Ultimate Baby Food Taste Test

Ultimate Baby Food Taste Test

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world what Mythical Beasts are made of. Thanks for being your mythical best. If it’s good enough for a baby, it’s good
enough for two man babies. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (Theme Music) ♪ Good. Mythical. Morning. Baby food, we’ve all had it. But you
probably don’t remember what it tastes like because you
were a baby! Unless you were a very hungry, confused mom or a YouTuber
doing the baby food challenge. But we feel in order to taste the food of
the baby, we need to first become babies. Both physically and mentally. Yes. It’s time to play, (Link) What sort of mushy mush are we
shoving into our mushy baby mouths? Hi, I’m a baby. – HI, I’m a baby.
– Yeah, he’s a baby, that guy over there’s also a baby and we’re gonna be
tasting food for us today. I am this excited about eating baby food! And I’m this excited that
I’m doing this dance. Yaaay. Okay, here’s how this is gonna work,
we’re gonna be tasting some traditional baby foods and identifying
the ingredients, and we’re also gonna be tasting some nontraditional baby foods,
some foods that typically are not put into baby foods, that the crew has concocted. Why are we floating? Whooo! We’re magic babies. Alright so the winner gets to eat a food
baby which– don’t panic, it’s just a big burrito. (Link chuckles)
And the loser has to mix all of the baby foods together and eat some of that. – That’ll be you, brother.
– Let’s do it. (Both) Round one. Okay this first round we’ve got a one
ingredient baby food so there is one point on the board. – (Rhett chuckles)
– One point. Alright, bring it in. Could you deliver this first one
like a plane, guys? (Chase and Lizzie make plane noises) Eh, wow. That is not a good taste. I’m glad I’m not a baby anymore. – Ooh.
– Wow there’s a– Well I could tell that it was green
because I saw it and it was green. You know what, I didn’t even look at the
color. How did I miss that? Well it was green, I just told you.
I just gave you a hint. But the taste is very very specific. I
continue to this day to eat this food. (Stevie) Okay, you guys ready to answer? – Yes.
– (Stevie) Let me have the answer in, three, two, one. (Both) Peas! – Which I just did in my pants.
– (Stevie) You are correct. Garden peas. Alright we both got that one.
That was easy yo, for a– I eat a lot of garden peas even now. And once I chew
them up in my mouth they turn into – baby food.
– I pee in the garden. – (Link laughs)
– (Both) Round two! Alright, another point up for grabs. Let
me grab it, let me grab it, bring it in. Like a train please. (Chase and Lizzie make train noises) – (Both make satisfactory sound)
– I could get this one. – It’s almost good.
– I like it! Mmm, this takes me back!
It takes me way back. I would say it’s not good,
but it’s almost good. No, I could live off this. It’s like, it’s like if a fruit roll up
melted and you ate all the sugar and left it and then you ate it. This is the food that you have at the
beginning and the end of your life. In the middle of your life
you don’t eat it. Oh, you’re gonna give me a hint. Okay.
Now I’ve got a good guess. Hm, is that a diversion? – Oh, maybe! Maybe!
– Are you playing a game on me? – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one.
– (Both) Prunes! It definitely is prunes,
I’ve eaten a lot of prunes. – (Stevie) Alright, you’re both correct.
– Alright. Yay! – You didn’t need a hint did you?
– No. You knew that. – In college I would eat a lot of prunes,
– You did. – do you remember that?
– You were the prune king. – What was wrong with you?
– I discovered them in college. You had this little zip lock of prunes
all the time. – It’s like the budget friendly apricot.
– Weird. (Both) Round three. – Okay. (Rhett laughs)
– Got restless leg syndrome. – I just figured out how to kick my legs.
– (Link laughs) Okay this round is worth two points cause
apparently there’s more than one – ingredient
