Top 10 Foods in America | vlog Episode 4 Talking Food

Top 10 Foods in America | vlog Episode 4 Talking Food

Top 10 Foods in America vlog episode 4 Talking
Food Hello and welcome back to In the Kitchen with
Matt, I am your host Matt Taylor. Today on this episode of talking food, I am
going to discuss America’s Top Ten foods. So I have three different articles here that
I am pulling from, I am going to give you the list from each, all three of those, and
that will give you a variety of sources, who thinks which foods, are the top ten, so it
is not a definitive list, it will definitely vary, if you go into the internet and type
in Top Ten American Foods, you will get a variety of lists, there is definitely a ton
of similarities, so let’s get started. The first article is entitled, 10 Favorite
American Foods of All Time, and I am going to put links to these articles down below,
if you want to read the whole thing, in case you are interested. So this list has number ten, breakfast sausage,
number nine, chocolate chip cookies, yes, some of these I have featured on my show and
I will post links to those episodes in case you want to learn how to make those, number
eight smores, definitely a good treat, seven cronut, six, chicken and waffles, five, pancakes,
four, mac and cheese, three hot dogs, two cheese cake, one burger or cheese burger. All right this next article is entitled American
Food: The 50 Greatest Dishes, this is from CNN and I am just going to do the Top 10 of
the 50. Number 10 chocolate chip cookies, number nine
blueberry cobbler, I prefer peach cobbler, but blueberry cobbler is amazing, number eight
is Demonico steak, number 7 Chicago style pizza, number 6 nachos, five Philly cheesesteak,
four hot dogs, three the Reuben sandwich, two cheeseburger, and one Thanksgiving Dinner,
Thanksgiving dinner is a popular meal here in the US. Now this next one is my favorite list, because
it gives a lot of stats, so I really like this list. Top Ten America’s Favorite Foods, that’s the
name of this list, number 10 potato chips, I have a great recipe on potato chips. And here is a little note, In North America
people consume most potato chips than any other part of the world, people eat 1.2 billion
pounds of potato chips each year, pretty cool. Number 9 donuts, more then 10 billion donuts
are made every year in America, The US donut industry is worth about 3.6 Billion dollars,
that is a lot of donuts. Number eight, Ice Cream, US produces most
ice cream in the world, Americans are top ice cream consumers worldwide, by eating about
48 pints of ice cream per person per year, with vanilla being the most popular flavor. That is a lot of ice cream, personally I do
not eat that much. Number 7 chicken tenders, mmm chicken tenders. Here is an interesting tidbit about chicken
tenders, it might persuade you from eating them in the future, It is rarely made from
whole white meat and most part consists of unusable chicken fats. Uhh yeah, but I think places like umm Chic
Filet, uh proudly use all chicken, there are other places that do that too. Anyway take that with a grain of salt, six
soft drinks, Americans consume at least one glass of soda per day, I am not a typical
American I guess, because I do not eat, or drink very much soda at all. Number five pizza, 94% of Americans eat pizza
regularly, about 3 billion pizzas sold annually in the US. I love pizza I can definitely get behind that
stat, I consume my fair share of pizza for sure. Oreo cookies is number four, 7.5 billion Oreo
cookies are consumed each year, it is the top selling packaged cookie in the US. Oreo cookies aren’t my favorite chocolate
chip cookies are, uh but I will but them on occasion, just not as much as other Americans
I guess. Number three, French-fries, oh yeah, French
fries, French fries account for more than one fourth of all potatoes sold in the US. Average American consumes 30 pounds of French
Fries per year. I do eat a lot of French fries I don’t know
if I eat 30 pounds, but whatever, number two hot dogs, Average American consumes more then
50 hot dogs a year, 150 million are eaten alone on July 4th. It is a very popular barbecue food, I eat
a lot of hot dogs, I easily eat, 50 hot dogs a year, number one, Hamburgers, Hamburgers
and cheeseburgers account for 71 percent of all beef served commercially in the United
States, I eat a lot of hamburgers also love me a good hamburger, so there you go that
is three different lists, there are a lot of similarities, um I really like the last
list because it gives you a lot of little tidbits, or interesting stats about some of
the top foods in America, again take this all with a grain of salt, if you want to look
at the individual links, the articles, they will list their sources and where they got
the information from, but yeah, I thought it would be fun to share that with you, thank
you for watching I am Matt Taylor, this has been another episode of In the Kitchen with
Matt, thank you for joining me, as always if you have any questions or comments put
them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can, thumbs up, down in the corner,
push it, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos, take care.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods in America | vlog Episode 4 Talking Food

  1. #inthekitchenwithmatt it's quite interesting and i have request for "chicken tenders", i heard and saw first time in this vlog and they seem yummy . Thankyou. As always ur smile amazing ✌💐💖

  2. Due to business and career, I travel quite a lot each year (unfortunately this entails a lot of flying, which is arduous for me, since I am terrified of flying, lol); so when I have to travel Europe, I try as much as possible to either drive or go by boat, train, anything rather than fly.

    I don't know about the top 10 foods in these countries, but I do know what foods I like in them. I'm fortunate that I am in the south west of England a lot, so naturally I have sampled great cheeses; not to mention that I do a lot of business in France, which is just a hop, skip and a jump across the channel; there, in France, and also in Switzerland one can find such a wide variety of the best cheeses, in my personal opinion, to die for. I love cheese.

    In my teens we had an au pair; she was from Uganda. Let me tell you guys, if you've never tasted Ugandan food, you're really missing out. It's awesome. Sadly, I don't remember any of the names of the dishes now, but they were so very delicious and exotic to me.

    Germans make awesome potato pancakes, and sauerbraten ( a kind of pot roast, sometimes pickled). Very nice! Salzstangen, is a snack food there; it's basically a Pretzel. I'm not too fond of German food in general tho…

    Matt; your list didn't mention corn dogs (every time my Uncle visits the states, his first port of call is for the corn dog venues. lol. Also, I used to absolutely adore Twinkies, until they changed the recipe for the filling. Bad move, in my personal opinion. I can't abide them now.

    I will go anywhere for an Indian curry, the hotter the better, lol. Not too keen on Chinese food tho, and have never been to China, sadly.

    And of course, last but not least, Italy. Whom doesn't like Italian food? But I guess, it's in my blood to like their cuisine so much. lol. Unless one has been to Italy, and tasted their cuisine, especially their breads, and their pastas, then one can't really say that they've experienced the true ambience and charm of eating the real delights of their culinary expertise… 🙂 But then I could be biased.

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