Vegan What I eat in a Day || chickpea + eggplant curry || EP#1

Vegan What I eat in a Day || chickpea + eggplant curry || EP#1

Good morning This is Heather It’s been a really long time since I did a what I eat in a day video So long in fact. They got really popular, so I thought I’d do one and since I’m a holistic nutritionist I do food and Lifestyle which includes exercise, so I’m gonna do what I ate & did in a day, and I’m starting with a run before I head for a run I have some water and I usually put a little bit of pure fruit juice in there Not too much, but just enough that it has some flavor because I learned that Having some carbohydrate in the water. Helps your body absorb it so yeah Cool area of my run route, like an enchanted forest So there was my run for today I’ve been slacking on running this summer because it was really hot and I had a job that was Taking over all my time, so it was really hard oh, and I cycle commute so I was cycling to work every day and Spending 12 to 14 hours there Busy the whole time so I didn’t have much time to run so this fall is me trying to Get myself off of slaking Microphone in the way… off of slacking on runs and Get back into it so I have signed up for a 10k that is next week and That was my last long run normally. I would do them on Sunday but um I’m running with friend who Is having some Health issues at the moment so she can only run a little bit. So long run on a weekday! I’ve got more water this one has some fresh lemon I forgot I had half a lemon in the fridge so that’s delicious And it’s time for breakfast! In the summer. I’ve been doing smoothies and muesli now is the time when it’s getting cold and I’m moving towards hot porridge, but I haven’t actually made that jump yet because I had a bunch of muesli in the fridge This week was the start of my CSA so I’ve got a whole bunch of happy kale in my fridge So I’m gonna make a smoothie out of it, but I think we’re gonna do a thick smoothie to make a smoothie Bowl, put some muesli on top. Usually when to do smoothies in the summer, I put the oats in the smoothie But I feel like crunching something, so we’re gonna do that Let’s do it About 200 milliliters water and the leaves off the kale I’m gonna add frozen mango Frozen wild blueberries Course a banana When I’m making the smoothie I give myself a bite chia seeds, get my omega-3 for the day and some calcium Okay, that’s it keep it super simple today Forgot that because I’m putting kale in there I was gonna put the rest of this lemon Just squeeze the juice in That actually looks pretty terrible because when you mix Purple with green you get brown it would be really nice if there were some raspberries in there, would probably look a lot better, but I’m just gonna put it in one of my pretty bowls just for you and We’re gonna Cover it with muesli No one will ever know So I went into town to run a few errands and I decided to pick up lunch while I was out this place that I go to Number one I can bring my own containers to the salad bar. They don’t make me use their theirs Why do salad bars do that, they make you use their stuff? Anyway, I can bring my own container And then I can go up and get whatever I want! I get to mix up all the beans that I want… with mandarin oranges pineapple veggies and a few beets Now they have some really great dressings there But unfortunately a lot of them use honey for some reason, so I usually go with the balsamic Also the cool thing is – you can pile in the greens! The green don’t weigh anything But they cost a fair bit where I live to buy, and they usually go bad pretty quickly because they’re shipped a long way so the salad bar actually works out to be more economical for me I know that’s not true everywhere but for me it gives me a nice variety for lunch I ran a few errands, and then on the way back I went to the grocery store, and I was out of chickpeas, so I bought some new dried chickpeas and In bringing them home. I was thinking about what I was gonna make for dinner night And I really wanted to have some chickpeas, and I’ve got some eggplant in the fridge for my CSA I’ve got some leftover tomato sauce from something else I’ve got some leftover rice, and so I’m thinking of making like some kind of Indian inspired like maybe not exactly chana masala but something chana masala ISH that’s super easy and some eggplant… I always forget what they call that dish… And I also can never pronounce it properly so I’m not even gonna try to say that but you know that eggplant dish with the tomatoes and the spices… and I got some chocolate! So it’s only 3:30, but I’m gonna start the chickpeas in the pressure cooker so that they will definitely be done by dinner because Normally, I don’t get them done in time. So I’ve got my chickpeas in the pressure cooker I’m gonna put water in up to I don’t know like there. It doesn’t really matter as long as they have enough to cook and I’m gonna put a piece of kombu in there you don’t have to but this helps them cook better and Consequently means that you get less gassy from your beans You take it out before you eat them get the lid on… Make sure I have this on there Some of my pressure cooking friends can probably tell me better than that this, but here’s what’s been working for me So I put on high pressure 25 minutes And then I go back to work and then once that’s done. I let them sit and Let the pressure release naturally And I just let them sit for like, I don’t know, until I remember to come back and then I put them on for another 9 minutes