if it’s charred at the edge YUM! Hi guys welcome to another episode of Rated V. Today we’re checking out where you can find vegan paella. That’s something that you need to have here if you’re visiting
Valencia because that’s kind of what they’re known for.
Yes you can find paella de verdura, which is vegetable paella, throughout the city,
however this place makes it super special because the make it to order, at
the moment. It’s not pre-made, they use real vegetables, so let’s check it out!
So another thing I like about this place is that they serve you a lot of
traditional tapas too, so like here you can get croquetas, which if you were to
go to any other like bar here in Spain, you kind of have to miss out on it
because it’s not vegan. This one is vegan and it’s made out of mushroom
filling and other vegetables. It looks crispy fried and they have their
own house-made aioli, so good, honestly one of the things I like about vegan
croquetas is that the vegan ones don’t feel as heavy. I mean think about, if you like deep
fried meat that’s already oily meat, it’s heavier this one feels at least a little
lighter. Yes it’s deep fried but I prefer the vegan croquetas just because the
feed texture. As you can see the paella has arrived. What I really like about this
place is that they make everything to order, they will cut the vegetables and
make the paella to order which is something really important to know
because if you ever come to Valencia you’ll notice there’s paella everywhere,
however, they’ve told me that a lot of these places, because they’re tourist
attractions they just put in frozen vegetables, not only that but they all
just add like literally like maybe a handful of vegetables and they
call it vegetable paella. Here it’s like a paella full of vegetables. The other
fun thing here is that they have vegan shrimp, because shrimp is something that
they add typically to paella. As you can see the shrimp here
looks so spot-on, it’s actually made out of soy and tofu and then they add some natural color to it. The other thing I like about this place is
that, that’s how you know a paella is legit, it has the crispy edges it’s
charred at the edge, yum, the color here is vibrant.. alright let’s try this. You can genuinely taste the vegetables.
It’s really flavorful you can tell they make it on the spot which is nice, it’s
not bland. I’ve had some vegetable vegan paellas
that are pretty bland, this is full of the seasonings. All right let’s try some
of this vegan shrimp.So I’ll be honest I’ve never actually had real
shrimp but I like this texture it’s not like overpowering, it’s not like super
chewy, it’s a nice fun play on traditional shrimp. I highly recommend it,
you should definitely try it. Last but not least you know I love my vegan dessert. So
here you can also get a homemade vegan dessert and the ice cream they make
themselves. It’s actually coconut based and it has
like brownie chunks in it, banana and then of course you get your vegan
chocolate cake with a chocolate vegan ganache. If your chocolate lover you’re gonna love this. All right so that’s a wrap I hope you
guys check this place out if you’re ever in Valencia gotta try some vegan paella
they also have other vegan dishes to try like vegan pecking duck and the vegan salmon is very interesting. If you have any questions or comments make sure to write them down
in the comments. Make sure to subscribe I’ll see you later, bye


  1. Thank you so very much for your videos!! im actually going to Barcelona and Valencia in 2 weeks, and i was so sad thinking that being vegan I would totally miss out on the Typical Paella flavors. Also thanks for including prices, so I can work my daily budget, hope to see a little bit more of that $ numbers on the screen. Thank you again .xoxo

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