Try Not To Eat Challenge – Pokemon Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Pokemon Food | People Vs. Food

– Oh, I remember this game! – I’ve always wanted to try the stew. – Dude, these smell bomb. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – Are you looking for
a Laugh Challenge? – They’re on
the Try Not To Channel now. – (Mary) But to help promote,
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– Bye! – (FBE) How do you feel about Pokemon? – Fine, okay, I’m already excited,
what are we doing? – Dude, are you serious? – Aw, I love Pokemon,
I’ve spent way too many hours on that. – Are we eating Pokemon? – (FBE) Today we’re gonna have you
watch some scenes from Pokemon movies, games and shows, then we’ll
present you with a professional chef’s gourmet take on the meal
you just saw on screen. – Oh, okay.
– Okay. – Anime food always looks
so fricking good. – Is this a Try Not To Eat? – (FBE) It is!
– No! – Oh, I told– – (FBE) So you’ll have to take a bite
of punishment food for every dish you try. If you can get through
all four dishes without trying anything, we’ll present
you with a final winning dish for you to enjoy. – Mmm.
– I don’t know if you realize how rough this is gonna be
for me. – Yeah, I feel like this is gonna be
harder for you than me. – Because Brock knew how to cook. – What if I just put it
in my Meowth? (both laugh) – He should lose on that.
– Come on! – (Misty) Mmm.
– (Pikachu) Mmm. – Yes, I knew it!
That was my first though. – Oh my God, no way! – Yes, this is the first thing
I thought of! This is the first thing. – (Misty) You look kind of down, Ash.
– (Ash) Huh? – (Misty) Have a donut!
– (gasps) Jelly donuts! – That’s a little rice,
they are not donuts! – (Pikachu) Pika Pika!
– (Brock) These donuts are great! Jelly-filled are my favorite! – (laughs) What? – (Brock) Nothing beats
a jelly-filled donut. – That’s not a donut! – I love rice donuts. – (FBE) Well first up, we have
one of Brock’s most famous dishes, jelly donuts, and if you’re thinking
that these jelly donuts look a little like onigiri,
you are right, because the 4Kids English dub
of the Pokemon anime series famously swapped out Brock’s
traditional Japanese rice balls with the American favorite
jelly donuts in an attempt
to westernize the series. – Hmm.
– (FBE) So these are made the Japanese way, with kelp
and pickled plums. – Awesome, okay, I was about
to be mad if there’s actually like just squeeze donut
jelly in there. – What, like where,
what is this? – Plum. – I kinda thought you were just gonna
put rice on a jelly donut. I don’t want it as much now. – I feel like I know
what it tastes like. – I’ve never had this. I’m not very cultured.
I didn’t grow up where I have like anything
cool in my life. So I feel like these are the times
to try cool things. – Yeah, but like…
– But is it worth it? – I’m good.
– I’m gonna pass too. If he can hold out,
I can hold out too. – Alright.
– Staying strong on this one. – Pass.
– But I do like the aesthetic. I just wanna like hold it.
– It looks pretty. – And like look at it.
– It looks like I just, I just wanna like punch it, you know?
(both laugh) – I’m okay on this one. – I’m gonna hold out for now,
just ’cause I feel like, just because of how well
I know Pokemon, I feel like there’s
something back here that I’m just totally not seeing. – (Jesse) Customer with
ticket number 10! – Oh, this is newer. – (both) Thank you
and please come again. – I don’t know what this is. – Oh, I think I know
what this dessert is. – (both) Thank you
and please come again. – Ooh!
– (James) Finally, no customers. – Oh, there they are.
– Team Rocket’s disguised again. – (James) Finally, no customers left.
(Mikaela laughs) – (Jesse) That was some long line.
– Mood. Customer service mood. – (Meowth) Of course it was!
– We’re gonna eat Wobbuffet? – Wobbuffet!
– (Meowth) Donuts in Alola? – Donuts, another donut?
– (Wobbuffet) Wobba! – Wobba!
– There he is. – It’s another donut!
– Mm-hmm. This one looks like a real donut. – The pastries always look
the best, though. I just don’t wanna see them
in real life. How do you not eat it? – (FBE) Just in case you were
disappointed by the lack of fried dough and fruity filling
in the previous dish, we’ve got some big malasadas
from Alola to satisfy your sweet tooth.
– (both) Ooh! – (FBE) These donut-like treats
are a favorite of Pokemon and people alike,
and were made by our gourmet chef here in house. – And it’s the Alola version.
– Dude, these smell bomb. – I have a really bad sweet tooth.
– It smells good, yo. (laughs) It smells pretty good.
– It does. – Ooh, smell it Jeannie.
– Powdered sugar. – Smell it.
(whispers) It smells so good. – Oh my God, I love,
this looks like a beignet. – What are you doing,
what are you doing? – I don’t know, what are you doing? – See, this is my weakness,
this, like, any time, anything’s sweet, I’m like,
I’m here for it. – Well, I mean, we can cut it right,
to look at it? – Yeah, we can cut it. – Alright, we’re gonna cut it.
