StrongFit Nutrition Talk at Invictus

StrongFit Nutrition Talk at Invictus

right so I’m gonna go at nutrition I’m
gonna go at it a little bit differently I think one of the biggest issue we have
in the fitness industry is ridiculous ‘m where we have a tendency to get super
focus on very very small point of details and sometime miss the entire
forest right so i’ve seen that a lot with nutrition where we go into a
protein does and card and all that stuff but I think we missing very important
points so I’m going to start let’s go protein first it’s easier right so
proteins so I want to go at it from the we call at the circadian rhythms guys
know what this is right all cell all organic cell of a circadian
rhythm which means you have a day and a night that is decided by the light food
and socialization for humans right it’s important because it’s going to set the
way you sleep and things like this so in the case of protein it matters a lot
because you seem to have basically two stages you have what is the day right
which seems to be where you need fuel for what’s coming like sometimes we talk
about training and getting the fuel after training shouldn’t we get the fuel
before which shouldn’t we put the gasoline in the car before the race
instead of after all right that’s during the day if you go to our night time you
will see that you need fuel for what happened to basically to rebuild what
you dis work during the day right so I’m going to oversimplify a little bit that
means that during the day you’re mostly toward the sympathetic side of the
nervous system everybody knows what that is do we need to go into the nervous
system a little bit we call and then during night time is mostly to work past
sympathetic right so we know that for example to have a certain whisper
restful sleep is going to go into that side sympathetic is well you’re going to
have energy production and all that stuff this is where lipolysis I’m not
gonna go there this is where basically we start to have the fuel and get you to
kick ass during the day and then you recover at night
simple enough right okay so we’re gonna go fuel for what’s coming
fuel for what happened right so it kind of kind of tells you already where I put
protein on that one right protein is not a good source of fuel for exercise right
so interestingly we know for example that the sympathetic nervous system will
in a bit digestion which means digestion will go down when you’re more toward the
sympathetic that means a digestion during the day is actually harder to
achieve that during that at night does that make sense so far okay cool right
what’s one of the hardest thing to digest worry what requires the most
energy for the body to digest me right so protein right so if you have a scale
when you start to go like this right and you start to put things based on how
well you on you know how not well you digest you basically have kind of honey
at the bottom synchro stuff like that and you end up with red meat on top so
that means that those types of food belong here right so that means that for
example is protein during the day then an issue for digestion right so how come
we never talk about this for example so let me give you a practical example I
got Mike and John right Mike and John are twins they actually
identical twins to the pot where their life is so identical they have the exact
same body they react exactly the same way to food it’s not possible but for
the sake of the conversation right you get it so we’re going to give each to
Mike and John 100 grams of protein right so Mike gets home and he gets to his
family he loves his wife he loves his kid everything is awesome she’s there he
gets in the kitchen and the food is cooking he smells good the kids are
actually nice for you know so it happens much you know not to me but I hear no I
mean so everything is going well he’s like right you start your stomach starts
growling which one is the favorite room in the in
the house when mommy was cooking cooking the kitchen
the smell is socialization right so your digestion at dinner is let’s see at its
best right so you’re gonna digest the protein and get X amount through your
system right so protein ingested versus protein digested is not the same but
we’re getting close right then his body it’s one body of John gets home and his
wife is a bitch she is trying to poison him they going through a divorce and
they hate each other they kind of faking it for the kids but
he doesn’t like the kids either because they might not be his I mean so it’s not
exactly it’s not in a good mood nothing like his like an easy thing going like
this test funny she is killing I know she’s gonna try to kill me and he goes
on like that right so what is this stress level high so that mean that is
digestion goes down so I give him a her grams of protein is gonna get why right
which one you think got more protein in his system
but Mike and he might be by a large amount right so that alone tells you
micro is bullshit there’s no such thing as macros sorry because if I give you a
hologram depending on the state you’re in you’re not going to get the same
amount of protein in your system and what do we have so now yeah so so first
of all we don’t know the amount of protein that is digested versus the
amount of protein that is ingested so that creates a problem when you give
someone a ratio based on macros because 40 grams for you is not even 40 grams
depending on the time of the day or the state you’re in
so by the way 40 grams of red meat and 4 grams of chicken is not the same then
you know why because you don’t have to digest it the same way chicken is a lot
easier to digest than red meat so that means that there’s no such things as 10
grams of protein it’s taken grams of whatever you can digest any maybe Salman
if you’re in a stressed-out state versus red meat
so the whole like we all need 30 grams of protein yeah Tori oh this and that
every time I’m like sorry yep during the day you’re not if you’re
not but you always are that’s a okay so
there’s the problem is if we say we’re going to be in parasympathetic state
during the day that means we have no circadian rythms you are starting to
fuck with your circadian rhythms because you are inverting both first thing first
problem this is going to be weaker at night so guess what is going to impact
your sleep right so what it says basically that protein during the day is
a bad idea you’re not supposed to have protein
doing today because the day is designed to kick us to do stuff that’s not refuel
you need during the day you can only use it properly at night and then once you
have it at night it is based on the stuff like that right yeah
so you’ll see like anybody craves red meat during the winter but more like
fish during the summer like I’m in Holland which is apparently close to the
North Pole it’s dark by 5:00 and it’s light by 9:00 in the in the middle and
then in the summer it’s light until 11 o’clock and then it’s back to 5:00 in
the morning so it’s the crazy switch I can’t have red meat at during the summer
because I’m super sensitive to that because I’ve been on this for like two
years now and during the summer I don’t want to admit I feel I can’t digest it
because I can’t have dinner until 9:30 anyway and
the winter because it’s dark everything I start to crave red meat we have
seasonal circadian rhythms as well winter versus summer so there’s a number
of things like that yeah it makes sense of course it does right so that’s a
hibernation exactly so we know that already we don’t seem to be applying it
to nutrition though that means that the biggest issue is having protein during
the day is that you’re gonna basically gonna start to kicking the past in
pathetic state but that’s not supposed to be during the day again you are
starting to mess with your circadian rhythm remember food is one of the way
to set circadian rhythms if you have been doing the day you’re gonna have a
hard time knowing what night is hub time so therefore your sleeping patterns are
going to be affected is sleep the most important thing come on
right so is should sleep be part of the way we look at nutrition right so the
nutrition we have should promote sleep how about that so therefore we should
promote the akkadian rhythms so therefore we should look at it like this
right or wrong whether I’m right or wrong is not even that it just means
that we have to look at circadian rhythm as part of nutrition everything that I
read tells me this is sympathetic moving today
to degree it’s a notch but anyway past sympathetic at night right so that means
that by the way what happens anybody’s got like a big steak and send in your
luck because you’re getting to the stage where your body is going full pass
sympathetic almost like a freeze mode so we can actually digest what you put in
you know and your dinner on you’re like yeah you know when you do the baby what
Wow and then that keeps you going like this right so that means that protein at
night is what we want that also means that anything that can trouble digestion
is a problem especially at night what so for example stress will be a major issue
have you ever had a fight at dinner I can’t be the only one coming right and
you know it’s right here and it’s not moving and now you’re like alright so
you don’t want I’m talking about what if how they are there
things that can actually impact digestion anything that triggers a
sympathetic reaction would inhibit digestion to a degree cool so far right
right so interestingly carbohydrate trigger the sympathetic side o the
nervous system the meat the carbohydrates in a bit digestion to a
large degree starch and sugars so veggies don’t count obviously but any
starch and sugar triggers a sympathetic reaction which by definition inhibits
digestion which puts again starts messing up the second in rhythm and does
not allow you to digest well so that means that protein and carbs together
don’t work well so either you’ll get the protein or fine and if you get the
protein and digested and brilliant shortening starts kicking in everything no because cortisol is not just it’s not
a sympathetic thing it’s a flight thing like if you look if I go like this so
this is the problem with this is we misunderstand the sympathetic nervous
system we think it’s either here or there it’s not quite that obvious
