Taco Bell did it again…

Taco Bell did it again…

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week This is this is crazy. All right They released it first in 2016 Then they released it again in 2016 Then they released it in 2017 2018 again in 2018 and Now in 2019 it’s back It’s making the rounds again It had to you know, if it if it didn’t come back I wouldn’t even know what to do anymore I would shut down it would be like, you know, my my mental algorithm. They would just break and I would just I’d be dead in the water Taco Bell has brought back the triple double crunchwrap, and I got to be honest This is this has been one of their items that I’ve actually looked forward to because you know Taco Bell can be one of those places. That’s its hit or miss sometimes. Yeah, sometimes some items look they’re great They take them away. It’s like, you know, you can’t have it anymore and some items are just so You know, it’s hit or miss but from the experiences that I’ve had with this item in the past Anyway, I’ve been satisfied with it. So I’m excited about this one the triple double crunchwrap originally released in 2016 And the first time it kind of went around the block. I tried it out I’m satisfied with it, but it’s back now for a limited time only You could see if you can hear it actually triple double crunchwrap does come with a built in killer stereo system So bad Actually what it does come with no stereo included most of the time unless you get the stereo deluxe one Then you’re set. It does come though with two servings of beef nacho cheese sauce a crunchy testigo shell Lettuce tomato, and then it’s all wrapped up in a tortilla So as the name tries to imply You know, I expressed confusion about this once and I’m gonna do it again just for the heck of it Yeah, they call it a triple double crunch wrap Right, and then this is one of those things a name is always Gotten me, right? the regular crunch wrap That has the layers Right the one layer and then that’s it Triple double crunch wrap so that means You would have to double the crunch wrap already So you would have the two layers right be double crunch wrap and then you triple it And so that would make make it have six layers This only has two layers of beef. So the name never ceases to perplex But it doesn’t come with six layers maybe one day they will just for the heck of it just to mess around and be daring but for now just Comes with two layers, but it’s called a triple double crunchwrap But either way you can get this for three dollars 49 cents Or you can get it as a five dollar combo box. You can see the closer I put this to the camera the louder the music gets Comes with you can get the combo box over five dollars It comes with the hard shell taco cinnamon twists medium drink, and of course this I always recommend going with the combo box So I wasn’t very hungry today So I just went with the standard triple double crunch wrap and there it is in the triple and double crunch wrap pouch Right there Copyright has got some good Shakira in the background there solid solid music choice That’s what it looks like, has that weight to it You can see right there and I’m gonna try and talk over the music as much as I can But you can definitely see it’s stuffed That musical ambience you go and see that’s what it looks like kind of like a Hexagon I suppose there it is once again, so yeah, it hasn’t wait to it. I think it’s definitely loaded up I’m gonna try it out. We yeah, we just powered through it. We know what’s in it. I know what’s in it You know what’s in it, maybe even the guy who was playing the music knows what’s in it So we’re just gonna try it out We’re gonna see how it is how it compares to how it used to be so we’ll try out the triple double crunchwrap from Taco Bell going in and now this would have been the best time for them to keep with the music and you could listen to some some tuneage, but Alas, they went away, but this is going in now Yeah, it definitely does have its ingredients Loaded in there. I just got a nice mouthful of nacho cheese, which you can kind of actually see Right right up there right where I’m kind of pressing my thumb and kind of see that nacho cheese there And we’ll try out one more bite Now see It’s for this reason I’m pretty much this reason exclusively Why I’ve always been a fan. I’m still satisfied with it, right you’re saying thank god, this is over You know now you know that he’s satisfied with it. Well, there you go But it’s for this reason. I’ve always been satisfied and I still AM this time around It’s because of the the portion size you’re getting for the price Ideally, you know, I’ve always kind of I’ve always wished that there is more more beef into Taco Bell tacos Really when it comes down to any Taco Bell item it always seems like you know I just wish there could be more beef in it and Finally like this is how I think ideally any Crunchwrap should be to begin with But I like that for just close the price. We had down here 3 dollars and 49 cents you can bite into this And I mean you’re getting your money’s worth at least sometimes you know, you feel a little cheated or whatever But you’re getting your money’s worth, you know There’s a lot of seasoned beef in this you even get a lotta nacho cheese to compliment that And you know, you also get the lettuce the tomato There is some sour cream in there too that you know blends together Well, and it’s like it just blends together what it all comes together it all ties together. It’s very flavorful I do like how the sour cream you can definitely It stands out to you despite. Sometimes a seasoned beef and the cheese, you know, it’s a very harmonious mixture but sour cream it just it stands out there and it’s just a good little little alternative bit of flavor The tomatoes, you know, I wish there were a couple more Tomatoes one if they kind of get lost in there They’re few and far between but what tomatoes there are are flavorful. Anyway, I Can actually tell that their freshest time around which is which is surprising but One thing I’ve always been a fan of the triple-double Crunchwrap a set. They just have a good portion size I’m like the fact that you’re actually getting a good amount of beef. It tastes good and I remember when I first tried this one out I was worried that it was it’s gonna be like a soupy mess like, you know how some of it can be We’re just all the juices and the sauce and all that just gets so wrapped up. It’s like it like its liquid here No, I was gonna reference another thing that that’s not appropriate to that the content of the review but You know, it doesn’t end up like this You can definitely see you can see the sauce in there and all the cheese and all that but you know It maintains its solidity very nicely I’m just gonna try it out with a little bit of the fire sauce for the heck of it You can get a spicy variant, but it’s always good to just be able to control the amount of spice that you want so I go with the fire sauce right there Let’s try it out quick for you Mm-hmm Yeah fire sauce gives it that little extra kick, which is good to have anyway, so Once again for it feels like this is like the sixth time I’ve reviewed it Maybe it’s the fourth or third time. But either way, I know I’ve tried this many times a few years after they originally released it still maintaining the standards and for that I’m gonna give this a seven out of ten Yeah, I think for what it is. Anyway, it’s pretty good. Not the world’s best I wish there were a couple more tomatoes on it, but for Taco Bell item, I’m pretty satisfied with it That’s all that I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week and do keep in mind Someone was asking the other day. They were saying do you have any t-shirts? I was thinking to myself. Well, I Started up a a teespring store back in 2017, and I do my best to try to promote them I try not to be so in-your-face about it but it is good to just let the world know it exists if you are interested in getting any reviewbrah merch, be that a t-shirt Tank top. You want to be real stylish and wrap the reviewbrah tank top go for it. You’ll be the talk of the town If you want to get any coffee mugs stickers posters or anything Check it out Why not teespring.com/stores/thereportoftheweek That’s teespring.com/stores/thereportoftheweek It’s a fun way to support this channel And now you can rep your own reviewbrah merch if you so choose with that. That’s all I have for you Thank you for watching. Take care and have a wonderful weekend

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