– Let’s just cut one. (laughs) – (both) Ooh!
– (whispers) Look at the jelly. Ooh, look at that goodness. – I’m just…
– I’m so tempted, so tempted. – You guys have
the worst punishments sometimes. (laughs) I just don’t know!
– Go for it. – Okay.
– Just go for it. (buzzer rings) – Mmm.
– Did you get filling? – Yeah.
– Did you get some filling? – I’m not as tempted.
– I am! – Like I was way more tempted…
– I am! – With the rice and pickled plums.
(buzzer rings) – That’s good, that is good. – I don’t like jelly-filled donuts.
– You don’t like jelly? That’s the best part! – I could easily eat around it.
I’m very aware. (laughs) But because of that reason,
I’m out. – [Bleep], I don’t know, man. I’m gonna leave it,
I don’t want it. – I’m trying to be strong,
I’m trying to be strong. – Can we have a couple more? – There’s a difference between
just getting jelly a donut, and then it’s in the back of my mind
that a chef made these. That it’s freshly made.
– I think I’m good. I think I’m good on this one. – (Narrator) Today, Ash,
Brock, and Misty are taking a short break…
– No way. – (Narrator) From their
Pokemon adventures. As always…
– Look at him. – (laughs) This is the scene
I was describing, from Pokemon: The First Movie.
– Now’s your chance! – I love, (gasps).
– (Narrator) As always. (both laugh) – I love, the stew!
– Togepi! – Brock’s stew!
– (Ash) Hungry, need food. – I think whiny is
my favorite version of Ash. – (Misty) You haven’t done
a thing all day! – (Ash) I’m too weak to work, Misty.
– Yes, Misty, get that boy up! – (Ash) I haven’t eaten
since breakfast. – I’ve always wanted to try this stew. – (Brock) It’s my Lazy Boy
No Chew Stew. – Lazy Boy No Chew Stew. – It’s just gonna slide right down.
– Lazy Boy No Chew Stew. – Oh, so a smoothie. – (FBE) So another of Brock’s
famous dishes, Lazy Boy No Chew Stew
is a creamy soup packed full of carrots, chicken,
broccoli, cheese, and other veggies. – That does look really good.
– Yo, this looks fire. – (both) That looks good! – Yo wait.
– Okay. – I’m gonna break on this one,
I think. – Can we talk about this little bowl,
and how cute it is? – I kinda want some. – Dude, I want this one too. – That smells really good.
– This smells so good. Okay.
– Fudge! – I’m freaking out
over the punishment. Is it worth it?
– Girl, you wanted to try this. – I did want to try it, okay, okay.
I’m gonna try it. – And also, we’ll be doing
the punishment together. – Okay.
– So we’re already doing it, you know what I mean?
– Okay, okay, I’m not alone! – Yeah, you won’t be alone. (buzzer rings)
Oh good, she had some. Phew.
– Wow! This is better than I thought it’d be.
You know, like… – How dare she? – I like how this was a no-brainer.
It’s the smell. The smells are what get you.
– It smells so good. (buzzer rings)
Yo! This is fire.
– Is it a Fire type? (rimshot echoes)
(canned audience laughs) – Come on.
– You want a spoon? – No, I wanted it, no this is okay.
(Mikaela laughs) (buzzer rings)
– Is that your hopes and dreams? Everything your childhood dreamed of?
– I mean yeah, honestly. (Mikaela laughs) – I’m good.
– You’re good? Alright. – I wanna win one of these for once. – I’m gonna match ya.
I’m gonna match ya. – Interesting.
I’ll call. (Jeannie gasps)
– Oh my God! – Oh!
– Cute Pikachu! (Eric laughs)
– Dude, what? – I’m a fan. – The poffin, or no,
weren’t they called puffins, poffins? Okay, good.
– You gotta feed it your cake. – Oh my God,
what game is this, and how come I’ve never
played this? – What are you gonna make out of it? (Dragonite roars) – Yay, Dragonite happy!
– Yeah. I remember this was a game
in Gen 3, you can go to like the Pokemon
like contest centers, and you can make these. – This was lost in my childhood.
– That was adorable. – That was the best game ever. It reminds me of like Nintendogs,
but like Pokemon. – Oh, totally! – (FBE) So perhaps the prettiest food
that you can feed your Pocket Monsters Poke Puffs come in five
different delicious flavors, sweet, mint, citrus, mocha and spice. We made our own gourmet
cream puffs fit for humans inspired by these Pokemon treats.
– Yo. Yo that looks so good.
– Stop! – Cute.
– They’re so cute! – They’re adorable.
– And pretty, I love colors. – But aren’t you supposed to like,
rub my belly while feeding me this? – I feel like if you can’t
give him that, like, he shouldn’t really be
eating it. – It’s not the authentic
Pokemon experience. – Cream puffs as a kid
were my weakness. – Oh, this is a cream puff?
I’ve never had a cream puff. – You never had a cream puff? – No.
– Yo! – I’m diving right in,
I’m not even gonna pretend like I’m not gonna eat it.
