Snooki’s Italian Dinner Secrets ft. The Situation | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

– Hey guys, and welcome to
Cooking in the Crib with Snooki – and Joey!
– Joey. So I have my mother-in-law, Janise here. What are you cooking today? – Just our traditional Sunday dinner. Pasta, chicken parmesan,
and some appetizers. – [Mike] Do we have any snacks? – How are you still here?
– What are you doing here? – How is Mike still here?
– We have snacks. – I’m strictly here for the food tasting. (Snooki laughing) – So, we’re gonna make a sauce, gravy, whatever you wanna call it.
– Yeah, if it’s gravy, it has meat in it. – Do you work here? – I work here, this is my cooking show. – This is my day. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
– Ooh! – Is there anything in the fridge maybe I should pull out, in case there might be
– Absolutely. – something to pick on.
– Oh, yeah, he want the pick on.
– Okay, so we could start with this, I have some pepperoni,
– Oh! some supersized–
– Ooh, I love pepperoni! – Oh, my gosh.
– Yaaas, Queen! (funky, upbeat music) – Joey?
– Yes. – I want you to put some
olive oil in the pan, a little bit garlic. Nicole, I need you to blend some tomatoes. Here we go, there you go. That’s good.
– That’s it? – That’s it.
– That’s it? – That’s it. – How we, oh,
– Oh. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
– I only put a little bit. – Okay, a little bit.
– Hey, oh! – Whoa, hey. A little bit.
– Is that enough? – That’s good, okay.
– That was easy. – Yaaas, I wish you had
smell-o-vision. (laughs) – This is how you cook sauce in Mykonos, bitch.
– Okay. – So you’re gonna start
putting the tomato in (Joey gasps) – [Snooki] How did we miss this? – What? Oh, my God! When did you make this?
– Oh, oh! – How did we miss the fresh mitsado? – [Janise] I wanted
him to start with that. – Yas (laughs), this is for the deaf people at home. – That means what? – The people that are hearing impaired know I’m screaming, “Yas!” – And, what does that mean?
– Oh, my God. – It means I’m excited,
there’s fresh mitsado out! – Oh, okay. And we’re gonna throw a bay leaf in there. – Alright, one bay leaf? – One bay leaf.
– That was a basil leaf. – Same thing. – A basil leaf, and a
bay leaf is not the same. – Oh, they’re gonna fight.
– That’s the bay leaf. – I want that.
– You told me to get that. – He’s trying to upstage you.
– He’s trying to. – I’m not! – You’re trying to.
– You are, this is her time! – So Nicole, I’m gonna have
you make some garlic bread. – What do you put in here? Garlic salt?
– Garlic salt, salt, pepper, some parmesan cheese. – I just paint it like it’s a
(tape rewind) it’s a painting.
– What’s in that mixture? – Oil,
– We just said. You were not listening.
– Olive oil, that wasn’t nice. – That was not nice,
– It’s Mike. – I second that.
– Yeah, that was not nice. (Snooki laughing) So, put this in the broiler. – [Snooki] Oh, this is such a cheat day. I’m starving myself tomorrow. – I’m not, I’m going to a buffet. – Okay, so what I like to
do with my garlic bread. This is plain regato cheese. So, this is fig. – Fig, what are we in, Paris?
– Joey. – Ooh! So, this would
be a great appetizer. – This is great appetizer.
– This is. This is really satch-iating
the palette right now. – Oh thank you, satch-iating? (Mike giggling)
I like that. So, the sauce is looking good. We’re gonna make the
chicken cutlets, okay? – Mike, can you give me those eggs? – I’m strictly the
– I’m parched, I gotta chug a water.
– food tester, but – You can help.
– I can help. – You have flour? Ooh!
– Ooh! – No flour in my chicken
cutlets, who does flour? – I usually do flour, so the egg sticks. – Did he just make that up?
– I think he did. – I’m a scientician, so. – A who?
– A scientician. – Mm-hmm.
– Okay, whatever. Okay, dip it in the egg,
then the bread crumbs. Okay, here we go. How’s the gravy doin’, Joey? – It’s looking good, it’s foaming on top. – The next cutlet that is done,
I’ll just put it right here. – Okay, this one we’re gonna give to you. – Give that one to Mike. – Put that all in here like that. – Yep, that’s good, yes.