simplified a bit sometimes they work separately sometimes they work together
right when the sympathetic works separately you’re in the cortisol stuff
but sometimes they work together when they work together you in that flow
fight right it’s actually when the cortisol will not be very high because
the serotonin is on that side there’s a number of tough I can go in into if you
want but it gets into this is where cortisol happened because you went a
full flight that’s when the panic mode sets in so kicking up on the so breaking
down the cortisol and all that stuff is the role for example of serotonin in the
body or the brain because it’s not the same
right but so you’ll get some effect based on cortisol but that’s just one of
the systems it doesn’t it’s not it doesn’t teach you to the cortisol is it
just you you stay back here which is still a sympathetic side of the equation
but you don’t go all the way there there’s another if you go all the way
there without having so this is one day but they work together right this is
when the sympathetic works by itself which is a panic mode of flight mode and
this is where the path sympathetic works by itself it’s a freeze the rest mode
depending freeze is a misnomer but anyway so when when you keep the caucus
all out you end up here during the day and you still there and so the question
is basically becoming here this is where the full digestion happens which is why
when you have to stick your now it out so whenever you have the Cubs you’re
going to end up here which is still enough to kick the
digestion down so technically you could have salmon and rice but the problem is
where do you put it during the day so what do you want out of the food because
one is designed to give you few so to basically get your day going and the
other one is designed to rebuild what you but you can’t do both
which one are we going with this one right so the idea that you’re going to
build the muscle during the day it just doesn’t work like that there’s a number
of things that happen here that shows you that I would have to go into a bit
more specific stuff into this one but building the day building the muscle
during the day is just not gonna it’s that’s not what the day is for basically
all right so and these are within cerini goes a little bit deeper like that
because you’re going to the brain serotonin and all that stuff but it
doesn’t quite work like that it’s one of those things where it’s very separate
from the overall machine because there’s a number of things that happen at the
same time on the lactate side and I can go into that still be doing the seminar
so I can go into a bit more so that means that having carbs and protein
together is a nightmare so what we did we tested it over a few thousand
people’s now and at night we only gave them veggies and protein but not during
the day and I’ve been knocking people out for sleep and we measure them you
know another stuff we measured asleep and we
had an awesome result on everything that is asleep based right by doing this culture to culture yeah okay so right
culture everything so what’s interesting with American culture versus other
cultures if you notice that this is er yeah yeah exactly but this is the first
culture that has a high calorie and high carbs content if you look in the history
of the world any any culture that had a high carb content was a low calorie
stuff Japan Africa China they are low calorie so I have to go into the gut
flora a little bit to get into that we call I’m gonna lose everybody on that
one now all right so I talked about the nervous system but we assume that the
nervous thumb is the brain and in the body it doesn’t work like that we have
different nervous system we have what is called peripheral which is all the way
to the skin everything we have the brain where we have the stomach which is
called the enteric nervous system and we have the heart which is his own nervous
system and the enteric nervous system is a brain so we have three brains we have
the stomach we have the heart and we have the brain the brain brain actually
and they all react differently to different things why does it matter to
integrate the enteric nervous system in there we have about a hundred trillion
bacterias little aliens that seem to decide a lot of what we do we have more
bacterias in the stomach then we have cells in the body there is more genetic
material in your stomach that is not you that you have in your entire body so you
are mostly not you right it’s real and so that kind of bring the question of
who decides what I mean are we so we are venom but now with a monkey or are we
then yes that’s where it gets very interesting if you read about that is
freaky for example just so you know on the gut flora we’ve seen that depressed
people like two different kinds of bacterias always the same I’m not saying
that’s what causes depression saying there’s a correlation between the
two why does he mario because we saw for example that protein undigested falls
into the colon and kills the good gut flora which has direct impact on
behavior and a number of things we have for example
socialization we have given rats that were created in a sterile environment no
good flora whatsoever right we gave them the gut flora of a healthy human and
they started socializing with other rats so we took the gut flora of a healthy
person give it to a diabetic person they were not diabetic anymore he goes on and
on and on and on and on and stuff like that so this is actually far more
important that we understand whenever you have undigested protein in your
system it kills the good gut flora so that
starts tomorrow so going back to culture what we saw for example in Africa is
there is one specific kind of bacteria called prevotella I’m going to spell it
because my french accent is not helping Prevotella
and that is very very much prevalent in the African cultures this is a type of
bacteria that is in charge of digesting carbohydrates and sugar basically
because plant-based and stuff like that right this is also a link between this
and the sympathetic nervous system it was shown that is actually a
relationship between prevotella and anxiety for example I need to see me not
with Manama so I don’t have time right now but trust me on this one I can show
you all the stuff right so this has been shown in all school Japan but in Africa
right now and things like this they did not see that includes from Europe for
example because they are far more protein fat and things like that so what
they saw is that that Prevotella seems to be itself defense mechanism where
there’s not enough food to go around so they start to develop they kick up the
sympathetic nervous system so you go hunt some more so you do more shit you
plant more you go forward you go hunt you do all that stuff more so it
designed to make you move cause as mean that means it’s a low-calorie diet
you know if we don’t stop to get at it problems are going to ensue right so
this is what you see in most of those all school cultures like Africa Japan
things like this and we have transformed this so normally higher Cubs
percentage-wise meant low calorie diet and now what
we’ve done is we’ve done this but we put it in a high calorie diet and that has
destroyed everyone cause now what do we see we see low-grade sympathetic
response continuously in people and we know like Roble talked about this a lot
we know it creates a number of things like low-grade inflammation because
inflammation is a sympathetic response it creates a number of health markers
I’ll just go to shit basically and so this obesity all that stuff seems to be
the problem of having a high calorie diet with a high amount of carbohydrates
and on top of it by the way doing that Rex of digestion which means you end up
with a prodigious tchen which means undigested protein because we have so
much of it continuously right that means that kills you got flow even more and
then you start to end up with massive behavioral problems look right in for me
as always stuff basically all the health marker of than we see today and that was
big because we are not following a cultural way of eating in a way if you
want now we have choices of food we never had before quantities of food we
never had before we usually you know winter versus summer
was different have you noticed like the the longer of days require more movement
more sympathetic this is when most of the capsules are available fruits stuff
like that right and so you start to see the differences like this even on a
seasonal stuff that we don’t have anymore we are the only creatures that
try to be the same every day of every year and that creates some some problems
so what did we do we basically gave fuel sources during the day which is fat and
carbs but only during training because I can go into that one and protein only at
night and we have fixed 98% of the sleep issues first of all of everyone with
that and then all the low-grade inflammation went down you know in the
joints stuff like that and then we started to
see some different markers going up so we’ve been doing the testing for two
years I have I don’t know like a thousand people on it and we saw
especially the sleep was my main thing and what we saw is the mental aspect
like the emotional clarity that came with that lowering of the anxiety all
the stuff that Mario’s it was to athletes because he gets to you
eventually right and so we did it by separating
basically by doing everything based on the circadian rhythms right so I stopped
the day well give mine so I’m about five six thousand calories I think probably
four thousand coming from fat I start with avocados I take three
avocados I mash it with some feta cheese and some olive oil I mean I start with
that I can have some heavy cream it’s easy to pack on calories so lots of
veggies so salad even Russell sprouts you have to be careful not to be too
much not to trigger the digestion so quantities matter so I have salad with
cheese throughout the day things like this and I used to have carbs when I
trained but only when I trained why because if you start to have sugar or
starches you’re going to kick the sympathetic and if you don’t use that
energy it will get you back to freeze and you’re back in path sympathetic and
now you have a problem so starches and sugar should be done only what you’re
