The Vegetable Orchestra Literally Plays with Their Food

The Vegetable Orchestra Literally Plays with Their Food

(orchestral music) – Very often people
think it’s gonna be funny and then they realize it’s not really. We really do music, it’s not impossible to make music with vegetables. (orchestral music continues) (audience applause) (pleasant music) My name is Susanna Gartmayer and I’m a member of the Vegetable Orchestra. The orchestra exists since 18 years now. The first instrument was the tomato because you can do sound with tomatoes but it will be messy, for sure. We go shopping on the market first. We choose all the vegetables there. We have three kinds of instruments. One is the ready-made, you can just buy it at the market and play it. It’s like the pepper, it’s called, no? (squeaking of peppers) It’s ready already.
(squeaking of peppers) And then there’re just
simple instruments like with one cut or some cuts.
(flapping of eggplants) We get it like that, then
with the more complex instruments we have some that
work like normal instruments. You know, the pumpkin is the bass drum and the sound of the
pumpkin is really important. – Good. – After shopping we go to the venue and start to build instruments. (drills whirring)
All in all, it takes two to three hours to build all
the instruments for everybody. And then we start with the sound check. (whistle blowing)
And since we have new instruments each time, we have to have a very long sound check.
(whistling of vegetables) (audience applause) (tribal and orchestral-like music plays) We have a lot of different musical influences in the orchestra. Since we’re really many people, everybody’s interested
in different things. We make a soup during the building process of the vegetable instruments with the remaining vegetables and we serve it to the audience after the concert. And it’s also after hearing and seeing us and smelling the vegetables, which will be intense in there because
it’s so small, this theater. And then you can also eat it. You never get it out of your head anymore if you’re in the orchestra to
look vegetables in another way. (audience applause) (high pitched musical tone)

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  1. Sounds bad at first but after a while you get used to it and it becomes good. I guess this is… An acquired taste amayrigh hahahahha


  2. Anything with seeds are fruits………. for example, ( doing them with emojis) 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🍍🥝🍅🥑🥒🌶

  3. Bruh I’m doing a music project on this worth 30% of my semester mark and I have to finish it in a few days rip

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