– I feel like it’s the black one that’s the spice one.
(buzzer rings) But I’m pretty sure
they’re all gonna be sweet. – Mmm, mmm, mm, mm, mmm, mmm!
(buzzer rings) That had it all for me,
I love cream puffs. I love frosting.
This is fantastic! – I’ll try it.
(buzzer rings) – That is really sweet. (laughs) – The only way I can resist this
is the frosting on top. Not a big frosting fan.
– Really? – So I think like,
that’s the only thing that would keep me from eating this. – I’m not a big sweets guy,
to be honest. – Yeah, I’m gonna let this one go. – I wanna punch it so bad. – (laughs) You better go to the gym.
(Jeannie laughs) I’m resisting this one.
What about you, Jeannie? – I’m resisting as well.
– Okay. – To punch and to eat. – You should always be
resisting to punch! (laughs) – (FBE) It is time
for our winning dish. Chelsea, congratulations,
you’re going to eat this. – Oh, we’re done?
Wait, wait really, we’re done? Oh my gosh!
I thought there was more, and I was like gonna have to
sit through more food. This is exciting. – Oh, is it the curry?
(Danny gasps) – I love this game! – It’s another, spicy sausage curry. – Ah, this isn’t fair.
– Spicy sausage curry. Fried food curry.
This looks so good. – Oh, that’s a lot of curry. – Look at Pikachu’s face.
– (Pikachu) Pika! Pikachu!
– Pikachu! – Aw!
If Pikachu likes it, I’ll like it. I’m so excited! – (FBE) So, since you
are winners today, this dish is all for the two
of you to enjoy. We have a trio of superb curries.
– Oh! – Hoo! – (FBE) So these are all
from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Spicy sausage curry, fried food curry,
and mushroom medley. And yes, they are all
Charizard class. – Oh my.
– These are giant. – This is so much food. – That is a lot of food.
– Holy crackerjacks. – I don’t know how you’re
gonna eat that much food. – It smells so good.
– Those actually smell really good. – Wow.
I’m a little bummed, not gonna lie. – I was expecting like
small bowls. – I’m going in right now dude.
– Mmm! – That’s really good.
Oh my gosh. – I can imagine. – This smells really good, but also
that stew though is really good. – She’s loving that stew.
– That stew was great! – See, I’m content,
’cause I got my Pokemon: The First Movie food,
so we good fam. – He’s good, he’s chillin’.
– We chillin’. – (FBE) Well, it’s not over yet. We’ve got a punishment food
for you guys. – Ugh.
– Great. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, I remember this game! This Pokemon game was
so much fun on N64! – Oh yes, I used to
love this game! – Wait, it’s so funny.
– Bloop, bloop, bloop. – Eh.
(Chelsea laughs) – (man) Here, fresh Moomoo milk.
– Moomoo milk, wait. – Oh no, is it like sushi
and milk put together? – Sushi and milk?
– Oh my God, no! – (Ash) Ah, all set,
time to run again! – What? None of that seemed
particularly bad, I’m so confused. – (FBE) Alright,
so inspired by Lickitung and his sushi-go-round mini-game
in Pokemon Stadium, we’ve got some deathly
spicy sushi that just might make you turn green,
made with hot sauce, habaneros, Tajin, and of course,
some very spicy peppers. Luckily, we’ve also got
some Moomoo milk for you to wash it all down.
– Oh damn. They gave us milk,
because it’s gonna be that bad. – It’s okay. (laughs)
– You okay, you good? – Yes.
– Don’t worry, you got milk. – I know I’m gonna puke,
and I’m gonna cry. – Oh, little kick.
(Chelsea laughs) – You good?
– Yeah, let’s go. – I’m like shivering,
from just… Okay, that wasn’t
the worst punishment. – You’re not done.
No no no. – (sighs) Finished it.
Oh, oh! – (laughs) You’re handling this
very well. – I’m sweating a little bit. (coughs) – (FBE) So you are winners today,
which means you didn’t have to eat the punishment food,
however, Eric, if you had gotten this punishment food
we made a deathly spicy sushi. – Oh no to both of those words. – (FBE) Jack bet me that today,
you’d be eating the two things you hate most, but he was wrong.
– Oh buddy. – (FBE) Jack, come on in. – Yeah this [bleep] bull[bleep].
I’ll tell you guys what. – Do tell. – I wasn’t supposed to eat this.
You were supposed to eat this! – You bet against me!
– Was there a bet? – I was supposed to be a jerk
and bring it out, and be like “oh too bad,
you gotta eat it.” But now I have to do it,
and it’s all to promote the new Try Not To Channel. If you haven’t subscribed,
you’re an idiot, like me, who has to eat this thing.
I’ve done worse! Uh, subscribe to the
Try Not To Channel, please. – Also, send us more curry.
You want some chicken? – No, ugh!
– Okay, you don’t deserve it. Can I just say,
this is a way better reward. – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Eat Pokemon Food. – On the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode…
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Thanks for watching, bye!

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