Simple Meal Plans for a Bachelor : Bachelor Meal Plans: Easy Lunches

Brown bagging your lunch can be healthy. Hi,
I’m Alexa Sparkman, and we’re going to talk about a few tips, to spice up those brown
bag lunches. First of all, when you’re making a sandwich, which is pretty typical for a
brown bag lunch, consider using whole grain breads, 100 % whole wheat, or make sure the
first ingredient says whole grain. Another thing you might want to consider doing, is
adding something besides iceberg lettuce. My favorite is fresh baby spring greens. It
really makes a difference in nutritional value, of a sandwich, when you use dark green leafy
vegetables. Add a few tomatoes, you’re good to go. Another easy idea, is to consider using
leftovers from your meal the night before. Pack it in a microwave safe container, pop
it in to your thermos bag, with a little frozen ice pack, and you’re good to go. With any
lunch, don’t forget the fruit. It adds extra nutrients to the meal, that are really important,
to get you through the day. I’m Alexa Sparkman, until next time.

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