The Original Personality Test? | Ancient Nutrition

The Original Personality Test? | Ancient Nutrition

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, here to talk to you about
personalized medicine, that is actually over 3,000 years old. It’s called the Five
Elements of Chinese Medicine. Now, if you’re a person like me and you love in-depth and
advanced nutrition principles, this is probably the most in-depth nutrition on the entire planet. Now, about 3,000 years
ago, physicians in China started studying different
types of behaviors and people and personalities
and health problems and they found that there are
five different types of people similar to if you’ve ever taken a Myers-Briggs or
Enneagram test, you’ll know that different people have
different personalities. What they found, according
to Chinese medicine, is that based on your personality, you’re going to have different
emotions compared to others and you’re going to be
wired a specific way but your specific wiring
and your own DNA and your own makeup for yourself actually is really important
when it comes to what you should be
eating on a daily basis and also what diseases you are
most susceptible to having. And so for instance, why
does one person come down with an autoimmune
disease when they’re sick, another person can get cancer, another person can get something
like chronic arthritis. Why does this happen? A lot of it has to do with
your, what’s called “element” in the Five Elements
of Chinese medicine. So I’m going to talk about these Five Elements of Chinese medicine. I’ll be talking about
this more in the future, but it’s really exciting stuff. So think about this as well. Different emotions cause
disease in specific organs. Did you know that? The emotions you experience. So think about this, if you
experience the emotion of fear or think about if a child
has a nightmare at night and they get really
scared, what can happen? They can wet the bed, so
the emotion of fear affects the kidneys, the bladder
and other areas of the body. And in Chinese medicine it was known that your reproductive organs, your kidneys and your adrenal glands are affected by the emotions of fear. So if you’re a person
that has a lot of fear in your life, that emotion of fear will cause dysfunction of
your reproductive health and it can cause infertility, PCOS, low testosterone in men and a number of other
health conditions. Adrenal fatigue is another one and that really relates to
a certain element as well. So I’m going to go
through the elements, the emotions, and the foods
that are best for each element. So the first element I just talked about is the water element. Now if you’re a water element, your personality type is very
go with the flow, very chill. Think about the Caribbean, right? And different nationalities
tend to be different elements. So somebody who is very go
with the flow, very chill these water elements tend to be the people you would go to for advice. They’re very deep,
they love philosophy, love reading, and they
tend to be introverts. Those people tend to have more fear, like fear of being
out in public too much or fear of failure, fear of letting somebody
down like their parents. Water elements can experience fear, but water elements when they
are balanced, have courage and they are known for
their wisdom there as well. In terms of best foods for
water elements, dark colored foods, such as
blueberries, blackberries, doing seaweed, and things
like, foods like sushi are great for water elements. All right, next element is the Metal element of
Chinese medicine. Now metal elements tend to
be very black and white. They’re people that are very organized, think accountants okay. People that are very organized and structured in their lives,
those are metal elements. Those people,
f they are out of balance, can experience depression and grief. Those emotions of
depression and grief affect the immune system,
so the lungs and the colon. And can lead to issues over time, like autoimmune disease or
inflammatory bowel disease. It can affect the lungs
and respiratory system. And also, it can be
related to sometimes other forms of digestive issues. But again, autoimmune
disease is common, so if a person has a lot
of depression and grief in their life, maybe
they lost a loved one, that can affect them negatively but especially for metal elements. Now metal elements, they
get a lot of things done. They’re great at delegation,
they’re great at organization, so metal elements are great for that. Metal elements are associated
with the winter time or early winter, late fall and metal elements
should be consuming foods that are light yellow in nature and that are pungent, so think ginger and chicken broth and cauliflower and onion and garlic. These foods that are
white and light yellow really correspond with metal
elements supporting them. So think about horseradish and ginger, how those clear the lungs but they’re anti-inflammatory
for the bowels. Metal elements do great
with those foods. The next element we’re going to talk about
is the Earth Element. Now the earth element
think about Mother Earth or think about a mother
being very nourishing. Earth elements tend to
have more rounded features and they also are sort of again, people that are motherly and loving. They’re also, if they were an animal, they would be a golden retriever. They’re the people that are joyful, they’re happy,
you love being around them. The emotion they can
experience though, is worry, which is connected to the
stomach and pancreas and spleen. So think about this,
you ever worry so much you give yourself an upset stomach? That’s because the emotion of
worry affects your upper GI. And Earth elements
do great with foods that are associated with the fall or late summer, early fall. So think about pumpkin, and squash, and beef, things that are sort of that lightish red or very orange color. Those are associated
with earth elements, very nourishing to them. Now the emotion of worry
actually can affect upper GI and the pancreas so those people are more susceptible to weight gain and diabetes,
so some of the best herbs and foods for them can include, astragalus and cinnamon. Again cinnamon is that
orange-redish color, very good for that organ system. The fourth element is going
to be the wood element. Now I’m personally a wood element. Wood elements look like,
think about wood, the roots of a tree, okay. They’re taller, they’re
a little bit leaner, lankier, you can see
their veins sometimes. And they actually, if they
have negative emotions can experience impatience,
frustration, or even anger. For myself, I hate traffic jams. I have a hard time being patient and so for me and
for the wood element, we really need to nourish
the liver and gallbladder. You do that with green foods. It’s sprouts, it’s foods that are sour, it’s Granny Smith’s apples. Veggie juices are very, very
good for the wood element for nourishing the liver and gallbladder and herbs like milk thistle and tumeric. And then, last but not
least, Fire Elements. Now, fire elements tend to
be from a personality type. Think about a very charismatic or fiery Italian man or woman, or Hispanic Italian man or woman, fire are more dark complected. These people tend
to be very passionate, sometimes dramatic, but they’re
related to the fire element. They consume foods, or can benefit from foods
that are red and brown. So think about coffee, dark
chocolate, hot peppers. These foods are very nourishing to your fire element,
which is related to your central nervous system as
well as your heart, okay. And so in order to
nourish those areas, you want to support those areas and also those people
will tend to have a little bit of anxiety or
sort of emotional response when they get stressed, and a great way to
sort of calm that down is by consuming herbs
that are calming to the nervous system like
lavender essential oils. So, listen I could talk for
hours about the Five Elements but look it up for yourself or read. Google search Dr. Axe Five
Elements of Chinese Medicine and you can learn more,
but again just know that personalized medicine, there’s
not one diet for everybody. All of us should be eating
based on our element according to over
3,000 years of research from traditional Chinese medicine. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.

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  1. This reminds me a lot of the eat for your blood type diet. Which the “expert “claimed there was no difference. In what a person should be doing or eating. I would rather Follow something that has been around for 3000 years I really believe that the eat right for your blood type diet was onto something

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