The Magical VEGAN Kanten Thread that will make you eat less!!! 糸寒天 | Yael & Roy’s Mania

The Magical VEGAN Kanten Thread that will make you eat less!!! 糸寒天 | Yael & Roy’s Mania

you see something that it reminds you of
me then you say oh this crazy girl will like it hello again so first of all we
want to apologize for bad lighting and rain noises you’re gonna hear because
it’s really wintery here today yeah but it means it’s a good day to drink miso
soup but not just miso soup right Roy is making miso so we can try this product
this is today’s product it’s basically gelatine yeah made from seaweed yeah
which is good because its not from animals the reason we got it is really simple: this girl likes
everything that has weird texture to it so that’s why we got that it doesn’t
have any taste to it, zero calories, it’s vegan, it’s 80% fibers, exactly, and
basically it should be like gelatine but made from man seaweed
some kind of noodles that are basically gelatin noodles. alright let’s open it always look for the crack smells like nothing! yeah. oh okay, Wow! if
you’re a vegan it’s a really good substance for you; and supposed to be
very filling so it’s good for a diet and you can
probably find it in three different forms: and can see it as powder so you can
make sweets from that, you can see it as flakes or kind of like that
which is noodles almost. yeah you can put it on salad… you need to soak it in water
and then put it on top of salads. we just gonna put it in a miso soup and see how
it is how it feels like to eat it. alright I’m gonna make the soup Negi? no… yeaa of course! You can see the texture it become kinda… Jelly-like i like it
it will be great with salats it dosnt have any taste of its own you’re dropping
everything! whoopsie you like a five-year-old kid trying to eat
something! that’s your job! it actually makes it like eating soup more fun.
like it. I enjoy it way more than thought I’m gonna enjoy. so you see, it’s
a good thing that you see something that it reminds you of me, then you say “oh
this crazy girl will like it” then you like it. yeah! you know instead of eating
noodles instead of eating rice instead of eating those carbs all the time. share this video comment! right there subscribe if you haven’t already. make her eat more
somehow. so that was Kanten and it was really good. we will definitely try some
other recipes with that right yep we have to. and we’re gonna put the links I
guess below for Amazon or Ebay where you can find; it even though I think you can
find it in any Asian store. it doesn’t have any smell, it doesn’t have any taste,
it’s plain, it’s very neutral and then when whatever you put it in it gets its
taste you know got it got the miso taste and it was really good
and.. I’m looking forward to do some other stuff with that. of course if you have
recipes ideas.. yeah… write it down (at the comment section ) alright so as usual : Ja Mata Kondo you

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  1. I put shirataki noodles (Konyaku – yam) in miso soup but now I have a new thing to try. If I can get hold of it. Thanks!

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