– You have to come over one Sunday, you’d die.
– Again? – Talk about a cheat day. – I know.
– Oh, my God. – That’s why I’m so fat.
– That’s a cheat d– Oh, you’re gonna blame me?
– Yeah. – Today, I wanted to teach
Nicole how to make my sauce. I mean, you never know, I
might drop dead tomorrow so, – No.
– God forbid! Can I have your house? – No.
– Can I have that top one? – What’s that say? (Joey squawking) – Don’t scare my mother in law. – So, now that we’re done
with the chicken cutlets, you’re gonna put tomato sauce down first. – I should wear a bonnet.
– A bonnet? – We don’t work in a soup kitchen. – Okay, put a nice layer of chicken. – That’s good.
– That’s good. – [Janise] Another layer of sauce. – [Joey] Rinse it out? – Yes, and some parmesan cheese.
– Parmesan? – And then we’ll pop this in the oven while we’re making the meatballs. – You guys, I made this. You’re welcome. So, now I’m gonna teach
you how to make meatballs. I always use beef, pork, and veal. Okay, so you’re gonna put two eggs in. Some garlic,
– Parsley? – parsley,
– May I, could I? – Yes, you can. – This enough?
– That’s perfect. – Parmesan cheese.
– Do you put any bread crumbs? – I don’t use bread crumbs, Joey. I use wet bread, I normally save some day old bread.
– Oh, wow. And I put it in very
hot water, and squeeze. – I’ve done milk before, but the water’s– – This isn’t your show. – Okay, so I do use wet bread crumb. Okay,
– Get in there. – Get in there!
– Get in there! – I prefer to–
– Sitch, do you wanna do it? – Come on Sitch, you’re here, so let’s go.
– Come on. – [Mike] Should I just dive in? – Just dive in, go for it. Mike, you gotta really– – I’m in there.
– Okay, very good. Alright, good, thank you. Okay, so what we’re gonna
do, make some balls. – Ooh, look at the shape
of those meatballs. I’ll be honest with you, I
just walked over here, okay. Someone has some nice perfumes on. – Oh, it’s me, thank you.
– Oh, it’s probably Janise – She’s wearing Snooki.
– I am not. – Oh, you switched perfumes?
– Sorry, it’s not all about you.
– Oh, my God. You know what, you’re never
coming to my cooking show again. (Janise laughing) Okay, so the meatballs
look like they’re done now. So, now we’re just gonna
drop them into the sauce. – Got it.
– And the sauce could cook about an hour and a half, two hours.
– ‘Cause these’ll soften up, and get nice and juicy.
– Yep, yep. – Now, we’re gonna let this
simmer on a low, right? – A low.
– This isn’t your show. – I grew up on this exact meal
– Yep. – almost every Sunday with my family.
– Every Sunday, right? Okay.
– Amen. – Give it a little taste, I’ll take a little dip too,
I’ll taste it, see how it is. – Mmm!
– I’ll be honest I feel a little left out.
– Get in there! – What about us?
– Pass the bread. – Can he do two more?
– Okay Joey, can you hand me the pasta please?
– Yes, Ma’am. – And I need some parmesan cheese.
– The ladle? – It’s happening. – [Mike] This is what I like,
put it right in the center. – Right in the center, okay so this is the pasta. – Yas, Momma!
– Yas, Queen! – Oh, yes that looks good. – [Janise] Chicken parm? – Oh, my God this looks
bubbly, and delish. – Yas, I did it. – [Joey] Right here? – Yep, this is our chicken parm and this is our Sunday dinner. This is our Sunday feast.
– [Mike] Wow. – [Janise] So everybody
grab a plate, and dig in. – Mmm! You guys, sorry,
we are involved right now. This is so delicious,
– Yeah. it’s like therapy for everyone. – Mm.
– Yes. – So a toast to my mother
in law for coming today, we love you.
– Thank you. – You’re amazing,
– Thank you. – and you’re the best cook I know. – [Everyone] Cheers! – Cheers, thank you Janise.
– Thank you. (funky, upbeat music) – Thanks everyone for watching. Come join us next week,
hopefully I’ll make something even more special.

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