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  1. This is a good example of how silly Allopathic Medicine has become. I like and recommend veggies, beans, etc. But, please recognize our biases show through, with is unaware. Double-blind, controlled studies… and observational studies… might not be the only means of ascertaining Truth. There are plenty of "studies" that report this. I'd like to see a vid by you that discusses this honestly and forthrightly, but I suspect I'll be waiting a good while for such. Methodology is important.

  2. Problem is now the vegetables and fruit now a days it's just as contaminated and modified just like the animals have been. I realize eating veggies is still best but who knows down the road how eating all the veggies with chemicals you can't wash off will affect the world?

  3. You mentioned soy soya products there is research to suggest that soy negatively effects you in various way especially your endocrine system. No all plants are good for you.

    A the idea of waiting on medical consensus can be applied to various things antivax, free birth etc.

  4. I have NEVER seen or heard of a society, modern or ancient, that lived exclusively on plants. 97% fruits and vegetables like that Mexican tribe in the mountains but nowhere 100% plants.

  5. I just stumbled into your channel, Dr. G. I have advanced prostate cancer. Finding you may have saved my life! I am a lucky guy. Thank you!

  6. Yes, we can't all go vegan because the an-ag industry will suffer revenue losses, oh nooooooo! Sad to see that this idea still persists as a "rebuttal" to plant-based diets all these decades later.[sigh] TFP.

  7. i'm really surprised he has made a video on Diatomaceous earth

    it made my life 10 times better and many buddies tried it and made a boost hair skin nails and kills parasites

  8. Almost all the fish americans get delivered at the groceries store are from the mekong delta in vietnam. They are highly polluted. Do not buy it. Krogers offers many kinds of fish from china and other asian rim countries. Swia is a big one.

  9. I feel like you stopped the video in the middle of nowhere. Why don't you give us the corelation between eating just fruits and vegetables and depression?

  10. A big reason why most people will never go vegan is the food itself. Most people do not want to eat pounds of beans, lentils, salads and other processed garbage that mimics meat products day in day out. It's a miserable existence which is why veganism has a high drop out rate.

  11. The best available evidence right now is that cancer eats carbs, sugar (same thing) and glutimine. Eat what you want, but you may want to be fat adapted(ketosis) before your cancer comes. Because it will.

  12. The words "processed meat" are regularly used. Can someone define that? My ground beef is 100% grass fed from a closed loop farm, but the cow has to be taken to a facility to be processed into 1# packages for my consumption. I don't eat much red meat anymore after viewing many of these videos at NutritionFacts, but would like some clarity.

  13. Thank you sooo much for putting this out there and for all of your beautiful work!!! It is sooo appreciated!!! You have changed my family's lives and we are happy and healthy, in huge part, because of your courage and efforts – Thank You!!! 💟💟💟

  14. Processed meat causes cancer? Now tell me what is in them? Sugar and or vegetable oils….. Duh.

    Plantbased crap.

    Processed food is bad,.. period. Processed plantbased food too.

    No need to fixate at the meat part.

  15. People let's get something straight.
    Cancer arises through dirty glucose metabolism which damages mitochondria and dna. This mitochondrial damage impairs communication between the cell nucleas and the cell reverts to the ancient genes it has for glucose/glutimine fermentation. Which acidifies the microenvironment realeasing lactic acid, acettyl acetate, and glutimine further damaging dna and glutimine prompting the body to protect the glucose covered cancer cells while it continues to eat glucose realeasing more acids and repair signals. Bottom line is only red blood cells are proven to NEED glucose as they have no mitochondria. Get off the carbs and sugars they are posion.

  16. De. Mark Hyman has a very different opinion about meat, and he has many followers. Many believe Americans got fat and sick from the low fat guidelines of the 80's, yet in fact Americans never truly followed a low fat diet, they just ate more refined carb on top of the fatty diet. And now they believe in eating fat to get thin. I'm pessimistic about Americans future, and their dietary patterns strongly influence other nations'.

  17. So, anything that causes inflammation, harms the immune system or is a toxin the liver has to get rid of or store in fat causes cancer?

  18. Hopefully concerned humans in mass will start getting the message about the negative health consequences from eating animal products! The animals agriculture business needs to be held responsible for selling killer foods just like the cigarette companies. I expect law suits in the future because just like the cigarette companies they are out right lying, deceiving and covering up the evidence and facts.

