Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit

Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit

“Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit” If you have people eat half
a grapefruit 3 times a day before each meal for
a couple months, they may lose
about 2 pounds, but that’s no more than if they
ate 3 apples or pears a day. In this study the
grapefruit eaters not only saw their
weight go down, but their waist
get slimmer, and their body
fat melt away. But if you repeat
the experiment and instead just ask
people to drink a half cup of water
before each meal, you get the
same result. So this belief that
grapefruit has some special fat burning quality appears
to be just a long-held myth.
Here’s the latest, showing grapefruit consumers
had a drop in weight, significant drop
in cholesterol, significant drop
in blood pressure. Conclusion: This study suggests that
consumption of grapefruit daily or 6 weeks does NOT significantly
decrease body weight, cholesterol, or blood pressure.
What?! That made me do a
little double take, but again, it’s because the grapefruit
just didn’t do any better than placebo. Other studies have found a legitimate
cholesterol lowering benefit, especially eating red as
opposed to white grapefruits, and even a little dip
in triglycerides. This was one grapefruit
a day for 30 days, but as you can
see though, they went from one life-threatening
cholesterol level to another life-threatening
cholesterol level. To prevent heart disease,
you really have to get down to a total cholesterol
of around 150, the average cholesterol of those eating diets composed
exclusively of plant foods, not just grapefruits. Even though grapefruits
alone don’t do much, the researchers suggest that
people might be more likely to stick with them than
cholesterol lowering drugs, noting that most people
with heart disease stop taking their statin drugs
within a couple years because of the adverse
side effects. Whereas grapefruit alone
don’t have any side-effects, but, ironically, combine
grapefruits and drugs together and you can make drug
side-effects even worse. Now, hopefully if you eat lots
of fruits and veggies you won’t need a
lot of drugs, but certain phytochemicals
in plants can affect the metabolism
of drugs in the body, and grapefruit is
the poster child, described as a pharmacologist’s
nightmare. Natural phytochemicals in
grapefruit suppress the enzymes that help
clear more than half of commonly
prescribed drugs, and so less drug clearance means
higher drug levels in the body. Now, this may be good if you
want a better caffeine buzz from your
morning coffee, or your doctor wants
to help you save thousands of dollars boosting the
effects of expensive drugs, instead of just peeing
them down the toilet. But higher drug levels may mean
higher risk of side effects. Women taking the pill are at
higher risk of blood clots, particularly, perhaps if they
have been consuming grapefruit. Taking the pill with
grapefruit may increase blood
concentrations by 137%. If suppressing our drug
clearance enzymes with grapefruit juice elevates
level of ingested estrogen, what might it be doing to
our own estrogen levels? This study, associating
grapefruit consumption with breast cancer freaked
out the medical community, but subsequent studies on
even larger groups of women found no evidence
of a link, and in fact if anything,
the Harvard Nurse’s Study a decreased risk of the
scariest breast cancer type, so it doesn’t look
like one has to worry about grapefruit affecting
our natural chemistry, but for those prescribed
unnatural chemistries, it may be a good idea to discontinue
grapefruit consumption for 72 hours before use of a
drug that may interact with it. If you don’t want to give
up your grapefruit, you can ask your
doctor about switching from one of the grapefruit
affected drugs like Lipitor to one of the citrus-proof

23 thoughts on “Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit

  1. Bad things can happen to good people too (illnesses, even with good immune system; cancers) and you can have some previous damage to be fixed immediately, rather than waiting for the diet to kick in. (e.g. statins, blood pressure reduction)
    That said, many of the drugs are prescribed frivolously, especially antibiotics and NSAIDs.

  2. They tell you to eat grapefruit because it's disgusting. Therefore putting you off healthy plant-based eating in general.

  3. …So if taking certain prescribed drugs it is best not to prolong their time in the body inadvertently and uncontrolled by taking half a grapefruit every day or indeed drinking pure grapefruit juice. I get it, but has anyone thought it worth mentioning that goes for a week or so before going in to hospital for scheduled clinical or medical procedures such as perhaps a Barium meal or a general anaesthetic! One's body is stuffed full on drugs intravenously with a g.a. and I who am not prone to a weakness with medication was 'floored' by a reaction between a G.A. and a well known upsetting anti-biotic too close together; Amoxiclav / Augmentin, I was 'sick at both ends' and so weak. Of course I supplemented my salts with Dyralyte drink hydrating regularly but back to the grapefruit… I thought it useful to draw folks attention to a g.a. being drugs too. 'The grapefruit effect' good make one ill in that situation without realising why and after surgery is the very last moment you want to be made ill and weak and stay off the Poppy seeds at the same time! 😉

  4. Thanks – system that encourages doctors who are usually all about the money on a par with helping people, or who might only be actors in white coats to convey useful information to the general public. It's been swell – but that's an ailment for another day. 😉 I'd like to say you're good enough to eat, but hey!… Bite me! You might want to lay off the facial hair growth supplements there Doc, 'clean shaveness' is next to… Hygeine-ness buddy… In fact I don't think I've ever seen a doctor with a beard, in the flesh!

  5. In another video Dr. Greger recommends eating water cress which also inhibits cytochrome P450 CYP2E1, just saying…

  6. There are two people in my family with high blood pressure and take meds. Not only does grapefruit effect their medicine levels, but pomegranite juice, ginger and chia seeds do it also. It results in huge drops in their pressure.

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