Train Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 2

Train Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 2

[music] [music] You know, you’re asking
me if I get sick of being a bodybuilder. Never. I mean, I love lifting
weights, that’s what I do. Let’s go, Jay, come on. Come on, come on. Stack ’em is the show. Come on. Almost every night, seriously,
“When is he coming in? When’s he coming in next?” What do you think people
think when they see Jay in the gym? Most of ’em can’t believe
that they can be that big, to be honest with you. First time you see him,
it’s a lot of looks. Everyone goes shakes his hand,
interrupts his workouts, takes pictures. That’s excellent. Appreciate it, man. But Jay has never turned
one person down ever to take a picture, to do an autograph,
to talk to someone. He’s always been out of his
way to help everyone out. When Jay comes in, everyone
wants to be like Jay. Not like Mike, everyone
wants to be like Jay. The biggest achievement that
I’d never expected was to give the motivation to a lot of
people when I was just trying to be motivated myself
to go to the gym. You know, I train in public
because I don’t want to be surrounded and locked in
the lifestyle to the extreme. I mean, I live in
it day in, day out. You know, I’m cooking and
training and never stepping out of the shoes of being who I
am and that’s Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder. So for me, I have my own
sanctuary which is pretty much my office that, you know, here I
look around at the achievements. I’m surrounded by what my
life from the beginning to now has become. So, for me, it’s enough for me
and, yes, I have some functioned equipment in the gym, like
cardiovascular and that kind of things, which are
necessary in the morning. I don’t want to have to drive to
the gym so that allows me to be able to get in what I need to
and, of course, I leave all the weights to the gym. They have the most weights. I like to do variety. You know, I move heavy dumbbells
so, you know, I work anywhere between 25 and to, you know,
160-pound dumbbells most often so that’d be kind of a big
collection to have in your home gym. And the way I look at it, is I’m
always gonna weight train but not to that extreme. You know, I think when I
retire, I mean, throwing around 100-something-pound dumbbells, I
mean, that’s probably not gonna happen as much, so it’s kind of
pointless to build something that’s not forever. You know, I think the biggest
misconception is that we do things really extremely
different and that’s not necessarily the case. I mean, it’s very, very basic,
what a professional bodybuilder does and I’m just
speaking on my own behalf. I mean, I’ve been basic
since the beginning. You know, I had certain
monogenetics that I was blessed with. You know, I started
on a specific diet, I stuck with
the basics of training. I get a common
question all the time. People approach me and they
say, “Jay, what’s the secret? What’s the secret?” And there is no secret. It’s–the secret is progression,
consistency, dedication, day in, day out. There are certain body parts I
do like to train harder, like, you know, I might train arms
a little lighter whereas, you know, back
training, leg training, is a lot heavier and harder. What I like to usually do is
structure, you know, rest days around those training days
because they just sometimes can be pretty intense. Anyone asks me, “What are
you training tomorrow?” I usually have an idea but
if they ask me what time, I couldn’t even tell you the time
I wake up in the morning what time I’ll go to the gym. And if I tell you a time, even
an hour before I’ll never be on time. That’s how I work. I don’t have really
scheduled training partners. I have people that pick up and
train with me here and there. They kind of know just I’m on
call and, you know, just let me know an hour before so, of
course, they can get food in and get to training and
where to meet me. I’m done here. Let’s do some dumbbells. Okay. It’s different when you don’t
have a team, you know, have a structure where it’s, like,
you know, a time schedule where you’re, you know, you’re
expecting people to show up or some place is gonna be open. Vegas, I mean, that’s
why I train here. It’s the best place to train. It’s like an athlete’s
playground here pretty much. I mean, we just–we train 24
hours a day and eat 24 hours and, I mean, nothing–there’s
no weather variables. Everything is just in tune with
what you’re trying to do because you can just make it any kind
of structure you want and the result will be
the same each day. Every day’s similar. I mean, I don’t listen to music
so, like, you hear these stories about guys listening to music
and amped up and going and, for me, it’s not really
an emotional thing. Here, I’m very driven to do what
I do and I realize the job on hand so I don’t need that extra
anger or any kind of frustration to train any harder. You know, I surround myself with
people sometimes if I need extra motivation I’ll get someone
to go in the gym and push me. I get some people to pick
up some weights sometimes. One more set with that 10 on. I’m gonna do one more
set with that 10. Everyone knows what I
do in the gym, you know? Everyone always trains
harder than you. No matter what you–
“I train as hard as him. I could be his size if I
trained, you know, if I had the opportunity to work–not
work and go to the gym.” So no one–you can never
teach anyone training advice. I mean, we talk about
spending money for food and all this other stuff, I mean, I
spend $1,000 a week on tissue work. It’s crazy. Anyone that weight–lifts
weights, you’re tearing down muscle tissues so you’re gonna
have breakdown of the tissue that’s gonna get
adhesed to other tissue. So what we’re trying to do is
take the stress off that muscle, keep the muscles healthy and,
of course, flexible, pliable, and it’s gonna help
with muscle growth. It’s gonna help with flexibility
and it’s gonna help avoid any injuries and even fix injuries. When something’s so tight,
you’re not gonna get the blood in there like you need to. And that’s what happens, like,
with a lot, like, my hamstrings get super tight so when I train
my hamstrings I don’t get, like, say, the pump that I might get
when I do chest or whatever else. You have super-tight muscles
and no flexibility and no stretching, your muscles
aren’t gonna grow. This is gonna help
