What Dr Joel Fuhrman Eats In A Day!

Dr Joel Fuhrman is a Board-certified family
physician with over 25 years experience in nutritional medicine. He is also a New York
times best selling author and an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural
healing, Dr. Fuhrman has helped thousands of people lose weight permanently and reverse
chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain syndromes and autoimmune
diseases using a nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating style that he calls the Nutritarian
diet. I’m also so curious to know what these brilliant medics eat and in a Q & A Dr Fuhrman
shared what he ate in a day. He said “My breakfast is usually quick, easy and simple.
Most days, it’s steel-cut oats with berries, seeds and walnuts. I usually take my vegan
DHA+EPA supplement along with my other supplements then, too. Note that the fat from the nuts
and seeds are important when taking the supplements to facilitate absorption. For lunch, I have
a huge salad with tomatoes, raw onions and one of my dressings made from nuts and seeds.
I either will top the salad with some beans or have a vegetable bean soup on the side.
I will have fruit at lunch, too. For dinner, often I will start with raw veggies and a
healthy dip, followed by a cooked vegetable-based main dish made with beans or tempeh, wok greens,
onions and mushrooms served with a nut-based cream sauce. I also will have one fresh fruit
or a fruit-based dessert, like a berry sorbet. If I’m on the road, I will plan in advance;
I’ll either find the nearest Whole Foods Market and get a big salad with beans on top
or look for another market with salad items, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, such
as frozen artichoke hearts. I’ll sometimes have some raw oat cereal with me, and purchase
some unsweetened almond or hemp milk on the road, and I add it to the cereal in cup in
the room the night before, so it softens. I carry nuts and seeds with me in my carry
bag, as well as a spoon and plastic knife to eat mangoes on
the road.”

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