Vegan And Meat-Eater Rate KFC, Subway, McDonald’s And Pizza Hut Vegan Dishes

Vegan And Meat-Eater Rate KFC, Subway, McDonald’s And Pizza Hut Vegan Dishes

Megan Ingham: Hi, I’m
Megan, and I’m a vegan. Harry Kersh: Hi, I’m
Harry, and I’m an omnivore. Megan: With veganism on the rise, some of the big fast-food chains are jumping on the bandwagon, and they’ve brought out some of their own vegan alternatives. Harry: Today we’re gonna
visit McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut and try some vegan
alternatives for ourselves. Megan: And hopefully, by the end of it, Harry is gonna be a vegan convert. Harry: Yeah, don’t get your hopes up. [Megan laughs] But I’m open-minded. I’d like to eat a bit
less meat in the future, so if these options can
provide a good alternative then I’m really happy to try it. Our vegan journey starts at McDonald’s, where we tried their Vegan
Society-approved Veggie Dippers. We bought them for 3.59
pounds, which is around $4.60. So, I mean, looks-wise, it
looks kind of maybe like a chicken-tender sort of thing, which is maybe almost misleading because, unlike some of the other options that we are going to try today, this one isn’t actually fake meat. This is just a vegetable-based thing. Megan: Cheers.
Harry: Cheers. Megan: So, I would say that that is a little bit disappointing. It’s a bit underwhelming. I’ve probably had better
equivalents from supermarkets that I bake in my oven. Harry: I think I agree. I
think it’s disappointing. I think, considering the fact that vegan chicken-nugget alternatives already kind of exist, I’m not really sure why they didn’t try and do something like that because, yeah, it’s just, like, a kind
of average bean burger, bean-nugget sort of thing. Megan: If I open that in the middle, that’s the filling on either side, and considering that was nearly 4 pounds, that’s a lot of money for not a lot. Harry: If anything is
gonna turn me into a vegan, knowing that this exists is not it. [Megan laughs] Megan: Next we head to Subway to try their new Meatless
Meatball Marinara, where we bought a
foot-long for 6.49 pounds, which is around $8.30. So, I’ve never really been
a big fan of the meatball, the classic meatball, so for me, I have nothing to compare it to, but it looks like a meatball. Looks like a beef meatball.
What do you think? Harry: In contrast to Megan,
meatball marinara is my go-to order at Subway, so
I’m quite invested in this because, you know, if
it’s a good alternative, then maybe I’ll come back. But like you said, they
look like meatballs, the vegan cheese looks pretty good, there’s vegan cheese on this. And we also got some vegan
garlic aioli as well, which looks really, really nice. Excited to see how the kind of
taste and texture matches up. OK. First impressions, Megan,
now that you’ve tasted. Megan: It’s a bit dry. It’s really dry. I need a water. It’s really dry.
Harry: Are you all right? Megan: Yeah, it’s really
dry. It’s not bad, it would just be complemented
by a drink, I think. The meatball’s good. It’s
firm. It’s not crumbly, which, having tried to
make my own meatballs, does happen a lot, and
it can just disintegrate, so they’ve got the
texture there quite well. Harry: I think texturally,
like, the meatball is pretty good. It does taste like meat. Not as meaty as real meat,
which, shock, I guess. I think if I were to give
this a rating out of five, I think maybe a three and a half. ‘Cause it was good but, like you say, quite dry, not quite as
meaty as I was hoping for, but not a terrible alternative. Megan: For me it was a bit dry, so I’d probably give it a two and a half or a three out of five.
It’s just really dry. Harry: Our vegan-fast-food
journey now takes us to KFC, where we ordered their “zero chicken” Original Recipe Vegan
Burger for 4.29 pounds. That’s around $5.50. Megan: So, it looks like what I see other chicken eaters eating, so it looks like what
you would normally have. Like, a vegan chicken
burger’s quite a staple thing that you can get in a
lot of supermarkets now. So I’m expecting it to be
at least at the same level as what the offerings already are, but hopefully a little bit better with those 11 herbs and spices. Harry: Cheers. Megan: I was worried
it might be quite dry, because some meat
substitutes can be really dry ’cause the cooking variations
on them, you can struggle, and especially as it
doesn’t have the cheese or maybe some of the other things that you might traditionally
have with a burger, but the mayo’s really good. There’s, like, a really good consistency of the meat in the middle. Harry: It does texturally taste and feel a bit like chicken. I think maybe in the
more of a kind of, like, chicken-nugget vibe where
the chicken’s maybe been, like, a bit shredded and
pulverized beforehand, ’cause you don’t get the kind of tearaway that you might get from a chicken breast. But I have to say, like, taste-wise, again because I think
it leans more heavily on just the herbs and spices that they use rather than the natural
