Soy and a healthy diet: what are the best sources?

Soy can be included as part of a
healthy diet. In fact we encourage people to include more legumes
in their diet and soy is one many legumes that are available. Soy is a
great source of plant proteins. It’s also got plant sterols which help
in terms of managing cholesterol and of course we know that it does have
phyto-chemicals or phyto-nutrients so there are many reasons to include soy as part
of a healthy diet. Some common sources of soy would be things
like soy beverage, edamame which are young you know
soy beans, miso which is a Japanese paste tofu which most people are familiar
with that. We encourage people to choose natural sources of soya
as oppposed to looking at getting soy supplements, pills, powders,
capsules, etcetera. We do encourage people to choose more
natural sources as opposed to eating a lot of processed soy foods like soy hot
dogs or soy burgers. You know,
less processed is always going to be better.

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