We Try Meal Prepping For The Week • Ladylike

We Try Meal Prepping For The Week • Ladylike

– I don’t wanna cook. – Pine and Crane. – La Frontera. – Jersey Mike Subs. – Eating out is so fun. – It’s good food, plus good company. – But, let’s be real.
It can get very pricey. – So, we’re gonna cook instead. And actually try to make it fun. – It’s Lady Like and we’re
gonna meal prep for a week. – There was a period of my life where I was pretty unhealthy. Were I was just eating a lot of instant meals and stuff like that. – I’ve gotten really friendly with the Trader Joe’s frozen food section. – I love to cook. If my home is always stocked
with like good drinks, good games, good food, I don’t
have to leave the house. – And then I went through a phase where I was just like always eating out. I realized very quickly
that I was saving no money. – Eating out is mainly
out of convenience for me. – Without a plan I think I
just tend to over correct. I think I just need structure. – I think it’s gonna be so fun
to cook with Jen and Devon. I think if I had other people to hold me accountable it would be great. – I think cooking with
Jen is gonna be great. I think cooking with Freddie
is gonna be interesting. – Oh, so Devon, she has thoughts about how I’m gonna be in the kitchen. Hum. – In the kitchen you just
don’t wanna be hesitant, and you don’t need to
ask a lot of questions. I feel like Fred’s gonna
ask a lot of questions, and I’m not gonna have time for it. – Devon’s right, I’m
excited for the comradery. I’m excited to save money, and I’m excited for some really good
meals for the next week. I’m Mike, I’m a producer who makes Lady Like videos sometimes. I used to not cook ever. About a year ago, my friend Tilo, who’s one of the original creators of Tasty, convinced me to start doing meal prep. She was like, “No, it’ll be
fun, we’ll do it as a group, we’ll have some wine, it’ll
be a big social fun thing.” I’m really excited to see
how Freddie, Jen and Devon do this week with meal prepping. The way this is gonna work
is I’m choosing a bunch of recipes as options for
the girls to vote on. These aren’t hard recipes. Mustard-marinated steak. Parmesan-crusted salmon. Mozzarella stuffed meatballs with zoodles, aka zucchini noodles. I’m gonna make a shopping list for them so that we can all go to
Trader Joe’s together, and get all the groceries. – We’re here at Trader Joe’s. This looks like a weapon. Mike sent me off to get a jar of mustard, olive oil and marinara sauce, but there’s cheese over there. So maybe we should get some cheese. – Sauerkraut? – Sauerkraut? – Not, not on the list Jen. – When Mike asked me to
go get a bottle of wine, but I think the world is better
with two bottles of wine. Remember that one time you sent me to go get a bottle of wine? – Yes. – Did you notice that I got two? – I wasn’t gonna say anything, cause I’m like Devon knows what she’s doing. She just want’s to get
a little lit tonight. – Devon’s first meal prep, aka more wine. We’re here at Mike’s house. Look at this bountiful harvest of food. We can’t get this bottle of wine to open. I’ve never seen a cork be that tight. – I blame you for
choosing this wine Devon. – It was $5.59, okay. – Oh, we did it. – I love that we’re only
using a 1/3 of a cup of this wine and the rest for drinking. – That’s right. Devon decided to take the lead cooking the steak, because she’s
cooked steak before. She felt confident with that. Freddie did a killer job with
the Parmesan crusted salmon. She watched a video from Goodful, which is our Facebook page
dedicated to healthier food. – Look at that. I’m starved. – Jen decided to take on the meatballs. Being true to her Italian side. – You sure know how to handle that meat. – It’s one of the easiest things to make. – Rolling sound. – Excuse us Devon. – I chose a presentation cutting board to cut this onion and not
a workable cutting board. Look at that, those are my scratches. – Little love bites from Devon. How do you even chop parsley? – This is really therapeutic and also… – Pretty foul. – Yeah, it’s a little foul. – Wow, look at that classic zucchini. – Meatballs are done. We have a lot of extra muzzarell. – Give me some of this muzz. A little wet muzz. – Um, thank you. – This is a fun night. – What a beautiful world we live in. – How do you guys feel? – And it’s nice, because it’s only 6:30. – Cause I’m about to grab all
of the meat with my hands. Meat hand everything into my mouth. – We got our wine, we had our gossip. These are tangible
results of all your work. And Freddie look, you cook. This is cooking, you did this. – I did it and I’m not exhausted. I don’t know if I did as
much as everyone else. – No you did. – You made a whole entree. – You did the salmon. – Look how beautiful that salmon is. – And I did chop up the asparagus. – You did a lot. – Yeah, and I did dishes. – That’s right. – You did more than I did. – So which meal do you think
you guys are eating first? – Meatballs. – See I want meatballs now, but there’s a part of me that’s like
steak is best the first night. – Oh, you’re gonna eat tonight? – I won’t eat tonight,
because I’m gonna… I’ll go through the drive thru. Alright, it’s night one
and I’m gonna eat my first meal prep meal, which is the
steak, asparagus and broccoli. – Should I eat the meatballs that Jen made that looked delicious? The salmon that Freddie made
that also looks delicious, or should I eat this
pizza that’s left over? – Now this steak is Devon’s doing. She was in charge of the steak. Ummmm. – That’s so good. In terms of portions,
this is definitely enough. I do feel like, wow, I’m very full. – I change my mind, I’m having the salmon. – This asparagus. I think Mike was in charge of the asparagus. Um, seasoned to perfection. – I’m just gonna eat my meal prep meal, and then I have lunch
paid for by the office. This is great, because
usually in the morning I just eat junk food when I’m hungry. – You bring the zoodle into the sauce. Trying it, see how it goes. It kinda taste like bad
pasta, but excellent zucchini. The real piece da resistance
here the meatball. There’s no better thing to be doing than eating a meatball
at 9:30 in the morning. – I’ve mainly been using these meals for dinner, not really for lunch. I think for me dinner works best, because after work I’m
usually really tired. I don’t really feel like having to stop and figure out what to
eat, and this is perfect. – So, it’s evening number two. I am on my couch. Zucchini noodles, the zoodles
if you will are delicious. – I’ve never had zoodles. I feel like zoodles,
that’s some L.A. shit. It does give me a carb vibe. – It’s really nice coming home and knowing that dinner’s already cooked for you. Wow, that’s really good. To be honest I was a little bit hesitant, because I didn’t know how good fish would be on day two or three. But, damn it’s really tasty,
and the asparagus too. – I’m definitely loving the fact that I come home and
just have dinner ready. After work, most times I just really wanna go home and stay there, and if there’s nothing to eat at home it’s like a Post Mates thing, which then is like a 30
dollar delivery charge. – When you meal prep with a
group of friends you can trade meals so you don’t have to have the same thing every
night, which is genius. – Meal prep has been great. You save so much money,
you have so much fun, and you just eat good food. – Just having this food
ready to go is dope. – We’ve got merch. – Click here to buy it. – Spoons. – Spoons. – Spoons. – Spoons – Spoons – Spoons

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