Tokyo Street Food Asakusa Top 10 Hidden Backstreet Tour | Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes Ever!

Tokyo Street Food Asakusa Top 10 Hidden Backstreet Tour | Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes Ever!

54 thoughts on “Tokyo Street Food Asakusa Top 10 Hidden Backstreet Tour | Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes Ever!

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  2. i love your video paolo. but can you add english subtitle? im sure it will help increase new subscibers to understand each word you say although you have very good english pronunciation. cheers 🙂

  3. Why does Maiko always get the left overs? Can you switch it up a bit and maybe let her get the first taste once in a while?

  4. Hi Paolo, thanks for making the video. So informative. I have a question about Homemade Pancakes from Benitsuru. So to eat in the restaurant, I need to make a reservation. Could you tell me how many days before I should make a reservation and how (by phone or email)? I can't speak Japanese and in their FB account, I can't find it either. Thanks!

  5. Oh men!! just came back from 10 days trip to Tokyo and never get to taste theses food!!!! Im not sure who’s to blame if it’s the hot weather or the length of vacation. We will come back for SURE!!!

  6. Yumm!! Your food picks are so delicious. Your food presentation with the food's name in big sub-titles are perfect for us to learn and the phonetics help too. Hi Maiko!

  7. 元浅草住んでたけど、


  8. Hello again. Please do a video on halal food in Japan. Also I think all your viewers would appreciate a complication of you saying “hmmmmmnnnnm” after each bite.

  9. hello there … love your video and I thing it will be nice to share a little bit more info about the food because not everyone knows the japanese food … thanks

  10. OMG 😮 Paolo san and Maiko san, I’ve enjoyed your videos. Just wanted to say thanks for those amazing videos! We’re going to Japan soon. So excited 😆

  11. hai paolo, i really enjoy ur video and i like how u describe anything. btw, have u consider to visit Indonesia? i'll be glad to guide u guys, especially in jakarta. hope to see u soon 😊

  12. I love your food videos but please explain what is in it and how the ingredients create an experience as they are combined together. OK?

  13. My 5 years old son Patrick loves your videos. Especially the ones where you are drawing the location of interests. Keep on the good work.

  14. Your videos are very helpful! We are going to Asakusa soon and Definitely going to all the places you mentioned in this video! Thanks Paolo😁

  15. So nice to see American style bacon in the #1 here. I keep seeing you call other meat “bacon” in other videos and I recognize there are many styles, just not what I’m used to seeing. Worth the wait though as this tower of pancakes, bacon and fried eggs drenched in hollandaise sauce looked amazing.

  16. Will be back in Japan this Dec. Will stay in Asakusa. Yaaasss added in my food list to try. Thank you Paulo. Always watching you videos.

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