– (Whipping noise) – Let’s bring it in!
– Bring it in guys. Can you do it like a fishy? Like a fishy
swimming into my mouth. Ew, it’s gloppy. – Ew, mushy. Ew.
– (Lizzie and Chase laugh) What? You know what, it’s not bad. I know my
face is saying this is bad. What? I have no idea. It needs salt, whatever it is. I think I know one of ’em.
I think it’s more than one thing. What goes with that though? I’m trying to
find some more in my teeth so I can – taste it some more.
– (Stevie) Do you need another bite? (Child voice) Can I please have
another bite? – (Link whines)
– (Rhett chuckles) Please don’t do that. – (Link whines)
– Please, that is so unpleasant. (Crew laughs) I’m glad I didn’t know you as a baby. Well, it looked like sweet potatoes.
Or squash. But it doesn’t taste like either one of those things. Does it? I ain’t answering you. No. I think I have a guess for
at least part of it. (Link and Stevie) Okay. (Stevie) Alright, I need your answer in
three, two, one. – Onions and sweet potato.
– Beef stew and carrots. – (Crew laughs)
– Beef stew? And carrots? You ain’t feedin’ no baby beef stew, man. – You could, they can eat substances.
– Sweet potato and something else, I said onions. (Stevie) Okay guys,
it’s spaghetti and cheese. – See, I told you!
– What?! Are you kidding me? Beef stew is closer than spaghetti. – I mean closer than whatever he said.
– You gotta heat that up first. I was gonna say Chef Boyardee at some
point, but I didn’t wanna insult the man. (Both) Round four! Alright so now up for grabs you
got one, two, three, points! It’s gettin’ complicated. (laughs)
Alright, bring it in. – (laughs) Oh gosh.
– Bring it over like a– like a – zoo keeper feeding a– rabid gorilla.
– Gorilla. – (Both) Ahh.
– (Crew laughs) – (Lizzie) Oh God.
– Mmm! Imma need some more of that.
I want some more of that. It’s good. If it was on my finger,
I’d lick it. (Laughs) – How do you– I can’t.
– Gimme, gimme gimme, gimme gimme gimme some more. Ahh! Chase turns the spoon upside down in my
mouth. Does Lizzie do that for you? – No.
– You should really look into that. – He’s feeding Australian babies.
– (Chuckles) – I’m sucking on my thinking thumb.
– (Link laughs) Do I have a thinking thumb? – Yeah, see what you think about it. (chuckles)
– (Crew laughs) – I can barely reach my thinkin’ thumb.
– (funny accent) My thinkin’ thumb! I need to work on my flexibility. – Alright, I’ve got two.
– I have two ingredients as well. – Uh, I’m gonna go for three.
– Alright, alright, alright. – (Stevie) Here we go. Three, two, one. – Banana, pineapple, peach.
– Banana, peach, mango. Oh, we both said banana and peach. (Stevie) Okay so you’re both correct. It
is banana and peach. (Stevie) Then there’s one more. – I said pineapple.
– I said mango. (Stevie) It’s oatmeal. – (Both) Ohh!
– Oatmeal! Listen, but hey, that was pretty good!
Banana and peach? That’s some good tastin’. – Yeah. I can’t quite–
– (Crew laughs) – (Both) Round five! Alright this round is one of the first
crew concoctions so nontraditional baby foods and its worth two points!
(Rhett and crew laughs) Alright, bring it on over like it’s a
creepy creepy monster. – Ew! I’m afraid of this.
– Oh it’s like– Somethin’ chewy in there. It’s
bone in mine. I’m gonna need some more.
I’m gonna need some more. Why is there bone in mine?
Is it that right there? Oh, you got bone? It’s so– Why’d you get
so much, Chase? That’s fine. – I need to taste it.
– Ew. I didn’t ask for any more. – (Crew laughs)
– It’s still in my mouth, I don’t want anymore of that bony stuff. (Whines)
Alright I’ll take it. (Whines) – Ew. Gross.
– It tastes just like something that I can’t think of. – What is that?
– Alright, I got it. – Okay. Wow, I don’t know.
– (Stevie) Okay, three, two, one. – Chicken fajitas and hummus
– Chicken and mayonnaise. – (Crew laughs)
– (Stevie) Link, you were kind of close, it was chicken enchiladas. There’s no
hummus anywhere. Chicken fajita, chicken enchilada. – (Stevie) It’s chicken enchiladas.