or so. it’s almost time to start making dinner, but before we do that I feel like this post is a lot more personal than most of my content last couple years There was some stuff going on in my life that I just didn’t really want to share about And so I think that made me pull back like my stepmother dying and And some other family stuff But I feel ready now to share more personal stuff I have alluded to this other job that I have this opportunity came up that was just amazing and You may not believe this but posting videos in YouTube does not a living make And that’s why I do meal plans and cooking classes and consultations on my blog Anyway so this opportunity came up Some of you will know this if you’re subscribed to my email list But I don’t think I’ve talked about it on YouTube specifically I may have I don’t know I went to university to be a pilot. I went to university for aviation at the University of Western Ontario and so I my first career was as a flight instructor and I took a long period off From from flying because I didn’t want to be an airline pilot, and as I got to Be more and more of an environmentalist, I didn’t want that to be my main careers flying airplanes that contribute huge amount of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere anyway So an opportunity came up a couple years ago to fly a small airplane Which has really good fuel efficiency, and I fly at 1500 feet doing sightseeing tours So that is that is what I do a lot of the time now Particularly in the summer when it took over my life as I said but right now my plane is for maintenance so that’s why I have more time right now to catch up on things and To get back into videos, and I am not gonna take a hiatus like that again, I promise! that was the first summer since starting this business, the sightseeing flights, that That we had a really like gangbusters kind of summer so I was flat out the whole time But now that I know what to expect I can try to manage that better and hopefully I can get some more people Flying the plane so that I don’t have to do it ALL That that is my personal update for now. Let’s go make some dinner! these babies are now fairly soft, but we’re gonna put them Back on so this is like as if you had soaked them But if you didn’t remember to soak them overnight now we’re going to Put them on for another eight minutes And that’s it Some other goodies. I got at the store These are super quick to cook I made a pumpkin red lentil soup the other day. That was awesome Also quick to cook. Quick to cook in the pressure cooker, and then that’s gonna be for hummus! While the chickpeas are cooking. We’re gonna do the eggplant which I looked up and The dish that I’m thinking of is called baingan bharta and I am butchering that but um yeah, if someone wants to send me a pronunciation guide, maybe it would help! So I did a quick look up of both chana masala and baingan bharta And They’re quite similar actually in terms of what’s going in and what kind of seasonings They’re using, but I’m just gonna keep it super simple Luckily, I got some cilantro in my CSA bag this week I normally do not have cilantro because I don’t like it but in certain circumstances. I make exceptions like today I’m just gonna chop this up and saute it, and then I’m gonna add some spices I do not have any onion or garlic today To be honest I haven’t been using onion much lately because I found it was giving me a lot of gas So um This is gonna be interesting, but we’re gonna make it happen And I don’t have any garlic on hand I don’t even have any ginger I obviously didn’t plan this very well, and I need a bigger cutting board But I’m gonna put a zucchini in with the chickpeas for the chana masala and I think I’m gonna try adding some coconut milk to the eggplant see how that works, so I’m gonna heat up the pan and just very simply Saute this eggplant I’m gonna start it off with a little bit of olive oil because if I Do a pure water sautee it’ll just turn to mush But I will use water as I go along, so I don’t need to use too much oil, though a little bit never hurts Pinch of salt Might as well start Chopping up this cilantro, it’s gonna go in both Oh…. What am I doing to myself? Some of us just don’t like cilantro! There is a genetic reason we don’t – our taste buds make it taste like soap But what I have discovered is that you can offset that effect by using coconut So that’s why I’m thinking of trying coconut milk in with the eggplant to make it creamy and to make the cilantro more tasty Non-stick pans are the I best I haven’t even had to add any water yet, and this is not yet Stuck or burned or anything – look that looks great This is a ceramic lined pan for anyone who’s curious It was labeled eco-friendly so they had me in an effort to make these two tastes different I’m gonna do cherry tomatoes in with the eggplant and use the leftover tomato sauce in with the chickpeas I’m also gonna use some different spices So with the eggplant we’re gonna do a mild curry powder and smoked paprika We’re gonna do a ginger in both of them and the coconut milk, so it’ll be like a creamy mild smoky kind of baingan bharta And then with the chickpeas we’re gonna do a hot curry powder I may or may not add some cayenne I am a wuss when it comes to heat… and we’re gonna make it zippy with some lime juice And the different Tomatoes, so that’s how this is gonna go We’ll see how it turns out I’m gonna add a little bit of water now only because I feel like The softening is kind of slow, and it’s