*Always competing to pay first. Anytime, anywhere* Is it tasty? The chocolate is flavorful There are some salts too There are sea salts I wanna try to trick them for food using this I’m looking for a mall here but turned out they don’t have it here, so what are we gonna do now? Hmm…let’s eat! But my tummy is bursting soon Finally we can check in Guys, finally we can check in and now it’s around 3pm We’re gonna catch a nap now because we couldn’t sleep much in our overnight flight yesterday.. ..totally So after napping, we’re gonna explore at night! Where are we going tonight? Shoppingg!!! Let’s have something to eat okay Let’s eat again. My pants are already… So how long are we gonna nap? Half an hour? 1 hour? HAHA someone said before
that she doesn’t wanna rest! Woww, we’re going to eat now We’re having some snacks now before having our dinner later This is IDR 200k worth of octopus Let’s try and see whether it’s worth the price This one does not have the octopus in it Wow, it’s soooo big There’s no one beside you now It’s pretty good right? Worth to try! Yes, it’s tasty. Worth the price Hi everyone, so now I wanna go to KITA exhibition So I was invited to Busan for this event I will do live streaming when I’m there I was given all these products I will do the live streaming later, showing you
the products and also give you the review for all Instagram friends So now I gotta get going So let’s go! Now we’re on our way to the exhibition venue and I thought today’s weather will be hot
because my room feels so hot just now and it turns out pretty chilly out here. Hi guys, so now I’m done with my live streaming These are the products that were in my live streaming earlier, so now I’ll explain to you the products First one, there is this product called
“Esteo Hydrogen Pico Mist”. So this is a product that produces face mist We just need to fill drinking water in it but not tap water okay We fill it in and it will change.. ..the drinking water into hydrogen water. So when we turn it on.. ..there’ll be mist like this
and it is very good to hydrate our skin Then you just do it like this And the mist that it produces is super fine mist It’s really fine so it can easily be absorbed
into the inner layers of our skin Usually the normal face mist is more.. .. of a spray than mist This one instead, is super fine Since this is very compact, you can put it in your bag
and use it anytime and anywhere Second one, these products are from Pams. First product, Skinalle No Gravity Lifting Mask. So this mask functions to tighten our skin Then there is Morocco Atlas Volcanic Mineral Powder These are the capsules and when you open it,
there will be powders inside. We mix it with some water and it will turn into
mud mask like this Then you apply this mask
onto the whole face for 5-10 mins then we massage our face. The longer that we massage,
the brighter and cleaner is our face. Next, they have this product
“Water Drop Blue Solution 3 in 1” It is called 3 in 1 because it already contains
moisturizer, ampoule and cream. This one is very refreshing, the colour is in blue. Very interesting I had been using the mist many times now, you can see how glowing my face is right now. It is super moisturized, because I’m just done with my live streaming
so I used the mist.. ..at least 8 times by now. It is very glowing
and hydrated now Hi guys, I’m back. I’m going to do the live streaming again but before that I’m gonna show you the products that I’m gonna share
in the live streaming later So these are the 3 products that I’m gonna share The first one is “Rarita Jeju 8 Aquamarine Soothing Gel” It functions to soothe our highly sensitive skin, especially during inflammation. There are these 2 products of Comotree These are Eye Care Heating Mask. These are the same, only different packaging. These are Ocu Solution Cotton Swab It functions to clean our eyes One in the form of cotton buds, the other in cotton pads By the way, looks like it’s going to rain soon Looks like we have to run! *For the sake of the best ice cream in the world* I thought the queue starts there The bun looks like this.. It’s red bean It tastes like… …like normal red bean bread Not bad, not bad..Let’s look for other snacks *Looking for the ice cream that we had last night* Finally, we found it! The ice cream that she claimed
to be the best in the world Which one is better?
This one or the one you had yesterday? This one the chocolate tastes very rich Very rich, so it tastes good too
*The original one is better guys* *MUST TRY!* I was told that we have to try this if we’re at Seoul It feels good to have this in this cold weather The cream is so warm, I like it! Delimanjoo!
(The name of the snack)

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  1. was waiting for Korea vlog for so long! akhirnyaaa ? akibat refresh2 youtube terus, sampe lebih cepat dari notificationnya hahaha

  2. Hai kakak cantik, mami muda??
    Aku ngefans banget ama kakak padahal aku baru baru ini lohh baru suka ama kakak ternyata kontennya seru seru banget??✨✨
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    Dulu aku juga pernah pakai behel selama bertahun2, jadi aku mengerti sekali gimana rasa gak nyamannya. Tapi kalau makan, tetap berusaha terlihat sesopan mungkin.

    Maaf ya kak, bukan maksudku utk menyinggung, cuma pengen kasi masukan. Semoga kak Molita mengerti ?♥️

  4. Cici kasih tau dong bedanya muka glowing sama muka berminyak?
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