going to train because you’re going to have to use that energy if you don’t
he’ll take you back to world a freeze mode and you don’t want that because now
you’re back to well the wrong side you had it while I was doing it yeah like
they were mostly drinking it and then at night I would get I will end up with all
my protein at night so literally like 510 or 500 grams like a steak but not
you know like about 200 grams of protein I would have it at night what I
discovered is because my digestion improved so much I was getting the same
amount really of protein in my system even though I was ingesting less so that
means this file is taxing on my organs so I did better so hormone Olli I start
kicking up like crazy so I started I’m still at 2:30 so I haven’t changed but I
get leaner as as I go because my hormonal system is kicking back in
because I’m not putting such a strain on my system I was forcing the two together
which did not work people because I know I got tripped up
on this is when you’re saying no carbs yes exactly bring it on bring it on I eat as much
veggies as I can then I get my fat if I’m super hungry for maybe is too there
is no such thing as macros to me because it depends of the state I mean so if I’m
hungry I eat the body is still that nature has taken a 500 million years to
give us the capacity to appreciate those things there is no science out there
that can mimic that there is no machine that can tell you how hungry you are
exactly how much you need there is no like that’s a pipe dream we all love
toys you know like the HIV tells you a stressed you are and all that stuff no
it doesn’t it charlie is far more complex than this but anyway yeah I mean
so I go by field because my days are different what if I train like a monster
the day before you know the day after is not going to be the same or that night
or so what if I’m still stressed that night from training should I have red
meat I can’t digest it then why would I would so some days I’m like alright I
barely have any have salad and then in exam lab but it basically evens out we
all course of the week I’ve noticed it evens out anyway right so yeah right so
you can start playing a little bit with the training is going to be part of it
obviously right but I stopped who this is where you could not micros but see
quantity wise well like that’s where I’ll start playing with this like and by
the way speaking of that you cannot increase the amount of fat that you’ll
be too fast have you noticed that you can never have too much carbs let’s be
honest I was one of those guys I tried I never could have you tried too much fat
you puke it out it’s so fast right so this will take some time to get used to
by the way right and I’ve noticed with this is it’s a matter of the fat how
much if I want to gain weight I just have to add the heavy cream I got used
to it at some point I was getting a little all day so is
thousand channels I’ve had some shit like that to a degree that’s where it is
that’s where it is if you have too much carbs have you crushed on carbs you know
we all done that that one of the reason is because you get that massive insulin
spike with a count you release a massive amount of brain serotonin at that time
which is produced is what is called RAF nuclei which is the center of the
circadian rhythms so you’re taking a sleeping pill so this we put you that on
top of it brain serotonin is an agent of averageness the role of brain serotonin
is to not let you go too crazy it’s to reduce acute stress but I need that you
stress when I’m training so that’s the problem when you’re training hard enough
you won’t have the insulin spike so you have less brain serotonin so there are
ways to play like that where you have comes while you train so that you don’t
have the crash from the couch right but only three it’s all based on fat so if I
want to lose weight get leaner adjust decrease the fat and I stop playing with
this so up the veggies first and they’ll have less fat that’s that’s how I pray
so again wait I try to gain weight on the fat and it was not a problem I just
get heavy cream it wasn’t that how I get my fats first in my veggies second or
vice versa right so fruit yeah eventually it’s going to trigger this by
the way quantities it seems that anything past 20 grams tor that triggers
a sympathetic reaction if you stand out 20 there seem to be some leeway there it
seems so you have two things that trigger your sympathetic system you have
the quantity which seems to be 20 30 grams and you have the taste you have
the same bacteria in your mouth as you do in your stomach the taste of sweet
triggers a sympathetic response so it’s been shown for example of fructose
trigger sympathetic reaction just as much as
sucrose which makes no sense because fructose is not nearly the same on the
glycemic level but it gives you a sweet taste and that pump the sympathetic
just the same as sucrose the point is it’s not a just a chemical reaction
exactly that it’s not just a one a problem doesn’t
make a difference is when people start pounding the melons and stuff like that
right but it seems that just looking at the chemical reaction is just plain not
enough it’s not it’s not that yeah yes you will because these three things that
set your second rhythms it’s light food and socialization so actually if you
start to socialize with your friend you will start to already shift to a path
sympathetic state their light so in winter it’s six o clock is getting doubt
you’re having fun with your friends you start to have protein it’ll put you out
real fast so all that stuff starts to accumulate I have a hard time getting
dinner in Holland before nine something I just don’t worry it’s the weirdest
thing I’m like a born I crave fat but not protein so I have to
force myself to eat at ten o clock it’s real so you know that’s not my you some
December sort you know meters the opposite and we tell five o’clock I’m
like I start to crave protein so I have two dinners you know in the winter I had
first protein at 6:00 and then at night and now within 30 minutes I’m passed out
passed out I went from on average Emma or are in six hours of sleep to 7:45
eight again literally over an hour and a half absolute right so that was a big
thing is Cubs at night promotes a sympathetic reaction and talk about
digestion which of course if you have food there that is not being digesting
properly you’re going to trigger a sympathetic reaction which makes you
less likely to to sleep correctly which I was a carb hole so of course I did
that all the time and I impacted my sleep tremendously so that boost of
carbs or the insulin stuff will get your brain so Tony will make you fall asleep
right the problem is you can’t stay asleep so that means you will sleep 3-4
hours really well and then you know you wake up seven times and you turn around
and everything that was my life for fuckin foreal
right and then suddenly this is the only time where I started to sleep through
the night when I wake up once maybe twice was before man he was
I mean like all my own blanket cuz you don’t want to sit next to me cuz I was
grappling the whole time I’m inside my own blanket that’s so otherwise I ain’t
gonna work no I mean so that was literal well now I’m one time in my life is
still I fell asleep in one position I woke up in the same one I was like wow
that was trippy was just what I did what would just happen it was the
weirdest thing so the first six months on the protocol was the strangest thing
cause my behavior change completely by the way you wake up in whoo except in
the morning less tired and then they went to bed I mean now let’s stay on
okay good okay ask your clients how many of them wake up in the morning less
tired than when they went to bed and I bet you half of them say no wake up more
tired in the morning than the one you went to bed that tells you there’s a
problem yeah right exactly so this is but there’s also the thing with if you
have good secondary rhythm you can go pee come back and fall asleep right away
the fact that you cannot go back asleep tells you something about the sleep
pattern as well from an eighth apology perspective it was well it was shown
that most cultures you would sleep for hours wake up eat have sex go back do
the same thing so it was more blocks or four hours and it was an eight hour long
that is a Industrial Revolution illusion that we sleep eight hours straight
sometimes you do but most of the time you wake up because that’s usually what
we do so if you don’t freak out about it it’s not but that’s a good good well it depends if you don’t have no
water whatsoever or you’re gonna get dehydrated with that it’s not quite that
simple now what is important obviously don’t
get me wrong but it’s not quite that simple right so thirsty is on that side
so you might actually add first on the protocol and up not being thirsty during
the day that’s because you’re resetting the signals and we had that with many
people me included well they just did not drink water during the day that
tells me exactly where I’m at on there is exactly as thirsty I am during the
day if you have enough of it more to other side so you can have some it’s
always a matter of like this is where you are doing the day right and this is
where you want when you sleep right so during the day you want to be there so
you can have some parasympathetic influence but not too much that is
thought to take you too far this way right this is your eye
I don’t stay during the day is here we are designed to move right even
socialization is moving is what sexed dancing partying all that stuff it’s
still we still there but there’s a part of this because you’re moving so even
when you’re more to other path sympathetic side at night you’re still
moving a lot right this is basically sleep we’re not supposed to be on the
couch doing nothing yes to sleep but the rest of the time you’re supposed to move
I can explain that but I have to go to our lactate and all that stuff
salt yeah it’s the same thing as also all that stuff with then you go to our
hydration and things like that it’s actually very important especially if
you’re gonna remove the Cubs but after that we start to get into the specifics
of people like you will see that culturally by the way the season changes
