Volunteer dishes on hospitals depriving medical workers

Volunteer dishes on hospitals depriving medical workers

I can tell you the truth but it’s difficult to accept I went to Wuhan Central Hospital The Supply Department of its main campus It is filled to the brims! But they are not allocating it to the departments Do you know why? Guan, maybe I shouldn’t say. It’s scary You are wrong. They are not selling it Whenever an official or a reporter comes They can open their warehouse and say “we are not in shortage!” I was so mad when my volunteers told me this So I didn’t hand my supplies to that supply management department in the main campus I transported my supplies to their Houhu Campus I gave them to the head nurse and the dean, they were so grateful They asked me “does the hospital management need to give you a stamp?” I said hell no! Just give me a slip You should all be used to it now It’s like when I went to Laiyuan on July 21st for the flood relief And the landslide. It’s the same thing The villagers did not get a grain of rice for a whole week Not a single meal The government gave each family two ramen noodles! The farmers had to rescue their own rice from the field and wash it and make it into porridge When I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. From Beijing It’s 60-110km from Beijing! I went to the factory and mining areas, all of them That’s what I saw! The warehouse is in a government office. I could see through the glass door! So when the volunteers told me about the hospital, I understood right away So my brother got into an argument with them “Is a doctor’s life not life?” He was so angry The first medical relief team, I feel so bad for them

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  1. Can I just point out how foolish spraying everyone with bleach is if they are all getting infected anyway? Chlorine exposure massively ups expression of the cytokine Il-6 in the lungs, which is correlated with pneumonia severity in coronavirus cases. Look it up. Not hard to find at all.

  2. This is what happens when a hard core Lennon supporter gets into office and declares himself lifetime "president".

  3. This must be why the Red Cross never distributed the face masks to people in wuhan and the gov said they would investigate. Sure they kept them for themselves since factories were closed.

  4. When the human body has ample vitamin B6 in it's cells it cannot go into a cytokine storm! A B6 injection can stop a cytokine storm. Also, NAC acetyl-cystine. There is white paper available on this too. If you take approximately 600mg 2x/day then you will not get the flu. I know this is a corona virus and not the flu. It is a virus and taking NAC will assist you in not getting it. It can also cure!

  5. 當人體的細胞中含有足夠的維生素B6時,它就不會進入細胞因子風暴! B6注射可以阻止細胞因子風暴。 此外,NAC乙酰胱氨酸。 也有關於此的白皮書。 如果您每天服用約600毫克2x,則不會感染流感。 我知道這是一種冠狀病毒,而不是流感。 它是一種病毒,服用NAC可以幫助您避免感染。 它也可以治愈!

  6. 当人体的细胞中含有足够的维生素B6时,它就不会进入细胞因子风暴! B6注射可以阻止细胞因子风暴。 此外,NAC乙酰胱氨酸。 也有关于此的白皮书。 如果您每天服用约600毫克2x,则不会感染流感。 我知道这是冠状病毒,而不是流感。 它是一种病毒,服用NAC可以帮助您避免感染。 它也可以治愈!

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