  19. Fact

    Most will fail on the vegan diet long term. Reason being that once you've been introduced to the foods you grew up on, it's hard to forever give them up. At some point your craving for them will become too much. It's not like drugs. An addict? Ditch your dealers number and stop hanging around other druggies. With food, it's everywhere. Go to the grocery store to buy sweet potatoes, and right around the corner is that ice cream or steak, the foods you grew up on.

    Your mic the vegan, happy healthy vegan, etc are the absolute exception and not the rule

  20. The only animal products I eat are wild sockeye salmon (cooked in the oven in a foil parcel with nothing else in it) and raw local honey. I think it's healthy and I'm feeling better since adding it in my plant based diet.

  21. Why are so many vegan celebrities and YouTubers suffering from chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer after avoiding animal foods for so many years? How come so many vegans are uploading their “Why I’m no longer a vegan” videos by the dozens, full of testimonials of chronic ailments while undergoing a vegan diet? And worst of all, Why are vegans switching to a carnivore diet?
    Well, this should make us wonder if what Greger is talking about is real science. Pushing a vegan diet through bad science and cholesterol myths is detrimental to human health.
    Unfortunately, the facts are there in the news, anecdotal news if you wish, but they’re scary.
    Being vegans a low percentage of world’s population (1%), and vegan celebrities 1% of that 1%, it’s disturbing and saddening to find out that vegan celebrities are unfortunately suffering from cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, or mental disorders. You can find cases of the past, cases like Jay Dinshah founder of the American Vegan Society who died of a heart attack, despite being a vegan for over 40 years, or Biff Naked Canadian actress diagnosed with breast cancer after 10 years of veganism, or Ross Horne author of the book "Cancer-Proof Your Body" suffered and died of prostate cancer despite his 22 years as a raw vegan, or Harvey Milstein, Robin Gibb, Steve Jobs or Linda McCartney who even founded her own vegetarian brand of food. Bob Barker (the Price is Right & animal activist) is another example of a poor quality of life led by a vegan, his continuous health problems, accentuated in the nineties, suffered a couple of heart attacks, recurrent skin cancer, and hyperplasia. In 1999, he was subjected to an open heart surgery to widen his carotid artery, to avoid subsequent failures. He led a very fragile life until his death in his 90’s. And so, the list of famous vegans just goes on and on. There are many others who’ve died at an early age without letting us know what kind of affection they suffered, such is the case of Andreas Moritz. Do you know the cause of his death? I just read how Sinead O'Connor is suffering from high core bipolarity, watched a terrible video of hers at the edge of suicide. Robin Williams went vegan and worsened his condition, even Nathan Pritikin, author of the "Pritikin Diet", suffered leukemia, and in an act of extreme depression took his life. Morrisey, vegan song-writer sadly suffers from esophageal cancer.
    Although you can't link their diets to their chronic affections, it surely makes your eyebrow rise.
    Mmm… People who didn't have a bite of meat or eggs, not even a sip of milk in years?

  22. I thought consumption of Soy INCREASED risk of breast cancer (?). Quite confused and have to say with such conflicting information, it leads many, including myself to hold more loosely to what I learn about nutrition again and again.

  23. Rick Simpson, Stainslaw Burzinski, Second Opinion Sloan Kettering, Royal Rife, Ketogenic diet, TTAC, Gerson, man… If only there was some evidence…

  24. 3:36 they talk about protein deficiency in African children.

    It totally wasn’t the total food deprivation but the lack of meat 😉

  25. Since the world health organisation classified all processed meat as a group 1a carcinogen there’s been a massive and relentless effort to play down or discredit the findings saying things like it’s nothing to worry about or it’s not absolute proof or it’s ok to just eat a little bit. Well call me old fashioned but I There’s people out there trying to kill us 😱

  26. The more I read, listen to, and watch Greger's content, the better I like him. Love the humor, the wacky delivery, the love behind the science. I'm starting to think he's an angel that accidentally fell to earth to help out us suffering humans. Go, Greger!

  27. hi everyone I am about to start a 30 day vegetarian challenge mostly to lose weight and to see if there is a difference in how my body feels because I am also seriously thinking about becoming a vegetarian. u guys are welcomed to join. let me know if anyone is interested.