after after that we start to go into more specifics it’s not that simple okay it’s not no no
it’s ketones and glucose but in a resting state right so at night it’s it
matters because no but that’s yeah but that’s okay so you could see it as it’s
not quite that simple they take something that it that can be
it’s like saying protein will build muscle no they want the hormonal system
with the enemy like it’s actually it’s an entire system to be on muscle you
need so much so to say that the brain runs out of energy no but like the body
is not that weak like can you go without food for 12 hours and train and be just
fine in the right circumstances you can the idea that the brain cannot survive
is our glucose for four hours is I saw it’s it’s bullshit in that sense that’s
that’s not exactly true like we don’t like you’ve seen that culturally like
the waking up they would eat but they will do other stuff it gets into its
true to a degree but it’s really putting the stuff on a number of things that is
not exactly true for example they tell you that glucose and ketones is the fuel
of the brain actually no it’s lactate that is even the glucose is going to
have to be processed into lactate for the brain to use it as an energy right
you know lactate is what we thought was a waste product it’s not it’s a hormone
and a fuel for the brain so that good that’s what happens with the glucose it
turns into lactate and then the brain can use it it’s far more complex than
this so they I don’t like those oversimplifications because you they
make it sound like is that the brain is that thing that just needs fuel like a
cow and is far more complex than this make into them but one is the
understanding of ketosis where you were well over what we would think of in
terms of grams of carbohydrate yep but second which I I find the most important
for our population is this anxiety component but where that’s a vast
majority of our members are working and you know fairly vigorous jobs families
whatever right and and really like you know just digging in a little bit
understand right so I have to go a little bit into elected for that one but
first let’s go about the keto so they tell you that to be in ketosis you can’t
have carbs right yeah bullshit so what I did is when I started the protocol is I
had 150 grams of sugar to your training session I did I do that with chocolate
milk I had a leader on a half of chocolate
milk pro training session Hollan is by far the best chocolate milk it’s called
choco milk I wanted to be sponsored they said no that was asked about it but
marido it was the greatest thing yeah yeah anyway well no because he was
chocolate milk so I kept on going I don’t like but in three weeks I so I
started the protocol in three weeks I put myself in Quito while having 150
grams of sugar or the measure you know with the blood stuff I was out of 1.0 in
Quito within three weeks of going from high carbs to basically Cubs only during
training but 115 grams of sugar through chocolate milk so that hide that idea
that you need to be low cops to be in Quito is not true just that Cubs was
used during training so you can still be in Quito and introduce even sugar as
long as you do it within training and use it for the training sessions because
I’m using it I’m using it that’s it I’m using it you by the way you could spike
the insulin like hardcore training will not let you spike the insulin but if you
were to abuse the sugar too early you and then that’s why you can’t train and
have that as but you could have a very hard training session start having sugar
on you once back the insulin because of the training session and you’re going to
use the carbs which means you can still be in Quito so there are ways to do this
first of all and then 5150 I went yes of course and
they don’t train like me well no count yeah yeah do you totally
and by the way different source yeah I think the important part that is to just
that understanding the principle of it which is that you know ketosis doesn’t
necessarily only come in the absence of carbs how do you successfully absorb and
use all of the carbs that you’ve ingested you stay in ketosis even though
New York ok so I tried I tried every single cross 50 we don’t work that well
right so yeah that’s for sure so I had to switch to Sakura I switched to yeah I switched to karbolyn because he was
you not sweet potato stuff that worked a lot better and chocolate milk for that
kind of stuff so I tried before didn’t work because of the crash and after the
problem is that jacked up my sympathetic nervous system right after training and
admin that kept me on edge for like an hour after that which was detrimental to
you know bringing myself down and stuff like that so you could do after we gonna
have to go a lot less in amount yeah in quantity so you could have the the
capellini in the breaks you know in between the workout that would work very
well after if you have too much you’re gonna go back to here that’ll make you
crash so bad like I would get home five o’clock and be wasted for the rest of
the day to degree that I couldn’t because then I was non functioning
because remember if you don’t have the exercise that’s going to spike your
insulin intake and then you have the brain serotonin kicks in and you’re back
to falling asleep and all that shit so I tried all of it too early before I would
crash too early after I would crash so they seem to be a window that I could
use and what you consume is very important yeah the chocolate meal for
CrossFit I would not advise it I try the key lime pint for the sled well you have
to try this is science this is science exactly
that didn’t work out too well I did it once I’m like yeah Nutella didn’t work
either we tried we skimmed the lift it’s not
mine I just but I don’t drink so yeah a man with you
they were like shit yeah well you got you gotta film it anyway so
oh yeah right and then the anxiety pop yeah but that’s what yeah Chris nothing
does that so now he has his ladies before they go their lifts in
powerlifting competition taking a shot of whiskey you get a sympathetic
reaction out of it technically you’ll be a strong baby so all right so let me go
out inside all right so first of all okay so anxiety first of all we kind of
miss understand what this is everybody thinks it’s an emotion but that doesn’t
quite work like that have you notice you only anxious about
what’s coming not what happened right if the same thing repeats because you know
it’s coming but you’re running shirts about something that happened to you is
coming up right because you know like that that thing will present itself
again and you’re we’re all you don’t know how to react to it the next time it
happens because what you see about anxiety it’s that it’s a driver toward
the fight mode it’s to get you ready for a fight the more calm the more on the
path sympathetic side you are basically the more relaxed you are the more
anxiety you’re gonna have if someone knocks on the door that you know oh my
god this is when it just shoots up like crazy because it’s basically a driver to
get you from the path sympathetic side to the sympathetic side the less prepare
so a fight you are the more anxious you are have you been into compassion when
you know you’re going to whoop everybody you’re like you’re on the yacht you’re
like bring it on right if
you think you’re gonna die like I’m a blue belt and I go into a black belt
competition I’m anxious for week before that was my training sessions with my
with my teacher because I get my ass kicked every single time so basically
what anxieties it’s a driver to work getting toward supporting at well
preparation right it’s a way to prepare you for a sympathetic response if you
don’t have the sympathetic response when in trouble because the things from there
basically you’ll crash back into a freeze mode which takes you on the side
which will make more anxiety from the exam to prepare you even more I could
explain that system is colder that’s a prediction model I don’t have the time
to go into Cal Kristin but that’s the idea is exactly as a driver so what did
we see with anxiety to go into this I need to explain from a hardware
perspective the fuel of the human body anybody knows what lactate is right
everybody knows right who thinks like that is a waste product
I know robic I should ask beforehand right so just to give you a history
lesson on I 100 years ago welcome to science there’s a dude who stuck a
needle into a frog leg right get the leg pumping and any build-up lactate the
conclusion was lactate is a byproduct of exercise it’s a buildup of a waste
product right you know what the problem is with a conclusion is he kind of
missed a big part of the frog that wasn’t there which is the rest of the
frog he only did with the lake the another conclusion based on that that
could have been done at the time is that the lactate was building up in order for
the leg to have the fuel to keep on moving that’s a valid possibility yes he
wasn’t yet he was never considered so that dude gave us a hundred years of us
misunderstanding what lactate is out of that one experiment yeah that’s our
science work one bad conclusion we have fought for 100 years so that means we
thought it was a waste product and that he was only only being produced in an
anti big state which means no oxygen actually
it’s completely wrong that’s not what lactate these are all lactate is a few
and it’s a fuel that is produce either aerobically or anaerobically it makes no
difference the second you are not here the second
you start moving so which means for all that you produce lactate and use it as
fuel right so what does it matter because this is a few for your muscle
but this is also the number one fuel for the heart and for the brain right so
it’s very important it goes all the way I can actually pass the Galactic that
you create in your body actually passes the brain blood barrier so it feeds your
brain right so you can tell that it’s basically anytime the sympathetic starts
kicking in you start producing like that right so that’s a very important part
what you have to understand as well is this not enough to produce like that you
have to use it as well otherwise what happens if you have an accumulation of
lactate for example in the brain he raises the acidity of the brain and it
