“The Most Dramatic Recoveries I’ve Seen On A Plant Based Diet!” Dr Pam Popper

“The Most Dramatic Recoveries I’ve Seen On A Plant Based Diet!” Dr Pam Popper

I’ve featured many amazing recovery stories
on my channel which demonstrate the power of a plant based diet. I love scientific data but I also love seeing
the whole food plant based diet at work in people’s lives and the transformations that
take place. All those videos are now in a playlist entitled
plant based transformations so make sure to check those out. In a recent poll on my channel you guys said
you wanted to hear from Dr Pam Popper. Dr Pam Popper Ph.D, N.D is founder and President
of Wellness Forum Health. Which offers educational programs to both
consumers and providers that facilitate informed medical decision-making, diet and lifestyle
intervention, and improved long-term health outcomes. So now let’s hear from Dr Popper as she
tells us 2 of the most dramatic recoveries she has seen amongst her patients on a plant
based diet. The link to the original video is in the description
below. The audio isn’t great so there are subtitles
available for this clip…. There are a couple that are just hard to believe
actually. One autoimmune, patient with autoimmune disease
in Canada was actually on the transplant list for a liver transplant. Most people die before they ever get a transplant
and because of his dedication and this guy wanted to live and realized he probably wasn’t
going to live long enough to get a liver and he cleaned up and I mean it was an overnight
change “I’m on board and I want to do this.” His health improved so much that he was told
by his doctor that he no longer qualified for the transplant, I think that’s pretty
remarkable, and that has happened a couple of times in our history. Another one that is just remarkable is one
of the younger people I’ve worked with, was born with Crohn’s disease and had never
had solid food at the age of 4, when the family came to me. And the protocol worked for her, this little
girl was off her medication, her SED rate returned to normal, she no longer has any
signs of Crohn’s disease, it’s like it never happened. So that’s pretty amazing, I love those stories. We’ve developed a protocol for inflammatory
bowel disease that places Crohn’s and colitis patients in remission in a few weeks. Our longest case of remission is 16 years
which is unheard of without any medication. And we’ve had hundreds of them like everybody
else, had diabetes its gone, rheumatoid arthritis, its gone. I have a lot of patients with rheumatoid arthritis,
it’s a horrible progressive disease, my mother died with it, my grandmother had it,
it runs in my family and we have boat loads of people who have rheumatoid arthritis who
do not have to take any medication. And the drugs are dreadful, you graduate for
the chemotherapy drugs and the biologics, it’s just awful so to be un medicated 10-12
years after a diagnosis of RA is pretty amazing!

11 thoughts on ““The Most Dramatic Recoveries I’ve Seen On A Plant Based Diet!” Dr Pam Popper

  1. I eat canned beans everyday with fresh green leefy veg…thats my diet….is this gona fix my high bp..but i still drink alot of beer haha

  2. I eat aduki beans with my greens every day. I'm noticing much better I'm feeling & how my indigestion is going away. I'm feeling so much better. Thank u for all the info u send me.

  3. There must be case reports published to document these unbelievable recoveries especially the liver transplant candidates. These are the references you should provide to go along with this video of anecdotes.

  4. Glad you've change your name from 80 10 10. Too many bad associations with that diet. Always liked your chanel now will be far more comfortable to share

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