with all that. This guy’s a–I think he’s a
chiropractor by trade, but he’s the specialist in this active
release and he’s probably the guy in Vegas that, I mean,
I’ve been going to him since 2003 or ’04. Has he been a staple of
my success and my career? Absolutely. So I want to do the hamstring
and the lat of course, shoulder whatever you think feels– I had
last week off from you so– but I do want to get this
hamstring, that inside canal. Where we were last time? Way at the top? Yeah, get in there and
then see how that feels. But you can feel there’s a spot
on the inside of the hamstring too. Yeah, that’s
actually pretty sore today. A normal person, if you’re
looking at the quad, they mainly have a couple inches of tissue. If you look at these ham hocks,
I mean, it’s 30 passes to the 2. And he’s getting bigger, so. I mean, Jay’s dense so what
happens is, especially with inside that tissue, those
fibers adhere and stick like a paintbrush with the
fibers all here together. So as they start to stick and
bind, it creates the scars. And what I’m doing, is I’m
finding those areas of concern. I’m taking a contact on him and
I’m holding a translated contact so I’m not highly compressing
the tissue even though there is some compression. We’re trying to get those fibers
to break free so that they can fill with blood. Oh my goodness, ow, ow, ow, ow. Agh, agh, right there,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Aghhh. You have to laugh,
it hurts so much, no? That felt amazing though,
as much as it hurt. The biggest most impressive
thing is that each year it gets better. I deal with a lot of world-class
athletes, thousands. You know, a lot of guys post
season, there’s a big change in their physique. Jay stays pretty much a
specimen, if you will, year round, looking great. Right in there, bud. Yeah. Is it the hamstring? Yeah, that’s a hamstring
with a little bit of adductor. I don’t know what that looks
like on the camera but it’s, like– I can tell by how hard he’s
working and when you raise your head, there’s things that are– Like, we’ve discussed this,
the necessity of certain areas of my body and he’s, like, you
know, there’s a lot of places where people won’t, you know, go
to really relieve what’s stuck, you know? He’s like, “Well, you have to
get in certain places and it may not be the most
comfortable but.” You’ve got to put in the time
and he does that whether it be my table or the gym. I mean, you have to have a
pretty trained eye to even see some of the areas
of major injury. And Jay’s had his
fair share of injury. He’s worked through it. If you were to look at the
recovery rate which he had on the bicep, you know, it’s
a little bit of luck, great surgical, but great
rehabilitative effort. I mean, you just sometimes
that you can’t rehab. It’s like putting together
two ends of a paintbrush. That’s a feat, man, right
there, that’s a huge feat. You can see it a little bit when
I do a front lat for– see that indent? You can’t see this–you can
see in the right light, when you get under the stage
lights you can see it. ‘Cause the belly tore too. That’s why they told me it
won’t–you’ll never have flexion in your arm again. That’s why I said I’m
never gonna compete again. They told me it would never
be hard, it would be soft. So when it healed, the guy’s,
like, “I don’t know how it healed but.” He said, “We tied it super tight
so let’s hope that it heals right,” and it healed okay. And it was hard as a
rock, like, right after. It made it bigger so now I got
to–the other one’s– this one’s gonna be bigger now. Go. Up. Push it. The unique thing about me is
I don’t have a set schedule so it really varies on day to day
how I feel and when I train is determined on how my body feels. Typically, I go by the basic
guidelines is I try to eat three or four meals before
I train, for sure. Most importantly is my sleep. I need to make sure that I sleep
enough, which is really only about 5 hours a
night, 4 to 5 hours. But typically, I train
really, really late. I avoid the crowds. I don’t go by any set schedule
and I don’t train on a specific body part schedule. I just train specifically how my
body tells me that I need to so if I’m scheduled to do back or
chest on a certain day I might switch it and do legs. Sometimes I do body
parts differently. It kind of go by feel. If I’m really sore,
I’ll take a day off. I don’t have a set day off
schedule, like most people take a Sunday off. I don’t do that. I just regularly go by feel and
that’s helped me gain great success all the way along my
career, it seemed to be the best thing for me. Go. So I like to keep the weights
very heavy and do lower reps and obviously, what happens is when
you train with as much volume as me, you can’t do as many
repetitions because you’ll just burn yourself up. I mean, you have to
have one or the other. Either you’re gonna do less
weight, you know, more repetitions and less sets or
you’re gonna do a lot more sets, heavier weights and less reps. So I choose to do the heavier
weights, less reps, more volume, pump the muscle, keep filling
it up, hit the angles. I wanted to have, obviously,
freakish body parts. It was never really, like,
I want all eyes on me, type of thing. It was never an ego I want
everyone to notice me. I wanted to look presentable
where I walked around when I wasn’t in contest shape and
I just was big and round and people admired the muscles. I think pretty much I’ve, you
know, I’ve secured the legacy on the competition stage. I really don’t have any real
specific goals insofar as my physique, as far as, you know,
I’m not going to the gym and saying, “Well,” you know, “I
need to have my legs 2 inches bigger,” or anything like that. I think, you know, with me, it’s
more on the aspect of the legacy of Jay Cutler and where
it’s gonna go from here. Stack ’em is the show. Come on. Let’s go, Jay, come on. Suck it up, suck it up,
suck it up, suck it up. Mentally, you have to be,
I think, a little crazy. People approach me and they
say, “Jay, what’s the secret? What’s the secret?
What’s the secret?” I don’t like to eat anything. If you ask me what
my favorite food is, I don’t have a favorite food. I don’t look forward
to any meal at all. You’re a living legend, that’s what’s amazing
about what I do. Jay Cutler! And I tell you, Jay Cutler’s
the greatest of all time.

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