has been shown to have a direct correlation with anxiety we gave people
with anxiety history of anxiety is solution of lactate and they started to
have panic attacks straight up right too much like it’s not too much like that is
lactic that is not being used as fuel will ray from many different Asian will
raise the entire level so anything that gets you in a sympathetic allows the
production of lactate which not being used properly will lead to anxiety
amongst obviously sociological factors and things like that but just from a
nutrition perspective alone that means that being in that continuous
sympathetic state without lag so always tearing to of this this is where anxiety
will live because when you which this point right here between fight and
flight which is called anaerobic threshold the latex threshold you stop
using like that as fuel you switch to cortisol lipolysis all that stuff so
that means that whenever you in flight you’re going to stop you’re going to
stop using this it will raise the acidity of the
acidosis and even in the brain leading to more anxiety and things like this so
the key is to basically not go to this stage so that means that if you are
continuously under substance that triggers sympathetic reaction without
having this so you add stress and everything you have people here which is
wearing xiety lives you know what substance gets you continuously – well
the sympathetic state – about there there’s an easy one that we all love
coffee shuo and coffee are the two strongest
stuff to give you flight mode sorry and stuff like that so that presents a
problem and coffee stays in your system for ever we all think like if I stopped
drinking at 3:40 no like we’ve seen like I we went in months of we call that no
fixed November which means there was no trigger of the sympathetic nervous
system through a substance in the whole month of November I could even get one
espresso in the morning even that I could feel a difference and stuff like
that it was crazy like when I took that one expresso out I crashed for five days
because it puts you in a state of reactiveness right that’s what the
sympathetic does the sympathetic allows you to focus on the world around you
it’s a survival mechanism on the berries coming I don’t have time to ponder about
the dichotomy or the human condition right I have to go fat I need to fight
this so any trigger on the sympathetic nervous system allows you to focus on
the outside world more precisely that means he sharpens your senses that’s
when you have coffee or like yeah you see everything bright and everything
cause technically the bear is coming so you like this column is you can’t look
inside so now you start to have a vast disconnect between the outside and the
inside and the supposed to coexist together so all that coffee drives you
continuously here if you don’t pay attention and up putting you there and
you’ll see so what you’ll see with anxious people is obviously a very
stressful life but also in addiction to carbohydrates and anything that triggers
a sympathetic reaction which is by the way stress anger and then you’ll see
carbs sugar also sugar caffeine stuff like that those are all three
girls of the sympathetic nervous system dye loves doing that because you get a
sharpness out of it that you don’t get otherwise what you become really
reactive though and it feeds itself You want to freak out someone? No Carbs, no coffee.. Who wants to try ? Exactly.
And people are like, “Fuck that.” You want people freaking out? Say no carbs no
sugar no coffee.. No Fix November was hilarious, they said, “No, fuck that..
I’m not doing that!” Tell people and they will not do it. So I’ve discovered
that for me, I was either always on caffeine or sugar. I’ve stopped sugar but then I’d up
the caffeine.. I’ve stopped the caffeine, But then I would up the sugar.. I’ve never
been without a stimulant until four months ago. Changed everything. My learning
curve since then went through the roof. But the key with the sympathetic nervous system is that the world around you is supposed to trigger that, not a substance. So of
course there is a place for it.. But can you have one, then great training session? That’s
great.. But the problem is, who does that? Once you have that good training session,
You have two choices…. You can go out there, and there is no bear
attacking you there. So you’re gonna have to go into a specific mental place where
you go, “It’s either the barbell, or me.” Or, I can just grab a coffee and
I’m in the same state. Fuck it, man. Then just grab a coffee especially when it’s
everywhere. And if it’s not that, it’s sugar. And it’s carbs, and it’s everywhere
and you have commercials. Why would you rely on the world to drive the sympathetic,
when you can rely on a substance? But that sounds awfully like an addiction
model. “So use training to drive that instead of a substance?” We were built as, the world does that to us. Why do you pay attention to the outside world? Because that’s how you
survive. Through evolution, we have developed the sympathetic nervous system
to fight. To survive, to fight and everything. Now we found a way to trigger
it through a substance instead of through our daily life, right? So this is
a fucking trick. It’s a pill that allows you to go sympathetic so that you don’t
have to do it. So what you have is a substance that substitutes your behavior.
Right, you’ve seen that in other things. This is an addiction-type behavior. Even caffeine is. It’s not heroin, I agree. But
still, you’re substituting nutrition for behavior, substance for behavior. flora on everything they are major
issues in doing this the Prevotella goes through the roof that door now you’re
going to have all the triggers to avoid anxiety because he feed itself so you go
training at first you’re like yeah right but there’s a price to pay and so that’s
why we see so eventually you can learn to generate all that stuff yourself with
our coils this first so you’re gonna have to be strong enough and one it
enough to get the energy of your training and not out of this substance
right is it easy at first fuck no it’s not so eventually though we
need a daddy conversation with people no I know this is California and we mostly
have mommy conversations and we all try to be supportive which is important but
at some point it’s epictetus we said it like you can’t fix some money if he
doesn’t wanna let go of the things that make him sick so we need to have which I
that’s why I believe education is the most important thing because what we can
say okay let me explain to you what it does to you are you gonna win that day
fuck no but over your time like I had literally probably won 500 people who
went the entire month of November with no source of sympathetic fixes so did I
tell them to stay on that no I’m never gonna win anybody that way but if you
can say give me two weeks let’s try two weeks when you do it this
way first week they’re gonna die Tyler took him three weeks right but after
three weeks his brain started working yeah exactly
but suddenly is at seventy more exciting message in me I was like are those the
rules of engagement cause our how do we do if you wanna go there I get so no
buts in anyways and then he started to do like we became so much more
productive because I put the whole team on it obviously and we we all became
extremely productive on that and then someone back to caffeine because it is
how problem is all that is now that you stop being reactive that means you don’t
need the world to tell you who you are you have to find
that out for yourself not everybody likes that yeah and certainly that
energy that you’re looking for and things slapping you in the face it’s
gonna have to come from inside so now you have to know why you get out the
couch while you go train while you get up in the morning why you go to work why
you do what you do why you coaching why are you right that’s a lot of wise and
not everybody likes it so you know how you stop the whys that’s easy you become
reactive anything that triggers the sympathetic nervous system can be
training but then these substances to do it for you
so all that stuff becomes an agent of averageness caffeine and sugar that’s
the number one there’s no question about that no protein during the day so they
can sleep at night if you’re gonna if you want to change the world start by
giving people one night sleep right by the way you won’t behavior change this
is the easiest way give people a good night’s sleep three nights in a row take
it away Krispy Kreme Doughnuts yet so quickly
yeah yeah and so if I could I would okay so specially carbs at night I would
eventually I would make them crabs only when the trend but that that can be hard
to do but so if we start with caffeine and sugar and only protein and veggies
at night that should influence their sleeping patterns so much that you start
to gain the trust and because you know I release they’ll feel better and then
they’ll fuck it up I mean we all do right fine but now you’re going to fuck
up your sleep so that means you wake up the next morning you’re like oh I don’t
like this this is how I got everybody to do no fix November because four months
before that I gave them good sleep you take it away and I’m a bell Chris Rock
and Krispy Kreme donut anybody what you would do for a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
yes on my blog Aquos Pokemon anyways know that there’s a lady here in San
Diego that’s treating ADHD as a sleep disorder and they’re treating it with
massive like impact for success they’re treating it actually the first thing
they’re looking at is that what’s happening is that this crazy correlation
of kids with ADHD have a tongue that won’t allow it to rest so that they
cannot sleep and breathe at night and so they’re waking up and there is a lack of
sleep and they’re cutting the ship to fall simply realizes they can relax so
that they can sleep there were there were many papers if you guys want to see
between schizophrenia and the second reason they were showing like anxiety
you know major depression this depression major depression they’re not
the same but they were showing anxiety major depression and schizophrenia we’re
all linked not correlation not causation but with second reason because I’m stuff
like that cause major depression what happens actually is you will never it’s