  28. Thanks for this information Dr Greger. You know, you're one of the very few people in the public eye that I actually trust and your videos are invaluable and much needed…keep up the great work!!

  29. If you don't change what you were eating when you developed cancer, you can't expect different results. Never heard of anyone being admitted to a hospital from eating to much vegetables and fruit nut seeds and grains. Can the same be said with animal products?

  30. My Father has prostate cancer that spread up his spine to his neck. I’ve been telling my parents what I have learnt yet they think it’s too late to change their diets or the damage has already been done and that they are too old. Or purely just want to stay ignorant.

  31. I wonder: has there been a study which shows people diagnosed with allergies , while on the SAD diet, are no longer allergic when they switch to a WFPB diet? I was "told" , in 2009, I am allergic to Milk and Soy and Cantaloupe… long story short been, on a wfpd diet for almost a year and would really like to cook with soy and tofu ect ect., But have to wonder if I could now consume these products. No one else in the home is allergic, so its been a challenge.

  32. I don't give a f*ck about the income of meat industry, I care about my health. I'm not vegan but I'm trying to reduce the intake of meat and cows milk. The one that I find hard to do is reducing sugar intake but I won't give up. 😎

  33. This is very revealing. I do wish that our public schools and universities would require a course in nutrition and chronic disease prevention that was based on the current research and the historical data on smoking and cancer.

  34. I agree with the video overal, but your "huh" after 4:12 neglects the fact the some vegans have literally killed their baby(ies) by neglecting to give their child(ren) the needed fat and other nutrients in the form or breast milk. After about toddler years the vegan diet is researched based to be beneficial for everyone, but for newborns, breast feeding is still best.

  35. Most of the fruits and vegetables sold nowadays are full of chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. Even fruits and vegetables are carcinogenics.
    I think we should eat the napkins 😂

  36. I agree with this.. but i think cutting out sugar should be a big part of it as well. Unprocessed plant fats are a good replacement.

  37. It is now time to respond to the fast “unhealthy” food industry and its franchises. This can be led by
    the MDs and other professions who so eloquently explain the reason it is needed.

    I envision such a response would use the McDonald's playbook starting with its golden arches. Instead of arches a giant silver V would be underlined with the franchise name: Whofoplaba (short for Whole Food Plant Based). It would serve both take-out and dine-in.

    A super salad bar offering no less than 25 vegies would be the center piece. Of course itdwould include nuts and seeds. The menu would range from raw broccoli and cauliflower with a wide choice of hummus dip to cooked rice and beans, steamed vegetables, varieties of starches including baked potatoes. To round out the menu selections choices can be made from the many vegan recipes created and already published. A highlight would be where customers could request customized personal plates.

    A bonus for customers would be their opportunity to purchase many of the Whofoplaba books available.

    McDonalds is successful because it bought the land upon which it built the structure. Thus it had absolute control of what was offered and how it was managed, else the franchisee would be have to go.

    I am addressing this suggestion to the many Whofoplaba doctors and other professionals, some of who are listed below.
    To T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, John A. McDougall, MD,Joel Fuhrman MD, Neal Barnard, MD, Brooke Goldner, MDMichael Greger, MD, Michael Klaper, MD, Joel Kahn, M, Pamela A. Popper, PhD, ND, Garth Davis, MD,Alan Goldhamer, DC,Doug Lisle, PhD,Robert Ostfeld, MD, MS, Ellsworth Wareham, MD, Matthew Lederman, MD, Alona Pulde, MD, Dean Ornish MD, Ron Weiss MD, Robert Lustig MD, Joanne Kjong MD, Anthony Lim MD, Brenda Dsavuas RS, Micelle McMacken MD, Tati Kvis MD, Benjamin Benulis MD, and so many more.

    I am also asking the vegan community to offer your support as future customers. On March 1, 2019 I start my third year as a vegan. Two years ago I was obese, had diabetes and high blood pressure. After watching the youtube videos of most of those listed above, I am no longer obese and do not have high blood pressure or diabetes. I am 78 years of age and hope to make it to 100.

  38. Eggs are not mentioned here. Not sure the video should be titled 'the best advice' if it does not point out the relationship between eggs (IGF1) and cancer growth.

  39. I enjoy a whole food plant based diet . Wish i knew all this before deing diagnosed with cancer . I,m still alive however . Thanks for these vidios on nutrition facts .

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