating too much sushi.

  3. I can't see the quality of the rehydrated wakame over refrigerated fresh or frozen. I'm very skeptical of quality of the wakame.

  4. lol no thanks ill probably just mess everything up. besides i can get that delicious mofos at costco hahahahahavsmz FUCKING DELISIO

  5. It would have been helpful if you had shown a package of the seaweed because at the Asian store there are a lot of different kinds.

  6. Your recipe has great ingredients however, you get lost in the explanation of them and forget to give amounts used.

  7. I practically clear the shelves at my local Asian market. (my best friends from birth were all Korean) I never leave the store with some seaweed salad. so thank you for the recipe

  8. Honestly did anyone else notice her saying, " um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um" after almost every single sentence….

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