actually very if you look you won’t find someone was major depression and go
through anxiety first so what happened is this is so much energy being spent
that the body has to shut off and so he goes into a freeze mode which is what
the dorsal vagus nerve which is what the pressure is the pressure is a function
but there’s no good or bad here think that is not bad either
you need anxiety if you’re having zeriba for big workout you won’t do well right
so it’s a matter of when does it become too much but when you have enough excit
eventually over time you leave you in freeze and that’s what major depression
is the moment where you just shut off so bad that’s what they call a journey in
fatigue is not that it’s just your body has to stop continuously producing
energy you’re not listening but eventually you will because it’s
something called the what I call diva brain the selfish brain theory that was
showing that the the higher brain functions use so much energy they use
50% of the energy produced for only 2% of the of the body weight right and
those ones will shut you off if you stop if you stop messing with them so if you
start to use so much energy physically that he can stop to mess with a higher
brain function he’ll shut off the body and you’ll get
you into a freeze mode is to force them to yes because the bodies like the
corner this is way too much energy being spent right they went back to freeze talks about why some people survive like
catastrophic events can stay conscious enough to make decisions and because
we’ve seen once you start to go this there’s a number of brain function that
you stop that’s the problem with a sympathetic though it’s so strong and
once you get here by the way sympathetic means loss of coordination right so here
is when you snatch the most here is when suddenly you start to go to shit here is
when you’ve seen the King Arthur on the sled yeah when they go like this you
Olson are wet is good basically they’re getting into the the flight mode and
they are y’all seen it come out that’s my favorite part that’s why I’m in the
back going like this exactly and then that’s basically because you’re in a
full see you in a panic mode of full flight model from sympathetic mode and
coordination went out the window so that’s what happens this is the moment
where you cannot use the lactate anymore because oxidation of lactate is
impossible you are switching to a different mode which uses adrenaline
cortisol all that stuff in order to power because it has to happen fast so
the worst thing for the body you can do is been a flight mode for a long period
of time like the last 30 seconds on a day line stuff when people start to lose
connection are the most painful because literally you’re killing your body at a
very fast rate right so the key is to man is to manage to push this
this way so how do you do that you have to increase the vo2 max of a person in
order for them to be able to keep oxidation of lactate coning further so
you need to be able to produce enough lactate and very importantly to use the
lactate otherwise you end up with in flight mode so vo2 max which is very
slow running very slow cardio is actually extremely useful because they
allows you to raise your vo2 max level without touching the VLE max level the
production of lactic so for example breathing can tell you exactly right
here is when you can still inhale through the nose exhale through the
mouth when you are incapable of keeping you
inhale through the nose and you go to mouth you’re starting to go down that
road right so it depends what I was up all in a fight I have to be here because
I have to keep my wits the parasympathetic is very important in a
fight why because I’m here and the guy thanks me and I’m like and you’ll see
the fighters going oh you fucker that’s a freeze mode because we are
about to pass through that’s a freeze mode that’s your brain stopping going
the higher function going to strategy yeah right so you need steal this right
but I need to be going enough that I want to kill a guy the second I go there
is when I got punch I start swinging and now I get all my effort out there
coordination strategy all goes out the window now I start to go and that’s when
you know the guy is fucked well it depends depends on you right so what I
would see is I would force people to keep inhaling through the nose now and
when you start to see right that means you’re starting to go here do so do you
want that this has to be trained as well because you’re gonna meet you’re gonna
be there but you can’t be there all the time
I’m gonna have to teach you to bring that so that means that I’m gonna let
you flirt with this even though still keeping control of your breathing
because I still believe you need to be in control of what you do and at the
same time I’m going to basically make you work the vo2 max higher so
better oxidation of the lactate most cross video that are good at pacing what
you see you see very high vo2 Max but they can’t push for shit because they
can’t produce lactate enough dip because that training of 20 minutes all the time
allows you to have a very high do to max but you actually you stop producing
lactate you got good at the skills you only to produce that much so why we need
is we need to slid on one side that makes you go there once in a while then
we need the slow cardio in order to build your to max and then we have our
CrossFit training which is almost like a skill base to learn to live here like
once a week maybe well it depends like for example yeah it depends a bit on who
you are like an Arabic threshold so what we do is we test January weeks by
Shirley’s called a lactate threshold and we see where it is is it high enough
across very or not if it’s not an increase in the number of sled work
we’re gonna do if you have a vowel right like she couldn’t produce lactate for
shit right so that’s why once a week I’m like I’m gonna murder you and eventually
was twice a week and I we did that and guess what we had success but they still
and you know you meadow run after you you know like she loved the wrong stuff
the long running she would do well mentally Anna so a vo2 max was through
the roof she could run for like so then that constant pacing alright where she
needed was more lactate products really max training which is why she did so
well on my training sessions but that will not give up the CrossFit stuff cuz
that’s not the same skill so we needed your session plus my sessions plus some
long running and that’s where we get to did so well with our naturally we did
that no no way yes yes that’s exactly that’s exactly what I
do but first we have to necessarily lactate is like the cheetah sits on a
stove we can go into this but first we have to Nathan well lactate is so so
yeah I’m not going to talk so the problem is who are we talking about like
we have a guy is a world champion is vo2 max is at 95% mine is probably 46 okay
so nobody that’s the problem you know what the problem is it can’t produce
lactate so that guy cannot run slow that guy what he needs to do is sled sprints
so we took the top those top people we have a lady she runs on a rig threshold
174 an hour how I don’t know anybody want to try our last 22 seconds so she
did this for an hour so her vo2 max is high right so what they were trying to
do is make a run more they already had 200 kilometres a week I don’t do that on
a bicycle anyway enough about me so I was like but that’s not the point
imagine what we required to go from a 93% vo2 max when 84%
it’s fucking monstrous so what did we do sled sprints so she could produce
lactate you know what we got within eight weeks we got the Android threshold
from 170 beats per minute to 178 that’s a massive improvement at that level
right drop 3% body fat she was at 19% and we dropped it 3% kill ya we changing that we’re doing
that now one step at a time right right but now
we’re shifting to do so we stopped the cab during training and they all freaked
out but they all got results cause we have high-level we have 75 we have
assurance champions in two going to the Olympics just to give you an idea of the
lady she ran a marathon in 230 I know right exactly by the way lactate is the
fuel for the brain and the heart I think you’re going to need your heart when you
fucking run a marathon so right but that’s gonna be better because we’re
gonna bring her here because the the by the way the stress women are having to
perform at 95% vo2 max is insane the amount of pain they have to be able to
isn’t they all really good and injuring they can’t do shit in the sense of
that’s enduring that’s doing so they were all suffering for fucking hours on
training we bring them back here so that mentally so what did we do with that
woman she did a half marathon Trail for fun
I don’t know cold competition no carbs no water no nothing trail her best was
111 she won in 112 one minute of appear on a trail with no carbs or nothing why
because she had fun she was smiling she was happy like there’s a moment where we
have to necessarily take for performance it takes everything to join in we have
to stop just start like that so the key with them at that level is to increase
the lactate production at my level it’s increasing my view to max that I need so
it depends where the athletes are when you look at those high level athlete
they don’t need that anymore what they need is to be able to produce lactate
and this soccer it so you put them on the sled sprint and it’s a massacre it’s
so fun to watch because I hate all of them because I can’t do any of it so
how many I like a reason fast twitch muscles right like so very powerful fast
twitch muscles on that type of thing which it’s not yeah yeah but the problem
is they can’t go there so their capacity to actually like they are experts and
enduring a sled the Yukon in June you have to go fuck go like I make them go
you know 100 feet and they haven’t even started yet I’m like can you generate
the intensity and that’s mental you can’t say three two one go they just
cannot produce that physically and mentally like this is an entire training
the others to take place the level of anxiety in that sport I thought I met
anxious people when I’m across with women or men like not even close first