chicken flavor anyway, so if you just want something
that tastes like KFC and does kind of feel like chicken, this honestly would hit the spot. Megan: Yeah, I’d say this
is a four out of five. It’s a little bit too salty for me to probably have really regularly, but texturally wise, it feels like a really
good chicken burger, maybe slightly processed,
but it is fast food, so. Harry: I’m actually gonna be even more generous than you here, ’cause I love salty food. And this is salty, you’re right, but also you get the taste
from the herbs and spices of a normal KFC. Texturally, it might not be the exact same as chicken breast, but it’s more like a
chicken-nugget sandwich, which is honestly pretty much what I want if I’ve maybe had a couple of drinks and am coming home past the KFC. I’m gonna give this,
like, a four and a half out of five I think. Megan: Wow. I mean, I will eat this again. So that’s probably a really
good stamp of approval. Underground: Ladies and gentlemen. Megan: And finally we head to Pizza Hut to try their Pepperphoni pizza, ordering their sharing-size pizza for 20.99 pounds, which is around $27. Harry: So, here we are in our last stop of our fast-food tour. I’m quite full ’cause we’ve
done this all in one afternoon. But we’re about to try Pizza
Hut’s Pepperphoni pizza. How’s it look to you, Megan? Megan: It looks really good. It looks like it’s crispy cheese on top. I mean, nothing about that screams vegan alternative to me. So, the first taste that you get on it is very much Pizza Hut’s
signature, like, marinara. So that is, like, spot on. The vegan cheese and the vegan pepperoni doesn’t, like, overrule that taste, which I think’s really good because that’s why you’re
coming to Pizza Hut, because you want it to taste
like a Pizza Hut pizza. Harry: The texture is
maybe slightly weird. It’s slightly different
to what I’m used to. The garlic is clinging to my teeth a bit. Is that normal?
Megan: Mm-hmm. Harry: OK, yeah. The pepperoni…not quite there. Hard to exactly replicate
that sort of, like, texture. Not as crispy as sometimes
pepperoni will go on, like, a regular pizza. I think if I had to give
this an out of five, I think I’d probably give it a four. I’ve enjoyed this. Honestly, like, coming to Pizza Hut, you
know what you’re getting. You’re getting that deep pan, you’re getting that marinara
sauce and the cheese. The vegan cheese really doesn’t change it drastically enough for me to not enjoy it. But yeah, no, I’ve enjoyed that a lot. I think maybe if the
texture was slightly better it would be even higher, but I think four is what I would give it. Megan: So, I think four is good, I think it would drop a point because maybe the pepperoni is, just the taste is a little
big overpowering maybe. But again, that’s our personal choice, you might come, you might love it, and that fruity tang on it might be exactly what you want, but I think it’s a strong four, and I would really recommend this as, like, a good place to
come and get takeout pizza. Harry: So, that’s it. That’s the end of our meatless journey. We’ve tried options from
McDonald’s, from Subway, from KFC, and from Pizza Hut. Megan, did you have a favorite? Megan: I think on the individual
food that we’ve tried, KFC just pips it, I think
it slightly edges it, but if I was to go back to one again, it would probably be Pizza Hut because here I can get sides, unlimited drink, free salad, they’ve got pudding, they’ve got various different options, so I could come back and get
something new, like, each time. Whereas at KFC, yes, you can get the vegan chicken burger, but the fries aren’t vegan, and that’s basically their only option. Harry: So, I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head there. I think I’d agree. I
think, individual item, KFC was the best for me.
It did taste like KFC, maybe a tiny bit dry, but
with the vegan mayo on there, not really a problem, and
I just really enjoyed it. But also, yeah, Pizza Hut was fantastic. It was by far the best,
like, vegan-cheese experience that I’ve had in the past. Which was nice because that was kind of a, something that generally would put me off going for a vegan option
or a vegan burger, and now that I’ve tried
what is probably the best vegan cheese that I’ve had, it’s kind of less intimidating now. Megan: So, finally, Harry, I think the million-dollar question: Has your meatless journey today prompted you to take the plunge and become a full plant-based eater? Harry: I’m gonna break your
heart, Megan, and say no, because I just really like eating meat. And I don’t think there’s
any shame in that. Megan: No, no shame. Harry: I do accept all the
reasons for going vegan, and personally, I would
like to eat less meat. So what it has done has
really shown me that there are a lot of viable
vegan options out there, and so maybe next time I
come to one of these places, I might go for one of the vegan ones. But I don’t think I’m gonna
kick meat altogether just yet.

