UNREAL Puerto Rican Food Tour 😱 | Mofongo and Lechon Asado w/a Local !

UNREAL Puerto Rican Food Tour 😱 | Mofongo and Lechon Asado w/a Local !

We’re going on a food adventure in Puerto Rico To try the island’s two most famous dishes Mofongo And Lechon Asado With a local This video could surprise you We’re starting this food adventure Eating Puerto Rico’s most famous dish And my favorite food in Puerto Rico We’re going to eat some mofongo We’re going to eat some churrasco And arroz mapoistado It’s like a mixture of rice and beans You’re going to love it And it seems and tastes really good So come with me You’re getting the real local treatment You’re not going to some touristy place They make good food But you’re coming to the real deal here You’re going to get really good stuff 8 different types of mofongo I’m excited Really excited Mofongo filled with chicken also They invited us into the kitchen to show us the Mofongo making process.. That’s how they make the plantains They fry it.. they deep fry it Then they go to the pillone That is this right here And they put it there They start like.. making it On the bowl Right here they’re making the steaks Everything is freshly made every day So here they start there with the steaks So they can get a good grill And then they pass it through here With all the special sauces And all the different ingredients They can top it off and give you great food For a great value And now the meat goes in it? Wow The mofongo making process explained, finally I’ve been waiting for this…for months This is more like traditional.. it’s completely mashed And you don’t have nothing else But here.. the mofongo is your bowl So you see the whole plantain Holding up everything inside the.. bowl So when you go down And you’re going to get a bite You get a little bit of mofongo With a little bit of your sauce and everything And you just enjoy it like that It’s really easy It’s really cool And here.. you have arroz mamposteao This rice is a mixture between rice, beans, and a little bit of ripe plantains Which is this which you can see But inside of it.. we have Steak Look at that With some tostones on the sides So you can get like.. a little bit of rice A little bit of meat And just.. This looks like 3 meals in one It is.. Christian recommended I try the chicken with the plantain And some of the sauce Almost like a soup And I only tried Mofongo in San Juan that was the more traditional one. Not the relleno one First bite ever I saw them making it.. So I already.. know this is going to be good Mmmm The chicken is so moist… I don’t know what they spiced it with… But.. everything just complements each other The plantain The chicken The sauce This is really incredible And I tell everybody I was so surprised my first trip to Puerto Rico How good the food was I just.. i don’t know if Puerto Rico is seen around the world as a food destination But.. with dishes like this If you’re a foody You really.. have got to put this on your radar guys Seriously.. Mmmm This is the love of my life I thought I was the love of your life? No i’m sorry Mofongo is the love of my life Mayoketchup You come over here You see this This is the best sauce ever You get your tostone Jon’s going to do it right now Okay, try it out What is this a mix of? This is a mix between mayonnaise Ketchup Garlic And a little bit of vinegar Okay It goes good on everything Mmmm It goes good on everything Christian if you had to say one thing that makes Puerto Rican food distinctive Or different than other places What would you say? Probably would be like.. We love freshness So everything you see.. It’s completely made today It’s not.. like frozen or anything like that Everything comes from almost farm to table Everybody knows everybody here So.. if I get the plantains from my friend who has a plantation.. I have a friend who has a little bit of a steakhouse So everything is coming up that way So.. I would say If you come to Puerto Rico This is the best thing ever Everything is made locally It’s made fresh And with the best ingredients ever Adobo.. adobo on everything It’s the key We’re at Lechonera Figueroa Where they make the best roasted pork in Puerto Rico I’ve been coming here since I was like 4 or 5 years old It’s over.. like 50 years together Family run And the best place you can get some food For your tummy Coming to this lechonera.. Christian talked this up so much This was one of the things I was most pumped for On the entire trip Was eating pork here And finally going to do it As you can see guys Here we have the roasted pig right there You can get it like that The skin is so crunchy and so good It has like such.. a good flavor to it What you see over there Those black sausages.. are called Morcillas They’re made .. it’s going to sound a little bit nasty They are made with a little bit of rice And pork blood I know.. it’s going to sound nasty But it tastes really good We ordered a pound of Lechon Asado ! This is definitely my sort of place You just come here and the food is prepared right in front of you There’s no wait We just got a pound of pork..waiting for us here As you can see This is the pork And the rice and gandules It’s some type of beans. It’s very typical here And you can see here.. this is the sweet plantain Amarillitos That’s what they call it And this is why I said it’s a Puerto Rican tamale It’s called Pasteles It’s made out of green bananas And there’s all sorts of meat you can get But that one if i’m not mistaken is chicken This is the Cuerito Pork skin This is the first thing I really wanted to try here At this legendary pork palace So crunchy So meaty You can just feel the juice Marinating from the pork every bite Trying the lechon Mmmm This has got to be some of the tenderest pork meat I’ve ever had in my entire life Goodness I could just.. i feel like I could eat one pound of this myself It just melts in your mouth So good, it’s so tender And it’s very very juicy You would think that for being almost 4 or 5 hours .. just spinning around It would get a little bit dry It doesn’t It just melts in your mouth Just like you said Christian you were telling me that this kind of pork Has a lot of significance in Puerto Rico Specifically during the holidays Yeah exactly This is like.. the most traditional plate you could see When you see the pork meat over here That’s what everybody makes up.. when they’re doing family reunions And gatherings Because it’s like.. the easiest way to prepare it And the most tasty Everybody every christmas just gets around And starts doing food like this They start cooking together Being together That’s what.. Puerto Rican Christmas is all about Just family uniting Lechon Asado Arroz con Gandules This is the perfect meal in Puerto Rico I love Mofongo But I think this may just be my go to dish Every place you come to in Puerto Rico People are going to be really friendly to you Right now I’ve been coming here since I was like four or five I haven’t been here for a few years And when I came back here I was talking to the guy behind the counter And I was telling him how my sister used to live a minute or two away from here And then he told me that he knows my sister He knows my family We just started talking like .. I knew him all my life That’s the Puerto Rican level of kindness we have Going to just a quick, family run joint T his is what it’s all about Tell us in the comments what’s your favorite food in Puerto Rico Thank you so much to Christian Appreciate it guys, thanks for watching.

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  2. To give my answer to your question if Puerto Rico food is known? I would answer no. Personally, I am a "food dude" and I have seen some Puerto Rican food segments and every time just like with this vid: WOW! I am convinced that there exists many places when it comes to food that are 100% under the radar


  4. Awesome to watch them make the mofongo – it looks great! Spotted an octopus one that we would’ve ordered

  5. That lechon looks amazing! Christian’s childhood favorite is a gem. We definitely get down with some morcilla too

  6. This is as local as it gets, mofongo is one of my favorite Puertorican dishes, theres a few mofongo spots in NYC, but the ones in PR are better, the lechon looked amazing too, especially with arroz con gandules.

  7. Puerto Rican food looks fantastic! Wow I have never tried Mofongo or Lechon before, but I need to. Such delicious looking food.

  8. If you don't know what the ingredients are, why are you being a spokesperson for this dish? Get a chef to explain it. Or a Puerto Rican.

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