two years of CrossFit everything is cool because CrossFit will make you increase
production of lactate and vo2 max so VL mxv vo2 max has been taking care of
through the different skills and everything then eventually you reach
that stage where they get good at well at the skill and so that now that means
that the lactate production goes down because a member of the better you are
the skill the less you have to work right so that means like that production
goes down so that means why winded need at that moment is production of lactate
which is VLE max training so that sprints all that stuff and then we need
to start putting the vo2 max training which is low low cardio in order to get
you the capacity to raise your so to get your capacity to oxalate like that as
fuel so we need we need basically the size of the arch so human body what do
you mean we know that weak give me a fucking break
like yes the human body can do anything nope that argument I know I’ve read it
it’s a complete bullshit DC you know why because we this is not understood we
still do they were still in their argument the Curie cycle it’s called the
lactate shuttle theory we still stock on it’s by the way we tested it like I can
tell you that the an hour week special are the lactate special is exactly the
fight-or-flight we tested it to pupil dilation through the lactate test you
know the threshold test we did it we can even do through enzyme in the saliva we
tested all of it on a 100 athletes we saw 100% of the time every time this is
a switch when you stop oxidizing like that because you’re shifting to a
different kind of energy system which is very powerfully going to kerosene that’s
cortisol adrenaline and Alistair we it’s by there we tested it it’s all based on
the lactate the problem is when you when you’re here that means acidity raises up
and here goes your by the way goes anxiety and everything I’ve ever seen it
was I think to one our pics ago where that lady was one of the favorite for
the marathon at the 5k you could see her face started changing or pilla me
literally she had to quit she she could not kid like you know all the stress and
everything she went there she couldn’t run anymore it’s crazy so it’s not that
simple like it’s but it goes through this this goes through the heart I’ll
talk about it during the seminar but the heart is his own brain and his own
nervous system he produces an electromagnetic field 60 times stronger
than the brain it’s insane the stuff that is out there that we don’t talk
about it’s bananas like we have fun every system the heart the heart
produces as much oxytocin as a brain everybody needs and stress all friggin depending on when
they’re treating so I’m gonna explain right so do to max training right let’s
say the person so lots of things ie you have two types of people you have the
under control and the overall control but most of your super anxious people
although controller right you’ll see notice that’s your endurance people so
they’re going to need to produce lactate but let’s go with the vo2 max first for
example right so most people they’re gonna have to be able to all the the
anxiety or stuff that is left lowering themselves now down regulating
themselves like cups stuff like that they’re going to do it through the slow
training sessions flow cardio right because you need to oxidate all the
stuff that they produce all those letters to be down regulated right so
how do we do that we do so vo2 max training so for example what’s the best
way to trigger a flow state so I we played with this that means vo2 max min
that means low cardio so how do you know look we’re gonna go pure nasal breathing
inhale exhale through the nose you have two ways of knowing you’re going too
fast you start to lose the breathing second of all you start to have
intrusive thought patterns emerging you know when you’re running you’re in the
flow you can concentrate on yourself and you go a little bit faster and insulin
you start you start thinking about choking someone I’m the only one you
have intrusive thought patterns right you start to have stuff that sells you
from left right you can’t concentrate anymore that’s a switch to find a
sympathetic you’re going too fast so intrusive subperiosteal nasal
breathing right in order to stop you from going I to ensure Steve thought
patterns there is something to observe projects created which is a safe and
sound protocol uses for testicles which is high frequency high frequency high
frequency sounds right you know what is the best high frequency sound out there
we tried it Disney Princesses songs I am dead serious I am I am dead sir I got I got the whole
list why do you want so why because it’s high-frequency sound that promote a bar
sympathetic response you prominent it promotes safety I think I shall it on
Spotify that’s my favorite to forget exactly so so we have done that but you
have to understand at that stage he works 45 minutes of that it’s not a
training session look at it at emotional active recovery whatever you want it’s
not a training session it’s a view to max session just so for an hour 45
minutes an hour of slow running with a high frequency sound allow you to
trigger safety which basically will bring this stage right there and pure
nasal breathing pure nasal breathing and then on the other side if you need to
start producing lactate right and stuff like that that’s when the sled comes in
then you can put whatever hardcore music you want I like the mongolian hardcore
the you’llyou’ll group anybody it’s so good
alright so good you guys need to explore more things and
so basically what we’re doing is we’re doing both sides of the arch you need
both sides then after that it’s a matter of this and you know like for example
you see athletes that are becoming great at doing all those workouts but they
can’t push the 12 minute workouts anymore that means you spend too much
time here you need to basically go to other side of the arch a little bit more
now that being said you need that too because otherwise you never develop the
skill of CrossFit which is putting it together so that’s when the play you
start to play with this never want to make that choice right so
we make it for them that’s my job I’m daddy yeah that’s my job right so but
that’s when the low West comes in is like if you you have to give them the
less chances possible to to quit which means you can’t bring too much skill
into the movement you like I’m in the atmosphere to create like that that
becomes a two-degree yeah so for example like the breathing is an example like I
can give you the physiological markers if you want like for example you will
see like the pupil dilation you’ll start to see this right that tells you you’re
in flight but for you on the third Paragons you don’t want you go from I’m
hunting the workout to am being hunted by the workout that’s a sign you know
like when you start in during you know when you start in during the workout
your thought pattern changes you’ve been there you know where you’re there and
then you’re like you’re active within the workout or like I’m killing this
you’re my bitch and then you become the bitch doing this anyway your thought
pattern becomes very passive never ever just me yeah not just me your your
thought pattern goes from doing to entering so there are physical markers
you can recognize in people you know like when you stop you see people losing
this you’re like when they focus they turn into this that’s a sign so you can
recognize it and within yourself the thought pattern tells you when you start
to go there so the question becomes though how often do we want to go there
do we want to go there often do we go some people they get like panic attacks
when you put them there alright so if you do that too often you end up with
people I just end up in freeze that becomes the question is how often do I
take you there if I take you there often I’m gonna have to do a lot of like the
Disney Princess stuff to bring you back because you can’t just leave on one side
will crush you that’s why after six weeks before the game after the games
you have a massive like your bit up physically but mentally for modern Arab
you’re fucked I mean adapter competition that’s the
hosting like you follow the horse you have to go back because otherwise you’ll
be scaled forever so to me there’s a moment when you go there if that’s the
session then fuck it like I don’t want you to go there on a 20 minute Iman but
if it’s astray then we go there or fuck it we’re going there
forget nasal breathing with mouth breeze and it’s like Super Saiyan oh thank you
I was going to be upset otherwise Super Saiyan more dangerous fucking go for it
and you go no crash after but that’s the point that one you’re gonna crash you we
just can’t do that like that’s my problem with that post
from HQ saying like just go faster you can’t do this every day if you do this
every day like you like we all tried I think right that’s me as a white belt
community – it doesn’t work man it’s not possible I give them a five-minute
speech I skip the shit up everybody yeah cuz I’m like I’m gonna kill all you but
just know I’ll die with you but I’m gonna marry you first right so you would
even see me die because you’ll be laying in a yeah that was my thing I’m daddy on
that one I’m not mummy no one we do that fuck yeah
well okay someone has to be daddy wants you in water because that’s what this is
if you go into this going you you’re already here you’re already lost so why
are you training anyway why are you showing up at the gym four times a week
not to get results at some point we have like dude you still
stop someone okay someone look like you come to me to lose weight it’s six
months later you’ve got you’ve gained 10 pounds we need to have a conversation
like and don’t bullshit me about the fact that you’re only chicken and
broccoli that’s not true I know that’s not true you know that’s not true
right so what’s you know body has to come to this so when we go into that
session that’s the Saturday during the seminar I’m like I don’t care it’s like
and if I see you base you’re doing one more and then one more and then
everybody will do one more cause I’ll make you feel bad in front of everybody
until I’m gonna get the fucking thing out of you now you might hate me but
you’re gonna push well but someone has to be dead you have to know what this