100 thoughts on “Vegan And Meat-Eater Rate KFC, Subway, McDonald’s And Pizza Hut Vegan Dishes

  1. Um, she likes the mayo but mayo has egg by-products. But snowflakes like to make their own definitions anyways. Kinda like Millennials. Prove me wrong…

  2. Subway i could understand sort of, however, if you are vegan why go to a burger or chicken place and expect decent tasting vegan food? The pizza looks disgusting.

  3. This is exactly what the world has been looking for: replacing questionable meat products with Lord-only-knows-what's-in-them food items

  4. In Canada, I've been eating the Subway plant-based meatball sub 3 days a week. It's my favourite sub. I like the marinara version.

  5. Your body digestive system was designed to digest meat and some part of a plant.
    If the evolution theory is true then vegan's descendant will lose their ability to digest meat.

  6. Do you know why I don't go Vegan !??
    Cuz i'm broke as fck

    Seriously, why every vegan food will cost you like Double prize of the actual "Food"

  7. The binding factor in vegan meat is animal estrogen, which is why you’re seeing such an explosion of effeminate soyboys.

  8. I’m so excited to try the vegan burger from KFC, previously when I went the only veggie option they had was a rice box so I’m over the moon.

  9. Subway already had a vegan sandwich. “Veggie Delight — no cheese” Veggies add moisture! If something is too dry, add veggies!

  10. Why did you film it all in one day? Your hunger or lack of is going to affect your preferences too much.

  11. These fast-food chains are just wannabe pro- vegan but in reality they are just trying to ride the band wagon…a true vegan supporter should not be offering any meat on their menu…

  12. I wouldn't go to any of these restaurants, everything is unhealthy (including vegan food) and full of grease. There're much more better options for vegan meals in Asian restaurants.


  14. Plants don't have over 50 nutrients.
    Veganism is malnutrition by definition.
    You need animal fat, without it the brain doesn't develop correctly and it leads to mental illnesses, plural.

  15. I tried the KFC vegan burger. The breaded part of the ‘fillet’ stayed burned, it was really crunchy too and not in a good way, kinda like it was left in the heated tray for too long, maybe because not many people bought it. It looked like frozen chicken burgers in the supermarket, while the poster looked like a KFC burger. The vegan ‘meat’ was slightly tender but overall dry. The best part was the vegan mayo, it was tangy and tasted better than regular mayo.

  16. I really like the fact that the vegan was really critiquing the food. I'm not going to eat crap food just because it has a label on it. My friend strives to be vegan but I do not. She doesn't criticize me for eating meat and I'm open to try new things when she does cook so it works out.

  17. Vegans are cruel. Plants and vegetables are living things but they can't move! At least meat has a fighting chance by running away. Vegans are condoning the slaughter of helpless immobile living things!

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