exciting… here we go!! If you add tiny bits of water at a time It will be less likely to get mushy and more like what it would be if you used oil so that’s why I keep my Electric kettle by the stove with me when I cook. We are ready for some tomatoes For some spices This one is the mild one remember, so I’m gonna put a fair bit in there, plus the smoky paprika Ginger I don’t have any fresh if I had fresh stuff that would totally be going in here right now And a wee bit of coconut milk You save the cilantro for after oh man does that ever smell good! Looks awesome. I think I’m gonna add a little bit more coconut milk cuz I want it to be nice and moist I did want my eggplant a bit chunkier than most of the baingan bharta I get in restaurants, but I did want it to be creamy so I think this is Think this is a pretty on point with what I was going for Zucchini is ready to roll So I’m gonna do that in this pan. I normally never do this I pretty much always do all my meals in one pan or one pot because I hate doing a lot of dishes after but hey you guys have inspired me, and I think my CSA back has restored my creativity in the kitchen so Let’s just use it Who cares about the dishes?? we’ll get some Netflix going while we do the dishes, right? Okay, so zucchini. I’m just gonna. This is just water sauteed I’m just waiting for the chickpeas to finish up in their pressure cooker steam bath, and then we’ll Add them to the zucchini once it’s cooked That needd some more water Probably turn that down a bit Just above medium Chickpeas are ready I love doing them in the pressure cooker for that long because they get so soft you can just squish them apart So awesome, okay, so we’re just gonna dump some of those in there. I’m just gonna Get some tomato sauce in there to kind of infuse the chickpeas with flavor and Defuse some of the heat here like I said we are gonna add some lime juice for a little bit of zippiness Some spicy curry powder Well, it’s quite tasty so far. It does need a little more salt and it does need more curry powder I might do Some hot curry powder and also add some of the mild as well As I said I am a total wuss, but I like the flavor Oh yeah, that’s more like it Possibly a little bit too much lime juice Just for reference. I think we are ready to add the evil cilantro. I am gonna put About a third of it in here. I’m about two thirds of it in here There’s more sauce in this one to Even it out, and I’m gonna add a little bit more coconut milk to this one cuz it’s got a little dry sitting there It’s amazing how much this eggplant smells like hot dogs because of the smoked paprika Does not taste anything like hot dogs though. Don’t worry YUM Green really makes it pop a and then if you’ve made this ahead of time. You could let it simmer I am ready to serve it up if you can Make rice fresh or reheat your rice from the fridge I’m gonna be weird and serve cold rice with hot toppings because I’m crazy like that. Oh. I just saw my pepper sitting out here, and that is exactly what this needs I don’t know why I don’t use pepper very often So I started leaving it out on the counter to remind me to use it more I forgot this is actually brown rice and quinoa that I cooked together because I didn’t have a full serving of rice left It’s cool to mix grains together they have different textures But it makes it cooler, okay, so I’m gonna make that like half the plate I’m tryin to be all fancy Okay so half the plate or whatever and then we’re gonna take some Eggplant And because my boyfriend really likes naan, I am going to put Some pita bread in like that. I’m gonna give him three I’ll just have one And because he is fighting a cold right now. I’m gonna add some pumpkin seeds for no reason but for zinc Guys I have not made a dinner look this pretty in a long time, so thanks for the inspiration. I think it’s all you So I hope you enjoyed spending a day with me give me a thumbs up if you want to see more what I eat and do in a day videos and Subscribe if you haven’t already because then you get all my videos when I post them And it also helps make my channel more visible to other people so that the vegan word spreads and spreads and spreads oh, and if you have not already head over to Instagram and Post a little story about Why you love being vegan! We’re having a little vegan love fest over there me and a whole bunch of instagramers sharing our stories and sharing the love So go check it out post your story use the hashtag #WHYvegan and I’ll see you there, okay? Bye guys!

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  1. Loved the video. Was surprised to see food from Waitrose, thought it was a UK thing. But pleased, because i shop there too.

  2. Is it really ok to cook beans without soaking them for at least 8 hours before? I hope it is since I hate soaking anything. I thought only lentils and split peas were allowed to be cooked without soaking them first.

  3. It all looks so good, your way more talented than I am. I spend most of my time in the kitchen making green smoothies and using CHRON-O-meter. But it's all Vegan goodness, right!

  4. That is not Baingan Bhadtha or Bhartha, you made eggplant curry. for Badtha we must roast the whole Egglpant and de-skin, make a pulp – made with lots of onions, tomatoes and I love it with green pees added.

  5. I really loved this whole video! Thanks Heather, and I'm glad you took time when you needed it and the sky is giving you more space for land activities 🙂

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