– That’s the same thing. – (Stevie) No, that enchilada sauce is
kind of what Rhett probably tasted. Yeah, that’s it. Enchilada sauce is so
obvious. – That’s what I meant when I said fajita.
– You didn’t say the right thing. – But what even is a fajita?
– (Stevie) I’ll give you a point. Fajita is just peppers and chicken put
together but enchilada is tortilla with enchilada sauce and cheese. (Stevie) Yeah, I think Link needs to have
a point for this round. – Okay, Link. You can have a point.
– Pretty close. Yay! I take the lead! (Both) Round six! Okay first of all I would like
to point out that a fajita – is NOT an enchilada.
– You’re not pointing first of all. – You have a fist, that’s not a point.
– I said chicken and mayonnaise. Chicken and mayonnaise
could be an enchilada. – Right?
– (Laughs) I was thinking enchilada, I said fajita, and that’s why I’ll a point.
– Okay, alright. Well moving on to the last round. Two ingredients, two
nontraditional ingredients and two points on the board. So I could come back and win.
Or tie it up, or something. Alright, how’s this one coming?
Like a helicopter? Your head’s a little bit off center. You
look like a baby that’s been – in an accident. There. (Laughs)
– (Whines) My head is off center! Okay, here we go. Oh gosh, it’s so chunky. Bring in the helicopter. Bring it from
above, it’s a helicopter. – (Chase and Lizzie make
– You guys didn’t do a good – helicopter noises.)
– job at making– – Ew.
– So cold. Papery. – Ew. (coughs)
– I feel like I’ve lost the ability– – (Rhett chuckles and crew laughs)
– Oh God imma vomit all over my baby doll. – We gotta burp this baby over here.
– (Link chuckles) – This baby’s ’bout to upchuck.
– Let me just get a good look at it. – I’ve got plenty in my mouth.
– Ew! No! I can’t. No baby would willingly eat this. You give
this to a baby you watch what happens. – That baby gonna go on hunger strike.
– I gotta guess. We’ll see. – I’ve got two guesses.
– Um, hold on I gotta get my other guess. I’ll suck on my thinkin’ thumb while you– – Alright.
– (Stevie) Okay, here we go. – (Stevie) Three, two, one. – Beef and shrimp.
– Tuna and paper. – (Stevie) Okay I’m gonna give this one to
Rhett; He was very close. – (Stevie) It was crab and steak.
– What? – (Stevie) The name of the item is
Surf N’ Turf. Yeah, I almost said crab and beef but I
went with the ‘ol beef and shrimp combo. – You mean it wasn’t tuna and paper?
– (Rhett laughs) No! I thought it was papery, man. Dang. – ♪ (Celebration music) ♪
– I win! I’ll let you have it cause that
was pretty close. – I win!
– Alright, okay, I’ll eat all of them in one big spoonful. If you will like and
comment and subscribe! You know what time it is! (Whispers) Hi, I’m Brett. And this is
Aften. We’re from Phoenix, Arizona. It’s time to spin the
wheel of mythicality. Make sure you check out this week’s
episode of Ear Biscuits, our podcast, with guest Fun For Louis and make sure you
check out tomorrow morning’s Song Biscuit, animated Song Biscuit, on this channel. Click through to Good Mythical More. I am
going to eat a conglomerate of this stuff as my punishment. (Sighs) Not really
looking forward to that. It’s the food baby. – ♪ (Celebratory music) ♪
– Oh, winner! Congratulations, Ratonbat! (Link) You get merch of the month. You
win a GMM mug! – Congratulations.
– Not this one though cause I drank out of it and you wouldn’t want to
do that after me. You can have mine. [Captioned by Sammy:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  2. This was weirdly useful for me. I had to go on a (cold) liquid diet because of surgery. This made me a little less nervous about eating baby food

  3. They messed up the one at 9:38. Lizzie says its two ingredients (chicken enchilada.) Rhett says chicken and he doesn't get a point.

  4. I’d like to thank Sammy from the GMM team for captioning these episodes because without them I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this. So thank you!!! ☺️❤️

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