61 thoughts on “The Top Food Moments Of The 2010s Decade: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Hard Seltzers, and More

  1. If you don't eat em straight out the grease, the mayo turns the crunchy batter mushy. Eat it soon as you get it and oh boy…

  2. We called Four Loko "Quattro Crazies"… and yes, I only tried that mess one time and left it alone.

    They changed the recipe soon after that.

  3. I never tried the Popeye's Chicken sandwich but I want to one day. My brother tried it and he said it tastes like KFC and I was like what I thought Popeye's and KFC are different breeds, then I said Chris (my brother) does your taste buds not know what chicken is ??

  4. The way they say the numbers is annoying, but funny at the same time. It kind of reminds me of the Foot Lettuce meme, a while ago

  5. people who don’t like Popeyes chicken sandwiches are just biased on Chick fil a sandwiches

    Popeyes is better in my opinion

  6. Is this gonna be show from now on? Because if that’s the case, I am not complaining. Just hope they have Rie host an episode or two of this show.

  7. bruh im drinking a four loko right now and they took out the caffiene, its really not bad if ur in a rush and on a budget, i wake up and i feel fine lol but i can say that i have had the old ones with caffeine and yes, those WILL fuck u up

  8. This is so cringe ??

    O yea don't y'all one of the popeyes was actually putting cocaine into the chicken sandwich. People was literally dying just to taste the sandwich..

  9. I stopped drinking four lokos after seeing it on ‘Intervention’ in the background
    …plus after the caffeine was removed they were pointless

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