What Are The Different Types of Keto?

What Are The Different Types of Keto?

– [Narrator] What are the
different kinds of keto diets? Standard keto diet, or very low carb, VLC. On a standard VLC diet, you eat less than 50 grams of net carbs a day. Some keto followers go as
low as 20 grams per day. Cyclical keto diet or carb cycling. Cyclical keto involves
eating high fat, low carb, less than 50 grams of net carbs a day, five to six days a week. On carb refeed days, you add
an extra serving of carbs, which brings you to 100 to 150
grams of carbs for the day. The Bulletproof Diet
falls into this category. Extra carbs one day a week helps you avoid the negative effects
some people experience on strict low carb diets,
like thyroid issues, fatigue and dry eyes. Targeted keto, following
a targeted keto diet, you restrict carbs as you would
with a standard keto diet, except on intense workout days. To boost performance, you’ll
eat a serving of carbs right before, 30 minutes to an hour, strenuous physical activity. The surge of glucose is
meant to boost performance. There is no scientific
evidence that it works or not, but people report noticing a difference. Dirty keto, on a dirty
keto diet you follow the same ratios as a standard keto diet, with zero consideration for
how nutritious your food is. Theoretically, you can load up your plate with bacon and call it a meal. Read up on each method, then choose the style of
keto that works for you. Quick note, most people, especially women, have a lot more success with
cyclical keto then pure keto. Experiment with it and see how you feel. Your body will tell you what’s working. Learn more at bulletproof.com.

3 thoughts on “What Are The Different Types of Keto?

  1. Cool stuff Dave I noticed dry eyes on low-carb after about a month. Ate a bunch of baked sweet potatoes eyes felt normal the next day. Great support. Thanks JP

  2. I call my diet spartan Keto; breakfast. Bulletproof coffee with mct oil and collagen protein quarter cup of blue berries and quarter cup of blackberries keto fat bomb mid morning. Lunch; 14 grams tuna , two cups cold claw with olive oil and vinegar dressing , and a avacado ( for potassium) . Dinner; any type of meat and greens. Lost forty pounds since Christmas, never felt better. Oh, I’m 66!

  3. I do not hear much of cycling except in the bodybuilding and atheletes environment. Perhaps it is assumed, though it bears a mention that high performance people will cycle their diets. The novelty of vegan as a replacement for religion is commendable but people forget that all mechanics follow a rule, if not diminishing returns on a bell curve, regardless the belief / science system behind it. Context is important in application that most follow without consideration.

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