VEGAN STUFFED SWEET POTATOES ‣‣ with Mediterranean Quinoa

VEGAN STUFFED SWEET POTATOES ‣‣ with Mediterranean Quinoa

(upbeat music) – Hello my friends,
welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have just got one recipe for you but it’s a really good one and
you guys are gonna love it. We are making Mediterranean
stuffed sweet potatoes. They have a Mediterranean quinoa mixture with sun-dried tomatoes, so much flavor stuffing in them
inside a baked sweet potato and drizzling them with tahini. It’s the ultimate dinner recipe. You guys are going to love it. It’s perfect for fall, meal prep friendly, vegan, gluten-free, all the things that I know you guys love. So this recipe is also
up on the blog today so if you’re interested in making it, you can find the link right
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that’s all you gotta do. Otherwise, let’s go head and dive in. To start we are gonna
have two sweet potatoes and we are gonna begin by
piercing them with a fork. This just helps them cook more quickly. It helps release some of
the steam too as they cook. So just pierce them with a
fork all over both potatoes and then we will pop
that in a 400 degree oven for about 30-ish minutes
until they’re soft enough to poke a knife through the skin. While they’re cooking, we
are going to make our filing. So the filling is gonna
start with some olive oil in a nonstick pan. To that, we’re gonna add some spinach, as well as some cooked chickpeas, chopped up sun-dried tomatoes, cooked quinoa, chopped up olives, you could use any variety that you like, and you’ll give that a stir
until the spinach wilts. Since most of these
ingredients are already cooked, we’re just basically heating it through. So we’re looking for the
spinach to get wilted and the beans and quinoa
and everything else to get nice and warm. Once you have the spinach
all nice and wilted, you can add in your spices
which is gonna be dried thyme, dried dill, and garlic powder. Add that into the pan. And then we’re also gonna use some salt and pepper for seasoning. Once you’ve got all your spices, you can add just a splash of water to help cook everything a little bit more, steam it up, make it nice and hot. And again, just give this a stir until everything is combined. As always with all of my recipes, I recommend that you just taste
it before you serve it up. Taste it, adjust the
seasonings as you need, maybe more salt, more pepper, more spice depending
on however you like it. Once you have the seasoning right, you can just set this aside and wait for your potatoes to be done. Once you have the potatoes done, you will pull them out of the oven and you can let them rest
for maybe five to 10 minutes, just to let them cool down a little bit but if you’re ready to dig in, and when you’re ready to dig in, just use a sharp knife to slice them down the center lengthwise so we’re basically just creating
a little sweet potato boat. You’ll just cut it down the middle and I like to just open it with my knife and just kind of prop
it open a little bit. Let some of the heat out a little bit because they can be really, really hot. And just repeat that
with the other potato. Something to keep in
mind with this recipe is that it’s very easily scaled up, so the recipe on the
blog serves two people but you could easily make it four, six, however many you want, so just scale the ingredients accordingly. Once you have your potatoes ready, you can basically just
transfer them to your plates and you will fill them
with the quinoa filling. I like to do a ton of filling, as much as I can pack
into the sweet potato because it has a really great flavor and it just helps balance everything out. I would say about maybe a cup
of the mixture per serving. And then you can finish
it off, if you would like, with a drizzle of tahini. I have tons of tahini
dressings on the blog so I’ll link some of those in
the description box for you. If you don’t like tahini,
you could use hot sauce, you could sprinkle it
with some lemon juice, or drizzle it with some lemon juice, or you could just leave it as is. I also love finishing it with some fresh herbs like chives, and then of course, you
guys know me, spice. I’m all about the hot pepper
flakes so I always sprinkle on some crushed red pepper flakes as well. And that pretty much
does it for this recipe. You guys definitely need to try this. Such good flavor, I love the combination of spinach and olives and chickpeas. You’re getting complex carbs, you’re getting fiber,
you’re getting protein, and like I said, flavor, flavor, flavor. I hope you guys give it a
try and I hope you enjoy it. And there you have it my friends, I hope you enjoyed these
stuffed sweet potatoes. Like I said in the
beginning, they are so good. You can see how much flavor they have. They’re totally meal prep friendly. They’re definitely, I would
say probably kid-friendly. I don’t have kids but I don’t know, maybe they’re a little too
out there for the kiddos. But definitely serves a crowd if you wanted to double, triple, anything size of the recipe. They are absolutely delicious. So I hope you guys give this recipe a try. If you do, make sure to
come back to this video, let us know what you
think in the comments. If you have any questions for me, drop those down in the
comments below as well. And if you do wanna make this, like I said, the recipe
is up on the blog already and I’ve put that link
right down below this video. Otherwise, don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button before you go. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks so much for watching, bye guys. (upbeat music)

24 thoughts on “VEGAN STUFFED SWEET POTATOES ‣‣ with Mediterranean Quinoa

  1. Although I've always loved Japanese sweet potatoes with tahini, I JUST discovered how good hummus tastes on orange flesh sweet potatoes so I am really eager to try this recipe! Happy Travels!

  2. Je laisse pas toujours des commentaires mais j'adore ❤️❤️? tes recettes ? tu es inspirante. Et je varie mon alimentation grâce à ta chaîne et tes plats fantastique ? ?.
    Je testerai rapidement, des que possible. Merci ma beauté ❤️. Beautiful

  3. Wonderful!… I think I will make these for me and my husband for lunch while the kids are at school but I do think that they are a little too out there for the kiddos.

  4. I am going to try this recipe for Fridays work lunch!! I just meal prepped for 3 work meals last night. Which tahini dressing did you use for this video? I looked in the description below for a link for tahini dressings but didn't see any. Thanks in advance :o)

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