feels like right otherwise you can paste your way through everything but then you
never gonna win anything then what the fuck are we doing all this I mean so yes
no but that’s okay but that says please of course all the time right so I have
to learn that I can humiliate the guys that women don’t like it as much
who knew it’s funny I know right who knew right so but you create a safe
place that’s a no role that’s a culture in your class that is safe so for
example and never let someone do that on the snatch it’s on the sled because why
are you not taking two more steps so I might go to a guy and say you pussy do
give me two more steps Val I have never scream Arielle one time because I would
have never worked but I never let her get away with thing either she start
crying I’m at bullshit shot yeah you’re right and then she would do one more set
so yeah but she knew she was safe with me it’s just like in that training
session I’m not mommy so but that doesn’t mean
I’m not gonna have ADD moment be mommy and create a very safe environment but
I’m gonna let them know that this session there is an intent to it and
there’s a reason why we’re doing it at that particular moment
I don’t care what and they bind because I’m like once in a while by the way if
we go into the hard way of stuff this is going to influence directly your heart
right so let me show the signals from the heart to the brain right happens to
touch a particular part of the brain that is where your sense of self resides
so that means that your sense of self actually comes from the signals from the
heart to the brain there are more signals coming from the heart to the
brain and to bring to the heart and what monitors the signals of the heart right
is the same part of the brain that is your sense of self so that means that
all this will directly touch your sense of self so I’m like remember how much
you hate your husband good put it on that because that is your way to get
your self-esteem up to get all that stuff all that all the stuff that you
need to build yourself up this is when it happens it doesn’t happen here and it
certainly doesn’t happen there this is when you look inside where you have that
emotional recovery that’s where mommy is it’s right there that’s why the Disney
Princesses all I should that’s where mommy is this is a daddy
moment where you get to express your more masculine energy possible so you
can build your self-esteem that’s where it’s built when you fucking die on the
sweat but you gave you all you’ve done that we all done it and after the
session you’re like you dying inside you hate me but you know you’ve accomplished
something that’s because literally Danny nourish stem is directly linked to your
sense of self so what do you see you see the pace of that hard are gonna yeah how
do you feel how you are yeah they don’t have the greatest sense of self they
usually feel insecure and all that stuff there’s a direct direct correlation
between you and security and your capacity to push because of that baby
amongst other things so we have to go there
and that requires being that it he was puking good fun right so what
happened is this side so you do this yeah because what happened is it becomes
a master on producing but you can’t use it for shit right and so again like
we’re going back to raising acidosis as CDT and all that stuff that’s
honestly the the whole thing with this is understanding it that’s really what
made me understand how true this was it’s like it’s not enough to produce you
have to use it’s not enough to use you have to produce so that means we are
constantly gonna fight a battle about are they producing enough and now they
using it correctly and it’s gonna be that constant line so whenever you see
em is getting really good at the sweat then you know you don’t have to make
sure that is increasing that as well because otherwise we’re gonna have a
problem and then when I get really good at that CrossFit workout they’re gonna
start pacing soon right so eventually when you start to build this too much
and you can’t use it right certain tricks of the brain will start to put
you here and so the puking on myself becomes a way of the body to go no I’m
not doing it because past the level where is that it becomes damaging to a
degree right and so it becomes trick so you don’t have to go there so we’re we
have to do is we establish the arch the arch because we are not here anymore
fully close to it like we start to flow out this way and usually again the brain
is very good at this if you start to fuck around with the higher brain
function he will shut you down like you would take an actual barrier at baddest
age for you to go like you just your trainer won’t be enough it’s too selfish
brain theory you have the same problem with obesity where all the stuff that
they eat they can’t use and so for the you know higher brain fashion as energy
and so they constantly hungry because the brain wants that energy but is not
getting it because every time they get the glucose in you just turns straight
to fat because their system is so fucked up so they’re hungrier and hungrier so
the failure they are the hungrier they get and so
it’s a nasty thing when you and so do and then of course the worst your system
becomes their hungrier you get so it’s to the brain is very good at this
all right that’s what it does that’s a higher brain function is our latest
evolution stage so anytime we start to flow too much it gets here this is where
you don’t want to be so you know two years three years of crossfit games boom
freeze where they call a duel in fatigue you can train for six months you can
have quite a fuck happen that’s basically although higher brain function
going no and it gets very good at it so that’s why maintaining that arch is so
important so to get all the you know that a rape feeling from all those
training session that is so hard this is a bad thing because especially with the
the music like that the high frequency sound is doctor approaches it’s not mine
just so you know he’s a guy who imitated Chhavi and all that stuff right it
allows you to look inside so instead of being completely reactive to environment
you know like always always basically being almost a slave to the outside
world you get to look in your brain doesn’t have to continuously be alert to
a danger so you’re not constantly under threat you get to be in a safe place we
spend way too much time under stress all of us by the way because of the way we
train then after a while you become like that overall control freak because
you’re always looking for a threat everything becomes a threat because you
always reactive that’s what coffee will do to you it will make you constantly
looking for threats constantly constantly constantly we need that look
in and that’s why the vo2max training is but there requires that because it can
be a threat so that low stuff not too fast nasal breathing completely
in a bubble and that will do wonders for that kind of stuff it’s very very
important I don’t use it as a training session for me it’s forty five minutes
run I know it actually has emotional recovery yeah we call it active
meditation so people understand it is not a training session and you start
sweating from your forehead you know you’re going too fast
it’s a sympathetic reaction so this we’ve been playing with this a lot and
he has worked wonders on anxiety it works really well questions are I’m sure you go we all
have to go work at some time yeah I’m getting better I’m actually
running faster this is the proper call I guess it’s
more cleaning up the signals and anything else right I have no idea
probably I don’t care no I go the key for me was first of all sleep always
that’s how I know I’m doing good his sleep patterns always and after where he
was mental clarity okay now you know do I know my see my can I interpret my own
signals if I can’t that means I’m being too reactive I mean the sympathetic side
so can I look in and then the third for me is running
can I read the the shit that I read for three hours straight that tells me that
my brain is where I wanted to be mental clarity yeah
and that if I if I have that then training is wait anyway because I don’t
I mean at that stage I don’t need to convince myself to train so if I’m if I
have enough of this he has ready intensity of my training
complete so bad that makes me up a little bit at first because I thought I
was tired from that no I was tired from my training increasing so I kind of let
on me out and then I adjusted yep that’s it stuff more coming at the seminar yeah
because I can go into the heart and all that stuff we’re good you

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  1. That is awesome. What if I want to train in internal torque ( so parasympathetic ) all week long, should I eat some carbs before it ? And you said that parasympathetic is an chill state so training hard in internal torque is in the middle of parasympathetic and sympathetic because of the moving and all that stuff

  2. Is there a link to the podcast that was mentioned at 35:05?

    The research seems to acknowledge that the brain can, in fact, run on lactate as you mention but only(typically) during strenuous activity when blood lactate levels are elevated. Do you have a resource that explains the conversion of glucose into lactate before the brain can use it as energy?

    Question: 35:05

    Answer: 36:36
    "Lactate utilization by the adult brain increases during lactate infusions and strenuous exercise that markedly increase blood lactate levels. Lactate can be an ‘opportunistic', glucose-sparing substrate when present in high amounts, but most evidence supports glucose as the major fuel for normal, activated brain."

    "Strenuous exercise increases blood lactate levels and floods the brain with an alternative substrate that is oxidized in increased amounts.

  3. It seems like it would be a lactate clearance issue more than a lactate production issue in the general population (Lower blood lactate concentrations in higher trained clients)?

    In the case of a sled push the untrained individual would hit a much higher level of blood/lactate concentration much quicker than a trained athlete, correct?

  4. Not the major topic here,
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